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So many items for one man to carry. Which is gonna be the best?

The spirit of the season is starting to get to me, but even more, I’m remembering that Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks on the DS has finally arrived. In celebration of both the new release and because I just plain enjoy making lists, I figured I’d go through my favorite aspect of the Zelda games: The Items. Mario is all about the power-ups, but Link has to rely on whatever he can find throughout his travels to get him from the beginning of a dungeon to the end. So here are my choices for The 10 Best Zelda Items.

10. Fire Rod:

Also good for rump roasting.

For me, the Fire Rod was a sweet weapon dating back to my playthrough of Link’s Awakening on the Game Boy. I struggled to find this item in the 8th and final dungeon, only to realize that it was vastly superior to all my other weapons since it could kill just about anything with one blast, plus it was a projectile-based weapon. What more could I ask for? Oh, right, the chance to use it the rest of the game, too. Yeah, sadly, the Fire Rod is one of those last second items that you love but never make much use of. I was very happy to see it used so well in Four Swords Adventures where it could set a whole field on fire for quick collection of Force Gems. Very nice.

9. Megaton Hammer:

Giant Hammers = Awesome.

Link has gotten to wield a few different hammers on his various journeys, but I always preferred the Megaton Hammer to anything else used to stomp rusted switches, tricky enemies, and fire-breathing dragons. Personally I went nuts when this little wonder popped up as one of Link’s weapons in Soul Calibur 2. Who would bring a hammer to a swordfight? Apparently Link, and apparently it doesn’t make a huge difference other than the utter beating your opponent will receive.

8. Spinner:

Let's see Tony Hawk do THIS.

Twilight Princess surprised me with a few items I wasn’t really expecting. When I obtained the Spinner I just figured it’d be used for going across sand or something. I had no clue that I’d soon be grinding my way across the walls of rooms and fighting a giant skeleton dragon (Link loves fighting dragons of all sorts, apparently). When I discovered I could hurl myself back and forth from track to track at rapid succession I got hooked on searching for any indentation that’d allow me to find hidden items. It was like Tony Hawk decided to give Link one last bit of inspiration before failing so heinously with Tony Hawk’s The Ride.

7. Ball and Chain:

Kids, most of life's problems can be made easier with medieval-style weaponry.

Another new addition from Twilight Princess, the Ball and Chain is exactly what it sounds like: A massive steel ball affixed to a long chain. This is pretty much like having infinite bombs as the Ball and Chain replaces their need and then some. Enemies fear the destructive power that Link commands when he swings this about, shattering any ice enemies without a second thought. I was a little surprised they added motion control for the Ball and Chain since it doesn’t typically seem like the type of thing you’d expect precision throwing to accompany, but oh well, the deadlier the better.

6. Fierce Deity Mask:

If you see this figure in real life, you're probably not going to live much longer.

Even worse than the Fire Rod for last second uselessness, the Fierce Deity Mask appears in Majora’s Mask only at the very end after you’ve collected every other mask in the game. So what’s the point of the Fierce Deity Mask? Well, it transforms Link into his adult counterpart, gives him a double-helix-style blade that hurls projectiles, and basically makes him into the walking epitome of death. So why isn’t the Fierce Deity Mask higher on this list? Well, like I said, you only get it at the very end after you’ve done everything else. To make matters worse, the mask only works in boss battles, so only in 5 rooms in the entire game. However, wearing it does make the final battle with Majora laughably simple.

5. Claw Shot:

"Get over here!"

I had a tough decision to make here. I’ve always loved the Hookshot, but the Claw Shot came in and stole the show. Why? Well, answer me this: What’s better than one Claw Shot? How about TWO Claw Shots? Twilight Princess decided that one Hookshot-like item just wouldn’t suffice, so they added another to the game, allowing Link to shoot around areas like an earthy Bruce Wayne with a penchant for fairies. All I know is, at the end of the day, I enjoyed clawing my way around gratings too much to look back at what I was missing with the Hookshot.

4. Din’s Fire:


What Link lacks in magic abilities, he makes up for in sheer number of weapons. But Ocarina of Time saw fit to reward Link with one item that contained more destructive power than most of his weapons combined. A Great Fairy showed up and granted Link the ability to use Din’s Fire, which when used causes Link to generate a fiery explosion that destroys just about everything. Sadly, you’ll use it in a total of two places, and then only to light multiple torches at once. But regardless, if you felt like using it all the time, Din’s Fire would eliminate the need for most of the adventure. “Oh hey, what’s that Ganon? You think it’s hot in here? Oh, well why don’t you TASTE MY DIN’S FIRE! KRAKOOM!”

3. Roc’s Feather:

Pretty sure this is Peter Pan's secret, too.

When I generated this list I sat down and thought to myself, “Okay, which items do I really love above all other items?” I didn’t expect myself to place an item that’s primary function is to add a jump button to Link’s Awakening, but here we are, and here’s Roc’s Feather at number 3. The item must be equipped to use, but it allows Link to leap over holes, enemies, and out of the way from most attacks if you know what you’re doing. Am I really placing the feather above the solar flare? Yes, yes I am. That’s how useful and awesome it was enabling Link to jump now and then.

2. Bunny Hood:

Don't laugh; you'd totally use it, too.

Another non-lethal item? You know it. The Bunny Hood first showed up in Ocarina of Time, but in Majora’s Mask it earned a permanent spot in my currently equipped items due to its ability to increase my speed. Suddenly Link didn’t feel so slow. I was able to zip around the map without wasting much time and blast through a dungeon at speeds that made the game playable. Plus, Link looked adorable in the stupid little hat, so how could I say no?

1. Biggoron’s Sword:

Deadlier than a fully-automated assault rifle. Those Like-Likes there? Those will kill you dead, unless you have Biggoron's Sword.

Deadlier than a fully-automated assault rifle. Those Like-Likes there? Those will kill you dead, unless you have Biggoron's Sword.

My number one item couldn’t be anything else but Biggoron’s Sword from Ocarina of Time. Most Zelda games have a trading sequence that results in some item or another, but Ocarina of Time rewarded you with a sword twice as powerful as the Sword of Evil’s Bane and made the rest of the game an utter breeze. Once you become an adult it’s time to get this weapon immediately, regardless of how difficult it may seem. As soon as you have it, all enemies bow down before you as you slash through all defenses and obliterate foes like the chumps they are. You can’t even hold a shield at the same time, you’re that hardcore. All must respect the great and wonderful Biggoron Sword!

So we’re at the end of yet another of my little lists. Did you disagree with my choices here? I’m sure someone thinks the Ocarina of Time deserved to be on the list here, or perhaps the Fire Arrows, or even Epona. Let me know with a comment detailing your favorite Zelda item and why.

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