My Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Related Achievements


Today marks my 150th article here at Toy-TMA! That number there has some special meaning to me since it reminds me of a simpler time when there were only 150 Pokemon in the world and a very demanding opportunity to catch ‘em all. It only seemed appropriate that for my big 150th Article Extravaganza I should do something Pokemon-related, and even more, it should be something that demonstrates my Mastery of the art. So here it is, a list of my Top 10 Greatest Pokemon-Related Achievements.

I don't want to be the best, I already am.

10. Caught Mewtwo Without the Master Ball:

Yeah, this dude right here.

Mewtwo is one of my favorite Pokemon, and while he’s not difficult to find or even catch, he’s brutal to catch without using a Master Ball. For those of you that aren’t Poke-literate, there is only one Master Ball per Pokemon game and it allows you to catch any one Pokemon instantly when used. Otherwise you’ve got to use Poke Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls after whittling down the Pokemon’s health and paralyzing it or putting it to sleep. Mewtwo is at level 70 when you find him and he isn’t messing around. Capturing a Mewtwo while still retaining your Master Ball is a point of pride.

9. Attended an Actual Pokemon Convention:

I knew all about the best type-coverage for moves, but girls? Those were tough.

Back in Middle School when I was super cool I cowboyed the eff up and not only attended an officially sponsored Pokemon event but I told my class all about it the next day. I had already endured dateless nights and endless torment as a result of being “That Guy” in regards to Pokemon, so the free admittance of my pride was an act of sheer bravery. I should have got a medal for it, which I technically did in the form of two official Pokemon Badges at the convention. I even scored a legitimate Mew for my Yellow Version before beating some suckerpunks with my Mewtwo and Jolteon combo.

8. Cried During the First Movie:


My sixth grade year was marked by one of the biggest events my childhood life had encountered up to that point: The release of Pokemon: The First Movie. I wasn’t able to see it opening day but I made it in before the weekend was out. If you haven’t seen it, that’s a shame since I have to spoil the ending for you. Mewtwo and Mew are fighting and both fire energy blasts at one another. Ash throws himself in the middle and gets hit with the blasts, turning him to stone. Effectively, everyone things he’s dead. Pikachu begins crying and runs over to try to shock him back to life, but it doesn’t work. I began crying, too. If you didn’t cry here then you’re probably a heartless monster or a Charizard or something. Still, you have the chance to see the film and redeem yourself.

7. Defeated Trainer Red:

Carlos Reiven, you have perfectly captured my heart and memories.

As I’ve said multiple times, my favorite Pokemon game is Silver version on the Game Boy Color. I was amazing at that game, completely and utterly. While I didn’t have all 251 Pokemon, I still had most of them. After you beat the Elite Four in Johto, the Kanto region from Red and Blue version is opened up for you to play through as well. After getting 16 Badges total, you can climb Mt. Silver. At the very top you’ll encounter someone called Trainer Red. Don’t know who that is? He has a Charizard, a Blastoise, a Venusaur, a Snorlax, an Espeon, and a Pikachu, all well over level 70. This is the original Trainer from Red and Blue versions, technically you if you played those. He doesn’t say a word to you even if you beat him; he just throws the biggest and best battle of the game at you. There’s only one word for this fight and the moment you meet him: Epic.

6. Used Bidoof in My Party:

If only Bidoof evolved into this thing instead.

Bidoof is nowhere near my favorite Pokemon. In fact, he’s my least favorite. But if you thought that’d stop me from doing my civic duty as a Pokemon Master and training that stupid beaver thing to the point of evolution you’d be dead wrong. Heck, for a while I even considered seriously using him in my endgame party due to the knowledge that my friends wouldn’t know what to do if a Bidoof or Bibarel suddenly appeared. They’d flee for lack of a proper way to handle that level of dumb. How many can say they used Bidoof/Bibarel for longer than half way through Dimond/Pearl?

5. Dressed As Ash for Halloween:

No, you don't get to see that level of my shame. Instead, just continue assuming I'm super cool like you already do.

If admitting to attending a Pokemon convention was one thing, dressing up as Ash Ketchum for Halloween is in a whole league of it’s own (perhaps the Orange Islands League). Still in Middle School, this was a blatant declaration of my comfort with my continued celibacy and renewed pride in my one true love. I even rocked a stuffed Pikachu doll on my hat, just like Pikachu would have traveled in the anime. I was that hardcore. No one was going to challenge my obsession. No one.

4. Caught Feebas Without Trying:

I think even Magikarp can defeat Feebas without much difficulty.

If you’re unaware what Feebas is, it’s like an even stupider Magikarp. It’s also ridiculously hard to catch. In Diamond/Pearl versions, you can only catch Feebas while fishing while surfing in one particular place in the world. Furthermore, only four squares out of a few hundred will have Feebas at any given time, which is completely random. My other Pokemon friends, Thomas, the Poke-Scholar, and Trinh, the Legendary Slayer (named for his uncanny ability to faint Legendary Pokemon rather than catch them), told me it would take hours and hours for me to catch a Feebas. 15 minutes later I held up my DS and showed them why I’m the real Master. I bred a few dozen Feebas and used them for rare trades on the Global Trading System. Best catch I ever had.

3. Tricked an 8-Year-Old:

Kind of like this but instead of a mystical creature it was an 8-year-old. I was still a mythical creature though.

Not all of my achievements are necessarily things I should brag about. However, this is one of my greatest and lowest moments rolled into one. The third generation of Pokemon had been out for a while, but I hadn’t bothered to play them for one reason or another. I decided one day that I needed to change that, but I was making very little money with babysitting as my primary source of income. Enter Alex, my 8-year-old cousin who had everything. He and his younger brother each had GBA’s but didn’t seem to use them much. I discovered that Alex had both Ruby and Sapphire versions, but only played Ruby. Sapphire was just sitting around, unplayed. So I convinced him to let me play it to the point of raising an awesome team purposefully with the intent of battling him somewhere along the line. It wasn’t hard to convince him to just give me the game (I was a high school level debate student against an 8-year-old), and eventually we did have that long awaited battle. I stomped him badly due to his inability to know how to make an effective team or level them properly. I just never gave the game back after I defeated him. Consider that my prize for victory over an 8-year-old.

2. Obtained all 151 Pokemon:

I had all of these. In one ball even.

I played Blue version until there was literally nothing left to do. I spent countless hours training and obtaining all 151 Pokemon legitimately (Mew was from someone else that got it via a cheat, but my hands were clean). And by all 151, I didn’t just mean my Pokedex was full. No, I mean I had a literal version of each individual Pokemon in my boxes. Every single one. Caterpie? Had one. Magikarp? Had one of those, too. Oh, and did I mention that each of these was at level 100? I had a level 100 Psyduck JUST BECAUSE. Blue version was the only one to receive this level of dedication though. After that it was merely child’s play. So what could possibly beat this achievement?

1. Played Hey You, Pikachu!:

"Hooray! You have no friends!"

Yeah, I’m that hardcore. I loved Pokemon so much that I made it a point to rent Hey You, Pikachu!, one of the worst games on the N64. The game gave you a mic that you spoke into to supposedly talk to Pikachu and give him commands such as “Taste It” or “Look” or things like that. My dad was in the room when I sadly looked at the game, looked at the mic, looked at him, looked at the mic again, and finally weakly said “Taste It” to Pikachu, making my dad burst into laughter and leave the room. And that man somehow still respects me, perhaps due in part to my obvious comfort with myself and devotion to my passions. Can you outdo me with an achievement better than that? I seriously doubt it, but feel free to make the attempt. If you want to see for yourself how “awesome” Hey You, Pikachu! is, you can easily find it on Amazon for under $5.

So there are my ten great Pokemon-related achievements. Now I want to hear some of yours. What have you done to demonstrate your endless devotion to Pokemon and everything the phenomenon entails? The challenge has been issued, so step up and bring it on!


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  1. while walking to school one morning i found a couple pokemon cards on the floor, one of the being the shiny limited edition charizard.

  2. I caught Moltres with first Pokéball. First encounter, too. I hadn’t accidentally made it feint and restarted it, I just lazily threw a Pokeball, before anyone had made any moves. No status changes, no damage. Boss.

    In FireRed

  3. My greatest Pokemon Achievement ever: some fundamentalist christians bought every copy of the pokemon 1st movie when it came out at our local k-mart so no one could buy any.(Aparently pokemon is the devil or something.) So anyway me and my only friend who likes pokemon painted eggs like pokeballs and egged thier houses!!! Also, being the rapscallions we were we stole the copies back and gave ’em out at school xD
    p.s you are awesome dude, i’m totally gonna dress up as ash…or mewtwo

  4. I have nothing of value to say except that you are sexy.

    But that aside, sounds like you really rocked out, man! Good for you. I enjoyed reading this as a friend of several lovely Pokemon enthusiasts rather than being an actual player. I at least know that what you did took genuine commitment.

  5. I love pokemon. I’m 18 now but still rock at competitive pokemon =]

    When I was in first grade, my dad bought me the recently released pikachu doll back then in 98… I was so happy that I took him (yes, him, not it as Pikacho for me is a friend not an item or something) to class and put it in my head! I still have him in my desk next to my pc monitor =D

  6. As far as I remember that quote just came from my brain, but it could very well have been semi-bogarted from somewhere else. I wish I had a better answer but yeah, that’s a Pranger Original for all intensive purposes.

  7. First off nice completions and everything. “I had all of these. In one ball even.” That quote, I know it’s not an exact quote but where is that from I read it and it’s been bugging me. Like I heard the I have such and such with, something and then the even part is what is ringing a bell. Like maybe off a cartoon character or something. I don’t know. Hit me back if you have any clue what I am talking about.

  8. I actually bought 2 SP, all GBA pokemon game(red, green, saphire, ruby, emerald), played all the game caught every single pokemon possible and and traded them with my self… hahahaha!!! And… ummm I was 24 y/o when I did that… Wahahahahahah!!!

  9. Dude you’re the effing man! I randomly ran into this blog surfing the web and I think I love pokemon just as much as you do. My biggest pokemon related achievement has to be scoring a first edition Charizard on my first pack of cards that I ever bought, which was like 12 years ago. Back then I didn’t think it was so special, but now that I look back at it, I was one lucky son of a bitch!

  10. try catching rayquaza on sapphire/ruby, you get him down to a nub of health and start the obsessant ultra ball throwing phase. then he decides to use outrage to the point of confusion, and kills his dumba** self due to confusion. hardest time ive ever had catching a pokemon

  11. i caught mew2 on both red and blue with a pokeball. but all my pokemon had died while i was throwing pokeballz and i only had my epic charizard lvl 79

  12. i actually payed for that limited edition 500 damage charizard ex thing off ebay

    and i caught all the pokemon on gold version (my fav game)

  13. I actually bought Hey You Pikachu when it first came out XD I remember spending hours in frustration trying to get pikachu to understand what I was saying

  14. I at one point collected all Standard, Jungle, and Fossil eddition Pokemon Traiding Cards.

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