NCAA Football 2010: Home Team Wins!


ncaa-football-10-coverI’m not a big fan of sports titles for one simple reason: Every year there is a new game and every year the game is hardly an improvement over the last.  However, with NCAA Football ’10 I may be proven quite wrong.

The NCAA Football franchise has been struggling to upstage Madden for years now, and with improvements like the current title, it just might do it.  Then again, I’m biased towards college football, so don’t take my word for it.  Oh wait, this is my review…  so take my word for it.

This year’s NCAA Football just gets everything right, (or as close as it can get), and packs the disc with so much content that even if you don’t enjoy EVERY feature, you’re still getting your money’s worth, and in a day when games are so expensive that’s a good feeling.

Graphics the Same, but Game Play is Awesome


No the graphics aren’t an improvement over previous years, but they’re also not bad unless you’re extremely picky.  The important thing, in my opinion, is that the game plays well.  Everything feels fairly balanced, giving greater control of defense this year while also adding a combo chaining option for offensive plays.  It’s somewhat complicated to begin with, but it gets simpler with practice, just like EA’s Grand Slam tennis video game .

If you tried to do everything you wanted in NCAA Football ’10, your life will pass you by, since the modes will consume time like an I love Lucy marathon.  For example, you’re able to create your own teams and customize their jerseys, something that colors me Tickled Pink.

You’re even able to import images onto your players, so I could have a Chris Is Great logo on the side of every helmet on my team and my face in the middle of the field.  And don’t think I wouldn’t do that, because I totally would.

The bottom line: If you’re going to buy this game anyway, you’re going to be very happy.  If you were on the fence about it, go buy the game. If you’ve stayed away from football games this long, eh, you’ll stay away from this one, too.


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