Doing The PS3 Proud: A Review of Killzone 3


It’s really a shame that we live in a current console generation where a game on one system can’t just be a good game, it has to fall on some imaginary scale based on other games in the same genre. Killzone 3 is at serious risk of being compared to other franchises that I don’t need to mention (but will have to anyway), even though it doesn’t need to be. So is Killzone 3 really a good game for the PS3? Read on for the review.

Let's fight the good fight Sony fans.

Sony and Guerilla Games took a lot of flack regarding Killzone 2 and how the actual game’s graphics looked a lot less polished than the trailers showed. This time around there isn’t a problem as Killzone 3 looks about as good as a game can look while still functioning. Before the story or controls or anything else, you’ll be looking at the graphics here and finding yourself impressed. The effect gets amplified tenfold if you happen to have a TV capable of displaying 3D images as Killzone 3 is 3D enabled. In the simplest terms, this is a game that will make graphics-fans pleased.

Okay, so now we talk story. Compared to the previous Killzone title, the story takes a slight dip in presentation, mostly due to the characters lacking much to really relate to and attach yourself to. Consensus states that Killzone 2 did a better job with characters and story, but that doesn’t instantly mean that Killzone 3 has a bad story or bad characters. It’s just that neither aspects were as good as they were previously. Gah, I’m talking in circles, it’s all subjective here. Go experience the story yourself to determine your opinion there.

The controls though, those got a tweak toward the right direction. Aiming feels less floaty, allowing for much greater control over your crosshairs and the feel of taking out the enemy soldiers or other players. Guerilla Games also included a lot of cringe-worthy melee kills for those into that sort of thing. I personally find the eye-gouging melee kill to be particularly nice in an awful sort of way. That ultra-violence is here in spades, so everyone will be happy.

It just feels so satisfying wasting your enemies left and right, doesn't it?

What Killzone 3 does best, besides the graphics, is the presentation. You could consider those the same things, so I’ll let you, but the details go a long way to help the title really stick out among the First Person Shooter genre as something noteworthy. The little touch of having your character look at the gun while reloading, swaying the camera accurately while climbing, and other such simple details like that make for a final product that needs to be praised for its accomplishment. The tone fits with the graphics and the style and despite being a shooter set in an area that has the usual industrial-type setting, I can’t quite place why but everything sort of pops here, visually speaking. Yeah, I like the graphics here, final say on that.

Probably one of the biggest selling points for the FPS crowd is the multiplayer. And Killzone 3’s multiplayer is excellent. On a downside, while you can play the campaign with a co-op partner on a single TV, you can’t play online, a strange omission, but that’s about the only negative for the multiplayer experience. The progression of leveling up doesn’t favor the high-level players over the newcomers, meaning that everyone starting at level 1 has just as much of a chance to succeed as the players already hitting max stats. Even better, when playing matches against bots, you can play as a max-leveled character, allowing you to test out the options available to you during your normal run of leveling up. That right there is a smart option for this sort of multiplayer experience.

Biggest downside of the title is, however, the Move support. There is a control scheme that allows you to use the Move controller to aim and move around, but the PS3 controller works a heck of a lot better, placing the Move support squarely in the “Gimmick” section of the game. It’s a shame, too, because it makes you wonder what more they could have put in the game had they not been forced to spend the time and effort on Move controls. More levels? More guns? Who knows? Such a shame.

At the very least, the package we get here is as polished as it can be.

Inevitably though, someone is going to ask if this is better than Call of Duty. I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer. Killzone 3 is it’s own thing separate from Call of Duty. If you prefer Killzone 3, awesome, then it’s perfect for you. If you decide you still prefer Call of Duty, more power to you. Basically, Killzone 3’s existence doesn’t negate Call of Duty’s and vice versa. Both can co-exist simultaneously in the world and be at peace with one another. Play what you feel is fun and leave it at that.

PS3 fanboys, do us a favor and don’t use Killzone 3 as ammunition against fanboys of any other systems. Rather, enjoy the hell out of Killzone 3 when you have the chance. You’ve earned it. And with that, Killzone 3 has been reviewed. Go buy it.

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