Weird & Worth it: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Preview

Just like that dream I once had.

Just like that dream I once had.

With Nintendo trucking along on its two new consoles (the Wii and the DSi), there are rarely any times that a new Triple A title needs to come along (according to them anyway). The Wii already got its Zelda, its Mario, and its Smash Bros, so what are the chances we’ll get another huge title in any of those franchises?

Surprisingly very high as this year’s E3 had Nintendo announcing both a new Zelda title (it was hushed but it was there), and two separate Mario games. One was New Super Mario Bros Wii, which got some people excited, but the other pushed Mario fans to the point of jazz hands: Super Mario Galaxy 2.

So What do We Know?

As of now we don’t know entirely that much about the game. We know it has an expected release date of 2010. We also know that they aren’t changing the basic format from the previous game. If you enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy, you’re going to enjoy the sequel just as much.

Oh yeah, THIS is what was missing from the first game.

Oh yeah, THIS is what was missing from the first game.

In fact (and this may be sad to some), there isn’t even a new story to deal with. Shigeru Miyamoto has stated for the record that he doesn’t want the new title to focus on story almost at all. Despite the first Galaxy having a great story, there isn’t going to be one for the new iteration. Oh well, more time for platforming.

And the platforming is what stays the same, though there is more to do than in the first game. Screenshots have shown us that Yoshi is in the game and can be ridden, a staple from Mario games that doesn’t show up as much as it honestly should. New power-ups have been hinted at and new galaxies to find new stars in, though you will be returning to some previous locales from the first game to find new stars as well.

In basic terms, you won’t just get a rehash, but you won’t be getting a title that breaks new ground. Nintendo is just building upon the solid foundation from the first game.

Okay, that's just nuts.

Okay, that's just nuts.

Since the game is still in development there isn’t a whole lot we know just yet, though we know for sure it is on its way and that’s better than not knowing anything. As said before, the game is slated for 2010, but like most games there’s a super high chance that’ll be pushed back for one reason or another.

All I can say is that you should definitely reserve a copy when you get the chance.


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