Swap Heroes leaves you wanting more


I’ve been playing Swap Heroes lately and it’s been a lot of fun but I want more. I want more in the game…more to do…more to unlock. I think the premise is great and the freedom for strategy is a lot of fun but you are “satisfied” much to quickly.

To be fair, I have yet to complete the game. There may only be 5 levels to what seems like a simple game but the difficulty ramps up pretty quick around level 3. It’s not completely ridiculous but you definitely feel like the enemies shifted into fifth gear. Of course, along the way you can upgrade your warriors with collected coins to make them as tough as possible. But the real fun of Swap Heroes is…well…swapping.

Swap Heroes

Swap Heroes is setup similar to M&M: Clash of Heroes where you have opposing sides in a grid facing each other. Each side takes turns. You get to swap a single hero’s position with another and then you attack. Then the bad guys attack. The enemies stay in their columns but move closer and closer each turn inflicting more pain.

Your characters range in class with your standard limits of ability…ranged attack, short attack, magic attack…but everyone has a special attack that you can charge by hanging out in the back row, where you’re not able to fight. Three of your characters are on the front line all the time while another rests. When you pull a guy out of resting, he uses his special attack. There’s no mana to worry about or anything, just swap him to the back and bring him forward. Of course, you have to worry about which bad guys are strong/weak and the column they’re in…and therein lies the strategy.

I’ve had fun trying to figure out the best strategy for attacking while still healing. For example, one guy has a weak, short attack but has a great special ability. So do I keep him on the team only for his special? But then how does that impact my swapping of the others? Scenarios like that happen a lot in Swap Heroes and that’s a lot of the fun.

You start the game with 4 characters unlocked with 4 others to unlock. You earn gemsĀ as you fight and then use those to unlock the others. The problem here is that it’s to easy to unlock the other characters. And outside of reaching the end of the game, there’s not much else to do in Swap Heroes. I have to admit that once I unlocked all the characters, I felt less motivated to play. That’s probably bad but reaching the end of the game just seems secondary at this point. It doesn’t ruin the fun of strategy but without any other unlocks or mini-quests, etc, the game has gotten thin.

Swap Heroes is solid puzzle fun and has kept me busy for a good week, but there is a lot of room for expanding…and I hope that happens. Swap Heroes is only a $1 and you get the full game. No in-app purchases or scams, just game. And for that reason you should a) buy it and then b) lobby to have the game expanded.

I think you could expand the game with more character variations, alternate power-ups, combo moves or something. I don’t know…I just know there can and should be more. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be playing Swap Heroes now but I’m not deleting it just yet…there’s hope.

Swap Heroes

5.5 Short time fun
  • Presentation 6
  • Gameplay 6
  • Challenge 6
  • Longevity 4

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