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Super Crossfire is one of my favorite games from the Xbox 360 Indie days. It is a wonderful arcade game that really grabs the spirit of what it means to shoot for a high score. The classic “easy to play, hard to master” type of game…actually, the first Crossfire title of XBLA is probably more difficult and a bit more rewarding, but I still play the “Super” version more.

Then, much later, when I got one of my first iPhones, I saw that Super Crossfire was available so I bought it…and it’s just as a good on the phone as it is on the console. The finger/touch controls don’t compare to having a joystick but they are as best as you can hope for in a touch arcade game. Super Crossfire is a still a staple go-to game on my phone but I was always bummed there wasn’t an iPad release.

But that recently changed…

Super Crossfighter

Super Crossfighter – New name, same great taste

Super Crossfighter

Super Crossfire – now renamed to Super Crossfighter – was re-released at the end of July on iOS for the phone and the tablet. I’m not sure why the name changed, probably due to some update weirdness or copyright infringement somewhere along the line…anyway, it’s the same great game you played on the console and previously on the phone.

Some reading online seems to suggest that the re-launch was due to incompatible versions or something and that if you purchased Super Crossfire in the past (like me) that you’d have to re-purchase it to get the latest version. That’s a bummer, for sure, but for $2 I’m not complaining. It’s a great game that’s worth twice the price so if I have to buy it again to support the author, so be it.

Slide n’ Shoot

For those new to the game, the challenge in Super Crossfighter is to blast your way to a high score. Simple. Fun. Your spaceship can sit either at the bottom or the top of the screen. The bad guys in the middle will do their best to stop you. Crossfighter is like a faster, more brutal, anti-gravity Space Invaders.

Along the way you’ll get to upgrade your ship with attribute points to impact your attack and defense. However, unlike some other games with upgrades, you do so mid-way through so you can adjust accordingly. Need more attack on the next stage? Reduce your speed and upgrade lasers…and so on. It can add quite a bit to your strategy. There are also point bonuses for completion speed and avoiding damage.

Super Crossfighter has some special unlocks and extra modes to keep things interesting but otherwise when you drop your $2 you’re getting a full game. No in-app purchases at this point…although I think arcade games like this could really take advantage of DLC for extra levels and enemies…not just in-game currency.

If you’re looking for something fast and furious without having to worry about gems and coins, Super Crossfighter will scratch the itch.

Super Crossfighter

7.3 Still awesome
  • Presentation 7
  • Gameplay 8
  • Challenge 8
  • Longevity 6

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