Why you Own a Wii: A Review of New Super Mario Bros Wii


You see this? This is called a Grand Slam.

You see this? This is called a Grand Slam.

Oh joy! Not since my time as a wee child have I been so purely excited about a video game. Something about Mario always brings out the best in me. Given enough of Mario’s influence I might even go ahead and become a being of unadulterated elation, floating through the physical world as a glowing light that stops off every so often and anchors itself to New Super Mario Bros Wii.

So uh, I really like New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Now that the holidays are sneaking up on us, Nintendo has decided that we haven’t given them enough money. I say to them, “You fools, I’m not handing you any more money.” Their only response is, “Oh, okay, we’ll just take our new Mario game and be on our way.” So I have to rush over and stop them before they get away without my money. “Have double,” I say. And they say, “Nay, we only need $49.99. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

Same Game, Different Day

I mentioned New Super Mario Bros Wii a while ago with a preview article. Now that it’s out I can safely talk about every facet of the fantastic game. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners have their Modern Warfare 2, but Wii owners have this one and no reason to be jealous as a result. Everything about the new Mario Bros game harkens back to the good old days of platforming where there was no need for a story and no need for overly complex gameplay. There was just you, the controller, and tricky jumps to get frustrated at and cause you to throw the controller.

The classic power-ups are back with two new additions in the Propeller Mushroom (fun for high-jumps), and the Penguin Suit (slide on your belly, freeze enemies, and look adorable). I’m most happy to see the return of Yoshi in a Mario game since his last appearance was in Super Mario Sunshine and while I enjoyed Sunshine, it wasn’t Yoshi’s best moment.

Still The Best

Tilting your controller will change the angle the light shines at. Hooray for simple motion controls!

Tilting your controller will change the angle the light shines at. Hooray for simple motion controls!

Level design is once again at its best with this one. There is a very good mix of simple levels and aggravatingly difficult levels but everything is paced in such a way that you won’t feel too pressured to just turn the game off after a tough level. Beyond just this, I want to talk about a new feature that may just change the landscape of video games. Let’s talk about the Super Guide.

Assume you’re having a particularly difficult time with a level and somehow die eight times in row. At this point the next time you start a level you’ll have the option of hitting a green block to let Luigi come in and play the level for you. Yes, that’s right, the game plays itself when it gets too tough for you. The computer-controlled Luigi doesn’t go out of his way to grab power-ups or coins or any bonuses for you but he does complete the level. You can even take over at any point if you think you’ve got the hang of things. The idea of having a game alleviate the difficulty so that you don’t just give up and move on to something different is beautiful in concept since it entirely gives you the choice. You don’t have to use the Super Guide, but the option is there.

Co-op Mario

Look how cute they are!

Look how cute they are!

Multiplayer in Mario has always been limited to one player at a time. In New Super Mario Bros Wii up to four people can play at once. At once! And you don’t have to play nice, either. You can help each other out by grabbing another player and managing the jumping while they shoot fireballs or something. Or you can just toss them into lava and start laughing. You’ll have fun with this game no matter how many people you’re playing with.

I can’t give enough reasons to pick this one up. New Super Mario Bros Wii is perfection as a Mario game and a platformer. This is yet another excuse to purchase a Wii. If you already own a Wii, this is the game you should be buying next. I’ll run down a list of reasons to own it: Yoshi, Penguins, Koopalings, Super Guide, Four-Player Simultaneous Play, Fun, Entertaining, Amazing, Merry Christmas. That’s it, review over. Go get it.


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