Quick win: Folt unfolds a challenge


Back in the early 90s I lived and died by PC Gamer magazine. It was the time in gaming life where I was done with the NES and had graduated to PC gaming, consoles remaining out of my mind until practically college. Back then, many of the computer magazines came with demo discs. They were either floppy discs or CDs that had demos of the games they were reviewing in the magazine. Without instant internet (and even then, very slow internet), these shareware discs were the lifeblood of computer gaming.

One of the PC Gamer discs I got included a game called Endorfun. It was a puzzle game where you controlled a colored cube trying to roll over and collect colored tiles on the floor. Each level was designed like a maze and you had to navigate and rotate your cube so that the right color would end up on the bottom so you could grab the tile. It was like an exploded Rubix cube. Endorfun is a game I’ll always remember because I loved playing it, not to mention it oozed 90s goodness in terms of graphics and music.


Endorfun in all its 90s glory

And to this day I haven’t seen any game that duplicates Endorfun’s challenge, fun or lightheartedness…but the game Folt on iOS comes closest so far.


Folt is similar to Endorfun in that you have to navigate around a given space while trying to time/match your box’s color with colored tiles. Of course, since you’re on a phone, instead of rolling a cube you just swipe your finger and watch things unfold. Folt isn’t as cute or happy as Endorfun but the spirit is there and right now I’ll take whatever I can get.


Unfold your cube and make matches, just be sure to count your steps

Folt gives you a few different challenges that start with simple “survival” goals, where the only object is to not box yourself in. After a few levels you’re asked to collect diamonds. And later on you’re given some basic power-ups and immovable¬†roadblocks that make maze navigation more of a challenge. The one constant in Folt is counting and spacial reasoning…something I love to challenge myself with. If you just blindly slide around the board you’ll fail. There’s not much luck here…and there shouldn’t be.

Folt is designed well with a colorful flat style¬†and controls are as easy as they could be. Surprisingly enough, Folt is free with a few in-app purchases that give you extra lives and things of that nature, but nothing that stops you from rolling around the game’s 100+ levels.


7.0 Quick fun for your brain
  • Presentation 7
  • Gameplay 7
  • Challenge 8
  • Longevity 6

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