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It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time for a list! Enjoy this brief walk back through the year here at TMA and have yourself a happy, safe and fun new year.

Nimble Quest, more than just snakes and apples

Nimble Quest takes the old Snakes game and gives it a retro-RPG twist for one of the best mobile games I played all year…and I’m still playing!

Retro City Rampage finally comes to XBLA

Retro City Rampage might have been the last game I played on a console in 2013 and if it was the last, I’d be happy. Indeed, good things come to those who wait.

Rock Band calls it quits

For me the biggest sadness in 2013 was Rock Band giving up. Following the collapse of Guitar Hero and music games in general, Rock Band put out their last DLC and shut the doors.

International Tabletop Gaming month

Hopefully you participated in the first International Tapletop Month celebrations, if you didn’t, make up for it during the holidays.

Toybox, a shmup puzzle

Toybox was a hidden gem for me this year despite it being an older game. Part arcade shmup, part puzzle, all fun (and challenge).

Pocket Trains rolls on

As if we needed another micro-management game but Pocket Trains finds a sweet spot in themes – trains! It might not stay on your phone long, but it’s worth a week or two.

Twins Galaxies asks you to pay to play

The official high score keepers, Twin Galaxies was once a free enterprise relying on volunteers and passion, but apparently love for the job doesn’t pay the bills. If you want your score on the books, it’s gonna cost you.

Puzzle & Dragons, a mish-mash of fun

Puzzle & Dragons might lack the polish of some other games but it doesn’t suffer from not enough playability. Match gems and collect monsters, how you can go wrong?

Where’s my box?

Unlike music collectors, gamers don’t seem to care about their boxes. Digital distribution is here and now, but what are we losing?



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