Who Needs Heroes Anyway: A Review of No More Heroes 2


Most guys still consider "Professional Assassin" as a possible career choice someday, and this is why.

I love me some No More Heroes. I mentioned it was one of the 5 games you should own for the Wii. I was reluctant after playing the first game, but it got under my skin and decided to stay with me. I’m gearing up to replay the first game once more. Why is all this? Because No More Heroes 2 just came out and boy does it progress the franchise.

The plot to No More Heroes 2 is- wait, first, no kids for this game. It’s on the Wii but in no way does it act kid-friendly. There is Tarantino-levels of blood and violence here, an abundance of strong language, and an added emphasis on naughty things that kids shouldn’t know about. There’s your warning, parents. Keep the kids at bay.

No More Heroes, But Plenty of Style

So the plot has Travis Touchdown climbing his way to the top of the assassin ladder once more, this time starting at number 51, a nice reference to Suda 51, the game’s awesome creator. The fact that they took the number of assassins from 10 to 50 already has me excited since it means more fun to be had. I approve of that. Further add to my excitement the omission of the overworld area in place of an easy to navigate menu screen and instantly the game has taken the first’s great concept and perfected it. Kudos Suda 51. Kudos indeed.

What's good? Beam katanas. What's better? Two beam katanas. Simple.

No More Heroes 2 exudes style. This isn’t like most games you play and that’s a very good thing. Characters are quite original and dialogue is constantly fun. All of the streamlining works great to get you playing the actual game more and not slogging through mini games and random missions to accrue money just to continue with the game. There are no fees to play story missions now, so you have more time to slash away. Brilliant.

There is still plenty of variety to be found here, much like the first. There are a ton of mini games to keep you busy, though they are done in a retro 8-bit style with 8-bit music, making for a nice change of pace from the usual swath of destruction you’re cutting with your beam katana. Some of these games even play fun by themselves. Can I give more praise? Probably not.

I’m going to go ahead and tell you that this is one of the best Wii games out at the moment. Go play the first No More Heroes, but if you can’t find it or don’t have the money you don’t have to worry as much since the sequel doesn’t exactly require you to be familiar with the story. It does require you to be a fan of Otaku style references and games completely different from mainstream things. No More Heroes didn’t sell as well as it should have, but No More Heroes 2 makes sure to correct any problems the first had, meaning you have no reason not to be playing this game. Unless you’re not 18.


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