Bringing Cheapness Back: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Review

Alright, that does look pretty sweet.

Alright, that does look pretty sweet.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 is a nearly perfect game. I have a copy on the PS2 and it still gets pulled out every so often so that I can dust it off and play a few rounds with the cheapest characters I can assemble, such as Cable and Iron Man.

Capcom seems to have a trend going at the moment where they like remaking some of their older games with better graphics and re-releasing them as downloadable titles for the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Street Fighter II got the HD treatment and now so does Marvel vs Capcom 2.

So what’s different?

Not a single thing. This is the exact same game you’ve already played (assuming you’ve already played it). The character sprites get a slight polish here and there, but overall the only change is how wide the screen is built. Now that everything demands it be in wide screen, the play area is slightly larger. Initially this looks fine, but once you see a special move that comes in from the edge you may see that they didn’t tweak the actual sprites for the game; they just made the screen longer.

If you use one of Jin’s special moves a giant robot hand with come out from the side of the screen “attached” to the robot, but the hand pops in where the full screen option would have it pop in. This is where you should feel a bit annoyed.

Personally, I’m sad to find out that the game has all unlockables already unlocked from the very first instant you press play. I spent hours slogging through battle after battle to save up enough points to unlock every character and location, but the re-release just hands them to you without any effort. I love unlockables, so I’m pretty sad about this since it takes away my single-player goals.

Hulk smash! Zangeiff...uh...well Zangeiff does something, too.

Hulk smash! Zangeiff...uh...well Zangeiff does something, too.

The reason for Capcom becoming the master of unlocking has to do with multiplayer. The best feature (really only feature that makes this title purchasable), is that it is completely online capable. Being able to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 online against players of various skills is a great thing, though as with all online games, it will eventually boil down to you getting your tail destroyed all the time by people with twenty fingers and a built-in hatred for you. Still, a plus for a fighting game.

Double-team for the win.

Double-team for the win.

Bottom line comes down to whether you already own the game or if you care to play it online or not. If you want to play online, go ahead and download it. If you don’t own the game and have never played, go ahead and download it. If you have the Dreamcast version, then you’re a lucky man indeed.


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