Time Locker: Stylish fun in a familiar package


Like Shooty Skies? Like Superhot? Then you’ll be happy.

Time Locker is an infinite shooter that takes the endless blasting fun of Shooty Skies and combines it with the time mechanic of Superhot.

The bad guys only move when you do, which can make for some very interesting and high-scoring moments within the game. But don’t get too lazy, there’s a “black death” wave coming up behind you so you can’t camp for too long. Time Locker also includes your requisite gun power-ups and alternate characters. The controls are great and feels wonderful.

But what separates Time Locker from the rest aren’t those mechanics, really, it’s the style.

You could say Time Locker borrow’s Superhot’s polygonal art style as well but even then it stands on its own. Even just the starkness of the white background is enough to set this one apart. Throw on top of that a bunch of animals that you’ll be shooting…I guess they’re mean animals…and shower it with glorious color and you’re all set. What comes out in the end is a really fun shooter that is familiar but still feels new and challenging.

One other nice thing about Time Locker is that it doesn’t hit you up with any real ads or lures to buy. First off, it’s a free download but it’s not crippled in anyway…you can just play and play and unlock things. No timers. No currency. Just play. Can you pay real money for things? Sure but it doesn’t get you any advantage. I can appreciate a game that doesn’t force handicap my game playing in exchange for money.

I suppose there’s a fine line between an original game and a clone. I wouldn’t consider Time Locker a clone of anything. Sure, it borrows a lot from a bunch of other games but it turns them into something new, and more than just beyond the theme. This is the sweet spot for games if you ask me. Are original games great? Sure…they can be, but it’s also very hard to be original these days, so all we can hope for is a really good remix. Time Locker is that remix.


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