Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Who You Gonna Call?


new-ghost-busters-video-gameGhostbusters: The Video Game breaks the mold for games based on movie properties.  Instead of coming out in conjunction with a movie it instead comes out in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the original Ghostbusters movie.

The game takes place 2 years after Ghostbusters 2 (the unfortunate movie) ends, providing a continuation of the story and the world by bringing in the original writers and voice actors. The game definitely accomplishes the goal of picking up where the last movie left off and providing longtime fans with a ton of little details to enjoy.

Simply put, the game looks and feels just like an extension of the Ghostbusters movies.  You are introduced to the world as “The Rookie” and giving you new Proton Pack gadgets designed by the original writers.  You can run around the firehouse, listen to Jeanne take ridiculous phone calls and even chat with Vigo.

Ghostbusters fans will appreciate all these details in the world and throwbacks to the old movies.  The only downside here is all of this detail is easily lost on those without a fondness for the franchise.


For better or worse, the gameplay of Ghostbusters follows the look and feel of the movies.

The Gameplay

The gameplay itself is all about busting ghosts which feels pretty good overall and the new Proton Pack features provide the ability to do some puzzle solving instead of only spending your time busting ghosts.  The single player experience leads you on a very narrow and specific path but the visuals and sound are exceptional so the linearity never stands out as a huge problem.

Multiplayer brings six different 4-player co-op scenarios which are incredibly fun; playing with real people takes away the frustration of the constant need to babysit the AI in single player.

The Issues: Where Ghostbusters Falls Flat

Ghostbusters: the Video Game does have some problems.  Trapping ghosts stays the same throughout the game and gets a bit tired.  Probably the most disappointing problem is the game just lacks the humor found in the movies.  The dialog feels forced and lacks the enthusiasm from the films.  These problems combined with the frustrating AI partners and the linearity of the single player make this game fall short of the excellent experience it could have been.

But if you are a tried and true fan, Ghostbusters: the Video Game is a must-have.


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