Top 15 Best Overclocked Remixes


Overclocked Remix turned 10 just recently. Have you been listening?

You may not know it about me, but I actually think myself a pretty avid music lover. I just don’t listen to what most people listen to. What I listen to most of all are video game soundtracks, so when I want to up the stakes a bit I listen to video game remixes, and no one does it better than Overclocked Remix. OCRemix is the best site for video game music recompositions on the web, so I figured I’d share my love with the world in the form of a list. Problem is, they’ll be hitting their 2000th remix this year, and at least 500 of those remixes are in my constant play cycle. I couldn’t limit myself to a top 10, so I extended it to a top 15 list with two restraints: no two remixes by the same artist or of the same game. So here they are, my Top 15 OCRemixes.

15. Fear of the Flava by McVaffe:

A remix of the Secret of Mana main theme right out of the gate? Dang this list is gonna be good.

Just the fact that I’m starting with a Secret of Mana remix, STARTING, is saying something about these remixes. While McVaffe’s remix is excellent in of itself, it didn’t have a difficult task as Secret of Mana’s source music is stunning to say the least. McVaffe though has a number of great remixes on the site with a number of wonderful Tetris and Yoshi’s Island remixes to take note of. This remix keeps things fairly simple, but sometimes that’s all you need to do.

14. Turd Surfers by chumble spuzz:

Gotta show my love for Turtles In Time, yo.

I argued with myself about this one by artist chumble spuzz since I really love this remix, specifically the phenomenal guitar solo that kicks in late in the track. I would have placed it higher if I was just going for face-melting solos, but that alone isn’t enough to push it to the highest spots. Still, such a great remix of Sewer Surfin’ in Turtles in Time for the SNES, my favorite TMNT game, I couldn’t pass up.

13. Sonic Gargles With Garden Marbles by GuitarBizarre, Prince of Darkness:

A good game, a great remix.

Sonic the Hedgehog is a series with a strong emphasis on great music. The games on the Genesis even challenged the SNES for great old-time tunes. This team-up of GuitarBizarre and Prince of Darkness gets me every time as it takes Sonic 3’s Marble Garden Zone and puts it to some smooth melodies that managed to mellow out any bad day.

12. DeathontheSnowfield by AmIEviL:

Who hasn't wanted to remix Terra's Theme, honestly?

However, if you’d prefer to engross yourself in a bad mood, or at least the moody aspect of it, AmIEvil’s remix of Terra’s Theme from Final Fantasy VI manages to nearly bring me to tears. Terra’s Theme gets remixes all the time on OCRemix, but this one keeps it at a sadder, more emotional level that I can’t get enough of. Hey, music isn’t always supposed to get your jazzed, right? Besides, AmIEvil has plenty more good stuff to check out if this particular remix isn’t to your liking.

11. TurksInPursuit by DJ Orange:

There ware a lot to choose from in terms of FFVII remixes, so take that as a statement to judge with remix with.

This one’s just cool in every sense of the word. It was inevitable that Final Fantasy VII was going to show up here in some form, but how did a remix of the slums outdo Aeris’ Theme or One-Winged Angel? Take a listen and you might figure it out. One of the key reasons for my love of these remixes hinges on how much the source material is reimagined and DJ Orange seems to have that skill down for TurksInPursuit. Think mood music for this one and you’ll get why I love it.

10. Mamacitas in My Valley by Diggi Dis:

Pff, of course Ocarina of Time was showing up somewhere.

Another one of the most remixed tracks is Gerudo Valley from Ocarina of Time. Diggi Dis raised the bar for style in regards to the all-favorite track with a mix that plays like a good song to dance to. Heck, I even had this song playing during the reception at my wedding, an act that my wife didn’t argue with, if that gives you an idea of how great I think it sounds.

9. Jade Catacombs by bLiNd:

Definitely one of the best SNES games and full of stellar music.

Beyond bLiNd being an amazing remixer on the site, part of my inclusion of Jade Catacombs comes from the story behind the remix. Other remixers on the site found out that bLiNd was sick, so they made him a get-well album of Metroid-themed songs. The album itself is worth a listen, but after all that, bLiNd not only announced he was all better, he announced he was engaged, so he did his own remix for the get-well album and named it after his fiancé. Even if the remix wasn’t incredible, that’s an awesome story. In this case we get both.

8. Super Mario Bros 2 Insomnic by Insomnic:

Totally puts you in the mood for fun.

Despite my love of some remixes breaking conventions with the source, I’m also rather fond of remixes that take the heart and soul of the source and add tons of energy. That’s what Insomnic does with his remix of Super Mario Bros 2’s overworld theme. It’s fast, it’s peppy, and it’s a must-listen for any fans of cool techno music.

7. Bowser is Pissed by PriZm:

Rocking Bowser with the best of the best.

Oh my goodness, this is some great stuff. Take something as simple as the Castle BGM from Super Mario Bros and try to come up with something better than this remix here. It’s intense but gives a nice moment to breathe in the middle before attacking your ears with awesome at the end. I wish this would replace the actual music in all further re-releases of Super Mario Bros.

6. Triforce Majeure by Disco Dan:

More Zelda? Dang right.

I couldn’t include a list of the best from OCRemix and not include Disco Dan. He has a remix of Snakeman’s Theme from Mega Man 3 that’s to die for, but for this list, his best has to be Triforce Majeure from A Link to the Past, specifically the music from Hyrule Castle. The only word you can really use here is “Epic.” It’s long, but give it a listen and let it sink in for a moment or three. Then listen again and try not to envision how cool this would sound in a Legend of Zelda movie.

5. Dark Matter by PrototypeRaptor:

Also, go play this if you haven't already.

PrototypeRaptor nearly got on my list for his Star Fox remix but I had to choose between that and his remix of Miracle Matter from Kirby 64. No contest. I don’t know why Miracle Matter doesn’t get remixed over and over and especially why it doesn’t get mentioned as one of the best video game tracks ever as it is, according to me, the best boss theme music I’ve ever heard. Dark Matter is fight music, through and through.

4. BTMNTBAMLOL by Danimal Cannon, Kbart, Stemage:

The box art does this remix justice, not the other way 'round.

Yes! Too much greatness is crammed into one little remix, taking tracks from TMNT 3 on the NES and mixing in some other Turtle themes from here and there. What this all equals is one heck of a face-melting rock remix. The opening has become my default ringtone, and I challenge anyone to stay seated or refrain from cheering at about 3:50 or so. It has what I’ll go ahead and say is the most powerful moment in any of these songs with a tone shift towards Beyond Awesome.

3. Just a Little More (Prime Edit) by DarkeSword:

I will always pause fora second whenever I get to Phendrana Drifts, just to listen to the music.

My favorite video game song is undeniably Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime, so when I heard DarkeSword’s remix of said theme, I couldn’t help but love it, too, especially since he’s manage to keep the essence of the track but added just enough to make it better. The harp solo gets me every time and nearly makes me weep with joy. I love it that much.

2. Intense Color by SGX, sephfire:

Wait, what? Mario Paint had music?

Do you remember Mario Paint? Okay, try and think of the music in that. It’s calm and serene, right? Just some chill background music. SGX and sephfire managed to take this, and turn it into something too cool for words. What makes it even better is when you can definitely hear the source material in the track, but only for brief enough moments to make you go, “They were able to make this hardcore techno track from that?” So what could outdo a remix as skilled as that?

1. Chekan Winter by Prophecy:

It's gonna be cold, it's gonna be dark, and it's gonna last a lifetime.

It’d have to be something else to make the top of my list. Sure, remixing the Mario Paint music is one thing, but Chekan Winter comes from the Northern Hemispheres levels in Donkey Kong Country. You will not be able to recognize the remix as coming from this. I love songs that build slowly, leveling track after track on top of each other until they culminate in an explosion of Scrumtrilessence in the end. This is one such example of that happening. I could listen to this one over and over again without stopping, something I’ve done before and will do again. Hence, it’s my Number 1 OCRemix.

So have you listened to anything on OCRemix before? Do you have some favorites that I didn’t hit on? Remember, these are 15 from nearly 2000, so there are a lot more to cover. I’d like to hear what your favorites are and why, or even just who your favorite remixer is. And heck, don’t stop with commenting here. Head over to Overclocked Remix and show them some love as well. They certainly deserve it.


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  1. I like several of those you pointed out.
    Here’s my top 10, alphabetical by game.

    Chrono Trigger – Lavos Battle dnBoss
    Delta – Space Grind
    Ducktales – Moondust
    Earthbound – Battling Organs (this one is hilarious)
    Final Fantasy 4 – Echoes at a Distance
    Lifeforce – Phaoroah Land (this takes a few times through to work best. You need to be able to anticipate things)
    Lifeforce – Tactile Freefall (works better on the first listen, and is not worse later on)
    Mega Man 3 – It’s Boss Time
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Reiche Lake
    Starfox – Godspeed

    I am still flipping through these remixes after 4 years, trying to find more good ones…

    And of course if you’re willing to look past OCremixes, Remix ThaSauce has the amazing
    Chrono Trigger – Beautiful Traveller
    and also the excellent
    Earthbound – A Brand New World
    Final Fantasy 4 – Dies Irae
    and others…

  2. You DEFINITELY have to give Ice Capped by McVaffe a listen. Icecap zone was by far my favorite music from Sonic 3 and this remix makes it even better.

  3. I have definitely heard the mixes you’re talking about, and they’re awesome! It’s tough coming up with any sort of list with OCRemix since it’s just packed with too many good songs. Since making the list I probably came up with more favorites as well.

  4. Hi Chris, nice list. I definitely can agree with some of your choices, like Mamacitas in My Valley, Intense Color, DeathontheSnowfield, and Just a Little More (Prime Edit). However you missed some of my favorites:

    1. Day’s End (Mario Kart 64)
    Probably my favorite OCRemix of all time. Words cannot describe how much nostalgia and emotion this track brings back every time I listen to it.

    2. Passing of the Blue Crown (Mega Man 3)
    Flawless masterpiece of OCRemix perfection. Takes the source material by the hand and soars through the skies with it. Mind-blowingly awesome remix.

    3. Escape into the Twilight (NiGHTS into Dreams)
    Reminds me of winter and Christmas time. Excellent to listen to while walking outside in the snow during the dead of winter in northern Canada, where I live.

    4. Terra in Black (Final Fantasy VI)
    In my opinion, a slightly superior Terra’s Theme remix to AmIEviL’s DeathontheSnowfield, but I’m not always in the mood for it. Sometimes I’m in the mood for something more relaxing, in which case AmIEviL’s remix is better.

    5. Tidal Sequence (Secret of Mana)
    By far the best Secret of Mana remix. Takes the source material to places that McVaffe’s remix doesn’t even come close to reaching.

    6. Wet Grass Inspired (Diablo)
    A remix that I enjoy a lot from a game I’ve never played – which is saying a lot.

    7. Into the Golden Sunset (Zelda: A Link to the Past)
    A very relaxing piano arrangement of the ending and overworld themes from my all-time favorite game. Seeps with nostalgia from every note.

    8. Time’s New Scar (Chrono Cross)
    Another great piano tune that I often listen to back-to-back with Into the Golden Sunset.

    9. The Alternate Route (Super Mario 64)
    Not a perfect remix of Koopa’s Road from Super Mario 64, but still the best remix available for this great track.

    10. Back 2 Skala (Chrono Trigger)
    A nice, sharp, and hard-hitting remix of Schala’s Theme with some great beats layered over a consistently enjoyable melody.

    11. Blue Vision (Donkey Kong Country)
    By far bLiNd’s best remix and also the best remix from Donkey Kong Country.

    Of course these are all my opinion and while I respect your Top 15, some of your choices would not make my list. If you haven’t heard some of these remixes definitely give them a listen and let me know what you think!

  5. Evan Edinger on

    Ooooo. I play ukulele! So fun and easy! I can play parts of ice cave chant (DKC) on it! You can get a cheap one for like 50 bucks ya know

  6. Very cool. Those are both excellent tracks. I’ve been toying with a simple concept for the Trendy Game from Link’s Awakening, but I don’t have a ukulele, so I’m sort of out of luck.

  7. Well though Stickerbrush Symphony and/or bramble scramble from DKC2 are done frequently, it happens to be one of my all time favourites so I think I may work with that one and/or Beware the Forest Mushrooms from SMRPG. I literally have no experience, but I’m hoping to just start learning from the internet! I know I have an ear for it. Maybe I’ll take an electrical engineering course next semester too. If I actually do well then dreams really do come true lol

  8. Hey, definitely good luck! I wish I had the musical chops to try something out, but I’m just too amateur at this stage. Any clue which track you’re thinking to remix/recompose?

  9. I’m hoping to delve into making some remixes myself (I’m getting logic pro soon) 😀 But anyway, great list. Wish me luck….I have no clue what I’m doing!

  10. so many songs on ocremix, so it’s hard to sort the good ones from the awesome ones.. thanks a bunch ;D

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