Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10: Wii Dominates


tiger-woods-pga-tour-10-wii-video-gameWhen Wii Sports debuted alongside the Nintendo Wii, the golf portion of that game left a lot to be desired.  Sure, swinging the Wii remote like a real golf club was a new experience, but the lack of precision made the game more difficult than it needed to be and ultimately…. a lot less fun.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii now comes to the rescue.

This game was recently released for all consoles, but the Wii version has something unique. Similar to the golf in Wii Sports, players swing the Wii remote like a golf club, but now with more precise movement that allows for more realism and better control.

The Secret Behind Wii’s Precision Golf Swing

The real winner here is the new Wii Motion Plus, a controller attachment that can sense acute motions, from turning one’s wrists to swing speed.  The controller is astonishingly accurate. The Wii Motion Plus is currently bundled with the game for an extra $10 and is definitely worth it for this unique gaming experience.


Wii's Motion Plus comes with Tiger's Latest.

Even as a long-time gamer, I think it is so surreal swinging the Wii remote and having my actions reflected on-screen with such accuracy.

Slight turns of the wrists can affect the ball’s path, much like in real golf. The learning curve is somewhat drastic, but with a little practice, anyone will be able to understand the controls. While it is undoubtedly a fun game on all consoles, players will get a more exciting experience on the Wii.

Multiple Player Option Adds Excitement

tiger-woods-pga-tour-10-screenshotIn addition to the US Open and USGA Championship, players can also go online or set up local multiplayer to challenge other players.  A feature called “Play the Pros” is also available, as online users are able to post their scores against the leader boards of the real PGA.

Tournament Challenge is also available, in which players attempt to recreate famous moments from PGA history.  Also, exclusive to the Wii version of Tiger’s PGA 10 is Disc Golf, which allows for further use of the Wii Motion Plus to mimic the act of throwing a disc.

Finally, besides the ability to create your own player, there are also 23 professionals to choose from as well as twenty-seven of the most famous courses from the PGA tour, including Bethpage, Sawgrass, and Pebble Beach.

This, in addition to the Wii Motion Plus, creates one of the most dynamic games in the Tiger Woods series, not to mention one of the best golf games available.


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