Punch-Out!! Video Game Review for Wii


Punch-Out King Hippo

All of you hardcore gamers out there, allow me to make a hefty statement:  No one is good at Punch-Out!!  Oh sure, some of you are good at memorizing patterns but no one is actually GOOD at Punch-Out!!

I played the original Punch-Out!! on the Virtual Console to get myself pumped for the Wii-make, and I’m happy to say that Punch-Out!! is fantastic.  If you liked the old-school versions then you’ll love the Wii version because the designers kept the heart and soul of Punch-Out in tact, by which I mean it’s silly, over the top, packed with stereotypes, and stupid-fun.

There are multiple control styles to choose from between holding the Wii-mote sideways to- actually, I’ll save you time.  There is only one control style and a few other “Nah, I don’t feel like winning this game” styles to select from.  If you just use the Wii-mote then the game will play perfectly.  Any other play style is too slow to respond, and in this game you need split-second reflexes to make it past the first few rounds.

Punch-Out CoverThe cell-shaded graphics work excellently for Punch-Out!! and only add to the classic feel.  All your favorites are here from Glass Joe to King Hippo to Don Flamenco.  While the roster seems light at only 13 challengers, keep in mind that the first playthrough will push you to want to break the controller, and the second playthrough when every challenger has a new costume and better moves WILL result in broken controllers unless you have patience.  I did not.  I now have a Wii-mote that rattles when I shake it.

Punch-Out!! is not for anyone who isn’t willing to take a serious beating since the difficulty is unabashedly unforgiving.  You will lose over and over and over again.  But every fight is possible with practice.

There isn’t exactly an overabundance of features to the game, so this makes it the perfect rental title.  At the end of my rental period I was completely satisfied with the game, feeling I got as far as I needed to.


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