Knights of Puzzelot, another RPG matcher


I found Knights of Puzzelot in the App Store recently and it caught my attention only because it looked like one of my favorite phone games, Dungeon Raid. That’s not a bad thing but I was curious just how much was borrowed.

It turns out Knights of Puzzelot borrowed a lot. Although to be fair, gem-matching RPG games are nothing new and I’m not sure who exactly Dungeon Raid copied. Frankly, it doesn’t matter. The fact is I found Dungeon Raid first so anything that looks like it has copied it. Of course, there’s a strong argument that Puzzelot copied Puzzle Quest more, but whatever.

In Puzzelot you match swords, hearts, shields and coins to fight monsters as they come along. You can upgrade your weapons, armor and other attributes to help you along the way. All pretty straight forward and not earth-shattering…but that doesn’t mean Puzzelot isn’t fun.

Knights of Puzzelot

You’ve seen it all before but it’s still fun.

I’ve found myself coming back to Puzzelot quite a bit despite having Dungeon Raid available as well. Puzzelot does have a little more dressing with a much deeper sense of RPGing…you can buy/sell items and must manage your inventory, for example.

The enemies in Puzzelot are also more fleshed out, as they are more than just skulls you’re trying to eliminate. They have more powers and are just overall more like you’d find in any other RPG. The art/animation style is much cuter than say Puzzle Quest but I don’t mind it at all.

Of course, you can’t have a game these days without in-app purchases and Puzzelot follows the trend. You can buy in-game coins and gems so you can buy add-ons for your character. So far I haven’t hit The Wall of Difficulty yet so I’m hopeful Puzzelot did things properly and allows you to actually play and finish the game without having to spend anything. However, I still don’t understand what’s wrong with just selling a game out right? I can give you $2 now or $0 later…if it was up to me, I’d take money on the table rather than hope to get some later.

So for free, Knights of Puzzelot is definitely worth your time to check out. Even if you toss it out after a weekend, it’s worth a quick play to get you back into the RPG-Matching puzzler.

6.0 Fun but nothing new
  • Presentation 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • Challenge 6
  • Longevity 3

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