Preview of Aion: Tower of Eternity Collector’s Edition


aion-coverEvery gaming company specializing in Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO’s) is trying to become the next World of Warcraft, and most never come anywhere close.  But Aion: Tower of Eternity has already become a massive hit in both Korea and China, with a US version on the way in September for Windows.

So what’s all the buzz about anyway?

The aspect that stands out when reading through preview after preview, (technically called “playthroughs”), is that the game hinges on flight.  While many MMO’s already allow characters to fly, the ability is more of a tool for travel rather than a means of attack. Aion changes that and puts flight as a critical skill for intelligent attacking, a nice change from just an ability used to get out of a pitfall.

A big draw is the character customization. Yes, you can change the way your character’s face and body look, which is nothing new, but I was very happy to find out that you can literally use any weapon/armor style for any weapon/armor you actually have, so if you have some chest armor that looks awesome but has low stats, you can just change your higher-stat armor to look like the lower-stat armor. Plus, you choose any color you want. Thank you, someone gets it.

About time.

Aion Collector’s Edition Heavy on Perks

Besides the monthly fees of $14.99, you need the actual game which retails for $49.99.   However, there is also the option to get the Collector’s Edition for $69.99, and considering what’s in the pack, it may be worth it.  You get a hand-painted figure of one of the characters, two posters of the world, plus the game’s soundtrack.


In addition to these, there are some in-game perks as well, including some color dye for armor customization, two exclusive character animations, and the Black Cloud Wings and Earrings which improve flight time and provide health and mana boosts, respectively, giving you an edge over the standard players.

Will I buy Aion: Tower of Eternity when it releases? Very likely since it looks great from everything I’ve seen.  Should you buy it?  Definitely consider it, give it a spin in the rental market, and see if you can adequately hype yourself for Aion.


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  1. Who needs a mount when you can fly, right? I’ll definitely purchase this and check out if it’s really the so-called the WoW-killer. On the teasers that I’ve seen, the graphics is great, hopefully it stays that way upon its release.

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