Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver Preview: Yes, Catch ‘Em All…Again

Well, the Japanese box sure looks promising.

Well, the Japanese box sure looks promising.

Pokemon has rocked my world for well over a decade. I was introduced to the phenomenon just after it became required for me to know the difference between a Pikachu, a Jolteon, and an Electrode. If you know the difference, congrats. Either you’re also a Pokemon Master, or your kids are.

Nintendo releases a new game with the word “Pokemon” in the title every year, but they don’t release a fully new title in the franchise often enough. The first generation of Pokemon titles consisted of Blue, Red, and then Yellow Version. The second generation had Gold, Silver, and then Crystal. Generation 3 had Ruby, Sapphire, and then Emerald. Currently, we have Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. But we’re about to get Gold and Silver again on the DS.

New Is Relative

Heart Gold and Soul Silver are the two “new” versions being released in the US sometime next year. They are not “new.” They are remakes of Gold and Silver, games that are at this point around 10-years-old and probably the best games in the series (according to myself). Seriously, go pick up a copy of silver for yourself. While what fans REALLY want are entirely new video games, we’ll have to settle for rehashing…again.

Okay, don’t get me wrong, movies remake and update all the time. And sometimes it works well, such as I Am Legend. Other times, we get Rob Zombie’s Halloween. The Gold and Silver remakes will be good, but I doubt they’ll be anything completely awesome and definitely nothing new to Pokemon fans that reveled in the hay day instead of the current generation of “Meh.”

These people are still in the game.

These people are still in the game.

Better Graphics, Same Story

Yes there will be updated graphics and yes there will be compatibility with the fourth generation titles (so that means hundreds of Pokemon and moves not originally in the game), but there will be no new Pokemon. It will become simpler to “Catch Them All,” but we’re not treading new ground. I already became the very best, like no one ever was, and I’m sorry, but I don’t really feel like doing it again.

Also expect a special pedometer to be included in the box that gives you a virtual Pikachu to take care of, but that also is not new. It’s a spit shine to a game that already stood out as a work of perfection. We don’t need that. What we do need is an evolution for the series, and we definitely are not going to get that any time soon.


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  1. Thank you for this artical. I’ve been trying to find out the difference between HG SS and G S for days. I haven’t played gold and silver anyways so HG SS might be good for me. thanks

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