Cause and Effect: A Review of Mass Effect 2


Sequels are just getting better and better these days.

Mass Effect 2 is now out. Do I have much to say about it? Not really. It’s too big of a game, and worse, there’s nothing interesting to talk about. Why? Because the game is top-notch excellent, and reviews about great games all tend to be on the dull side. I have few gripes, but I can at least tell you the main selling points. Should I do that? Probably. Let’s continue.

The game’s biggest selling point is also the biggest drawback for me when it comes to the scope that Mass Effect is attempting to create. Mass Effect 2 is a game that branches off in different directions based on choices you make in the game, but there’s more to it. Did you play the first Mass Effect? If so, your save file will be read by Mass Effect 2 and change the game accordingly, meaning that if you want a true Mass Effect experience you should be expected to play not only the first game but the second game in the series all the way through, creating two alternate play-throughs. What makes this even bigger is the fact that the third game in the series will have this feature as well. Choose carefully unless you have a lot of time to kill.

Man, isn't the future gonna be sweet?

And that’s my only hesitation for the franchise. Mass Effect 2 is well-made and enjoyable what with the combat being improved over the first game and the characters remaining engaging and likeable, but it will take upwards of 40 hours of gameplay to get near some semblance of completion for just the second game alone. If I want to replay the game I have to set aside enough time to play for 40 hours total, plus however long it takes for me to get through the first game. That’s a hefty request, though at least the experience is a good one.

Adult situations Are For Adults Only, Obviously

Parents, you may remember the first Mass Effect getting flack for containing an adult scene with nudity. Yes, there was the option to engage in “certain acts” with some of the female characters, but the acts were neither gratuitous, nor were they tastelessly done. However, they did exist and they exist again in Mass Effect 2. Just be warned that if kids are playing Mass Effect 2 they will be exposed to adult situations, though not before going through a lot of heavy gun-inclusive violence. Take your pick which is worse and parent accordingly.

Overall, as I’ve said, I don’t have very much to say about Mass Effect 2. The consensus between reviewers is that it’s a great game and I’ve been hearing the usual buzz about “Game of the Year” that’s inevitable when a game is universally reviewed positively. Certainly pick up Mass Effect 2 if it sounds like it interests you, though don’t worry about needing the first game in the series as the sequel does allow you to choose what choices you’d prefer were made before you begin. So choose wisely.


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