Seeing Things In Black & White: New Pokemon Title Announcement


The translation reads: "Hey, you Gotta Catch 'Em All...again!"

Only a few weeks ago, the next completely new Pokemon title was announced. How much do we know? Well, I know just enough to write a few paragraphs. However, beyond simply giving the facts, I figured I’d pontificate for a while on what I’d personally like to see from a new Pokemon game, and for that matter, new Pokemon titles in the future. Why am I allowed to do this? Because I’m still a Pokemon Master, that’s why. First, the announcement.

A Fairly Standard Announcement

The new versions are Black and White, a stunningly simple choice to make for the series. I mean, it just seems odd to me that we jump from Blue & Red to Gold & Silver to Ruby & Sapphire to Diamond & Pearl to Black & White. I’d almost expect we’d see more elements. Pokemon Uranium & Plutonium versions. Oh well, I have no problem with Black & White. Simple is good.

For the first time, the next generation (this would be the fifth) will be on the same console as the previous. Black & White are coming out for the DS within the next year, though I’m not sure if they’ll be making an appearance on the 3DS or not. That’s still to be seen.

Not too many screens have been shown, but what has been shown tells us two things. The first is that the towns and other such overworld locations are finally in full 3D (not the eye-popping kind, the graphical kind). The second is that the actual battles still aren’t. What a shame. We don’t even know that many new Pokemon other than a pretty dull fox-like Dark-type Pokemon and its evolution.

Well color me unimpressed.

Here’s What I’d Really Like To See

Now it’s time for me to give my ideas of what really SHOULD be in the new installment. First and above all else, sound quality needs to improve. We’ve had the same chiptune noises for Pokemon since the first iteration all those many years ago and by now we need something new. We deserve Pokemon that sound like they do in the anime, namely, Pokemon that have individual cries unique to them but obvious to anyone, fans and otherwise. Charizard should roar, but Pikachu needs to pop out of its Pokeball yelling “Pika!” or something like that.

Also, the graphics need to get a significant boost in actual battles. I can already see that we’re not going to get this with Black & white versions, but we should. Pokemon should actually interact when they collide as well, so if you use Tackle, you actually see your Squirtle slam into your enemy’s Bulbasaur. Wouldn’t little things like that be nice?

Yeah I've seen this before. 10 years ago.

On a grander scale, I want to see the story take a significant leap forward. The same plot every single game has grown tired. I don’t want to “leave home and battle my way to become the greatest Trainer in the land” anymore. I’ve done that. Multiple times. I want something greater to be at stake. I want a new Pokemon to appear, maybe a MewThree, I don’t care what, but something that literally threatens the Earth. Maybe start me off just challenging Gym Leaders but half way through my second Gym Leader the battle gets interrupted by something far worse. And then I have to escape the town as it’s swallowed up or whatever. Give me something new to fight for.

And really new Pokemon, please. Already I know I have no interest in the new starters just because they aren’t the starters from Blue & Red versions. Why not just bring those back again? I’d be fine with those. Or make it so there are more than just three starter Pokemon choices. Give me a dozen and make me choose very carefully.

Here’s just a bit of new plot/Pokemon conceptualized: At a certain point you’re given the option of adopting either a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, or a Squirtle for a while. In that time, these Pokemon have to be in your party and used for a while. During some critical moment, whichever Pokemon you adopted will be killed by Team Rocket (yes, they’d be back) for one reason or another. That’s right, I’m killing one of your party members. However, a bit later you are saved in yet another critical moment by a ghost version of your adopted Pokemon’s final evolution, so a Venuspector, a Charghost, or a Blastorgeist. That way, we get really cool new Pokemon unique to this game, plus it gives us a chance to have a Ghost-Grass, Ghost-Fire, or Ghost-Water type Pokemon. That’s cool right there.

Do these really look all that cool so far? Meh, I'll stick with my originals, thanks.

I don’t know how far I’d want to push things, but I wouldn’t be completely opposed to tri-typed Pokemon. It may add a bunch more strategy than needed, but it could make for some good new strategies as well. At the very least, I want to see at least ONE new type introduced. We haven’t seen anything new since Gold & Silver’s Dark and Steel-typed Pokemon. How about Rubber-type? I could see that working. Ice and Fire are Super Effective, Normal and Fighting moves are not, and Electric moves don’t work period. Could we also see some really odd dual-typing like Fire-Water or Fighting-Flying? I have a Fighting-Flying type made up already. Eaglegal. It starts as a scrawny, dopey vulture-like bird with a big ol’ head and evolves into a huge eagle. It’s attack and speed would be crazy high, but its defense would be laughable. A real One-Hit wonder. Consider it.

That’s about all I can think about for now. I’m curious how many more Pokemon they’re going to add to the roster at this point, but we’re right under 500, so any more is going to become ridiculous fast. Hopefully we are spared the usual onslaught of Event-Only Pokemon this time, though I seriously doubt it. We’ll probably know more about this title in a month or so when E3 comes and goes.


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  1. i dont really mind this and they DO have good graphic i saw a website its 3-D
    the really annoying thing thats bugging me is the stupid names! one of the starters is named Oshawatt! OSHAWATT!
    i mean REALLY, can’t they come up with something else that you can say without cracking up or being embarresed?

  2. I know people want new pokemon to work with every time a new pokemon generation comes along but JUST HOW MANY DAMN POKEMON DOES THERE NEED TO BE? We’re approaching the fifth generation of pokemon games, and for simplicity’s sake let’s say there’s 150 new pokemon for each generation. That gives us over 750 pokemon! Who could possibly keep up with them all? (Maybe I’m saying that because I personally can’t…but nonetheless it seems like you’d need a photographic memory.) Here’s an idea. How about just scrapping all the useless pokemon (start with the pokemon in your “10 worst pokemon” list) and quit making pokemon that have no use. We don’t NEED 500 additional pokemon. By now, the concept of “catching them all” has become something as painful as childbirth.

  3. I love how you express what you want to see from the game, but some could just ruin the game. What if it is an ancient tradition from the home town to choose from the 3 starter pokemon. I do aggree that an end of the world off course thing would be great and i agree that pokemon NEED to start sounding like pokemon instead of pixles. I have dreamed of a pokemon gave to where you can battle more like the trainers in the tv show to where you can combine attacks to add effectiveness and I hate it how my pokemon can only know 4 move, it limets the greatness of my pokemon’s abilities. another thing, can we have better contests, including a wardrobe and combined attacks/routines. Prehapps some of the competitions featured in the tv show, such as that air battle with the rings.

    But its ok If Im desireing too much to ask for… I love a good classic

  4. You! You actually agree with me. I’ve been saying they need to make some improvements to the graphics for a long time. I hope they will listen to you. Have fun with the new installment even though it may not meet your standards. I love Pokemon no matter what. But I think they are running out of ideas.

    Thanks for listening,

  5. I Wonder When There Goina Come With The Pokedex Info. I Like The Grass Type Starter But Iam Not Sure Until I See Its Stats And Evolve Form I Just Hope They Dont Make The Same Mistake As DP…

  6. not to be like offensive but i totally hate the idea of black and white. i say we stick with the golden oldies like lugia mewtwo and the eevelutions, anyway im just probaly stuck in the past (i still play pokemon stadium on my old n64).

    oh yeah great top ten best pokemon page, i even tried jolteon and it surprised me with its awesome power.

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