Pokemon Platinum Review: Still Compelling



I am a Pokemon Master.  Good, we got that out of the way.  I went out and bought Diamond Version day 1 and instantly jumped back into the swing.  Well now Platinum Version is out and it’s time to let y’all know what’s up with it.  So let’s catch ’em all again, shall we?

I hold my Pokemon games up to a very high standard, but I also realize the entire point of games, so I overlook a lot of things that other reviewers are going to slam on.  The graphics during Pokemon battles, (the meat of the game), are not improved nearly as much as they should have been 10 years after the first game, and the sound effects are still just computerized screeches, but like I said, I don’t care.  The new Pokemon games are just as good, if not better, than the originals.

Pokemon-Platinum-screenshotPlatinum Version is like the greatest hits version of Diamond and Pearl.  You’ll get slightly more story than before with a big emphasis on catching Girantina, the cover star of the game.  No, the story isn’t compelling or original, even by Pokemon standards, but if you’re playing for the story then you’re missing the point of a Pokemon game, which is to, (say it with me), “Catch ’em All.”

You’ll be busy for hundreds of hours if you want them all.  There are 492 total Pokemon now, at least a dozen of which you can’t get unless you attend a special event, go to the Pokemon Center in New York City, or trade with a friend who cheated to get it.  If you really want all 492, you’ve got your work cut out for you, but it does definitely gives you something to do for the extent of the game.  You’ll never be bored, assuming you enjoy Pokemon.

Platinum is only a mild upgrade from Diamond and Pearl.  If you have either of those, it’ll be a tough sell to buy Platinum.  If you’ve been holding out, just go buy Platinum, or wait until the remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver come out next year.


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