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the-sims-3-windowsIt’s time once again to feed the need to control every aspect of a digital person’s life.  The Sims 3 by Electronic Arts has recently been released and it seeks to improve on the first two games in the series while also slightly broadening the the scope and mechanics of the series to date.

This marks EA’s third entry in the series and it manages to improve on its predecessors in just about all the ways one could ask for.

As in previous Sims games you create a Sim character and go out in the world to try and fulfill your dreams.  Your Sim will have to work to earn money and they’ll have to do all the normal things real people do like eat and sleep.  You choose an overall life goal that you want your Sim to try and achieve affecting their social interactions and career path.  A new option exists to have your Sim age and die though this mechanic can easily be turned off giving you a Sim with the secret to looking forever young.

Be a Good  Neighbor


In Sims 3 you can enteract with neighbors, and even ghosts in the graveyard.

The really notable change in the Sims 3 is the new neighborhood system.  Instead of only controlling your Sim in their house you can now have your creation go out and interact with other members of its community.  Your Sim can go next door and checkout their neighbors new couch or walk down the street to have a chat.  All of these social interactions will pay off by boosting which ultimate causes promotions at work or an increase in skills.

The neighborhood system does add a layer of complexity not present in past Sims games which leaves the player with even more to manage.  This can be overwhelming especially early in the game but you learn how to keep up as the game progresses.

The only real issue is the fact that the game is demanding and will struggle a bit at high resolutions unless you have a pretty beefy machine.  These issues are the only scars on an otherwise fun and addicting experience.

My final advice: don’t let your significant other play this one, you’ll never get the computer again.

Find the Sims 3 here.


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