Sega’s MadWorld for the Wii: Red Looks Good on You


madworld-coverThird-party developers are having a very hard time making games for the Nintendo Wii that turn a profit. However, this didn’t stop Sega from giving us MadWorld, an M-rated title that places you in control of Jack Cayman, a contestant in a reality show that’s entire point is to kill everyone else. Standard, silly, and perfect. No plot needed, just give us some mature gameplay.

MadWorld definitely delivers with its M-rating, giving Jack a retractable chainsaw arm and the strength to impale foes on any and everything, not to mention hurl them into spinning blades or crushing surfaces. Blood is everywhere, and while the reaction becomes less enthusiastic as the game progresses, it’s nice to see copious amounts of blood where it should be, i.e. in a game where you literally destroy your enemies.

A Splash of Red – Wii’s Graphics Limitations Turned Artsy

madworld-sign-damageThe Wii has a disadvantage with its hardware being less powerful than the competitors, so usually the graphics have to settle at something near “passable.” However, MadWorld tries something a bit sneaky by making the entire game black, white, and red for blood. Using only three colors allows for the game to get an “artsy” vibe and thus shadow the graphic limitations of the system. Some people think this is a cop-out, but in my opinion, that’s downright brilliant.

I’d rather not go on about the controls too much since they work fine, nor do I want to get into the game’s announcers since you’ll either love them or hate them, (as with most color-commentary in games), so I’ll leave the nitty-gritty at the general consensus: The game is fun.

Parents, remember, the game is rated M for a reason, so don’t think just because it’s on the Wii means it’s family-friendly. Tons of blood, tons of violence, and not for children. Seriously, you’ve been warned.


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