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Star Wars is one of the most praised and successful franchises in history, and for good reason. While the newer iterations of the series haven’t exactly had the same impact as the original film trilogy, it’s great that younger generations have the chance to be exposed to it. Last year, a computer-animated Star Wars show on Cartoon Network began called The Clone Wars, which details the next chapters of the saga.

The show has become on of the most-watched on Cartoon Network, so it only makes sense that there would be a video game tie-in. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes was released for all major gaming systems a few days after the beginning of the show’s second season. The game serves to bridge the gap between the two seasons.

star-wars-the-clone-wars-republic-heroesThe game is made up of over thirty missions as the player attempts to thwart the destructive plot of a mysterious assassin. The primary antagonists come from both the show, as well as the recent films. Players are able to play as various Jedi Knights and Clone Troopers, among others. These characters include classics like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, as well as more recent additions like Captain Rex and Commander Cody.

Game is True to the Series

The visual style helps show the connection between the show and the game, with the graphics looking nearly identical to those of the show. The unique style fits well into the Star Wars universe, but sets itself apart from the films and earlier video games. It will certainly be appealing to both fans of the show and newcomers.

Unfortunately, early reviews of Republic Heroes have been generally negative. Many common complaints describe the game as repetitive and plagued by awkward and clumsy controls. However, fans of the show should not let that deter them. Those who are genuinely interested in the show should at least give the game a rent and a chance. It might be right up a lot of people’s alley, especially those looking to learn more about the Clone Wars story.


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