This Is How You Make Video Games: Uncharted 2 Review

This is everything that's right with the industry.

This is everything that's right with the industry.

Alright, go buy Uncharted 2. I don’t even need to give you a full review at this point. This is the reason to own a PS3, this is the best game thus far this year, this is the game that has no glaring faults for me to pick out. Buy the game yourself, buy it for a loved one, request it for a charity, I don’t care what you do as long as it ends with Uncharted 2 being bought and played by somebody.

Are you still here? Okay, I’ll elaborate since I guess it’s my job.

First the Worst, Second the Best

Those of you that played the first Uncharted on the PS3 may either have high hopes for the sequel or are extremely nervous as to what may happen. Naughty Dog once again develops for the Uncharted series (it’s their property so…yeah), and it is very apparent that they just don’t allow faults to exist from one game to the next. Pretty much everything you thought was wrong with the first game is corrected for the second. Uncharted 2 completely outdoes the first in every way possible, so don’t bother with looking at the previous title as a standard for what to expect. If you do, your standards will be blown away.

I will go ahead and say that Uncharted 2 doesn’t actually do anything new for itself. Everything that’s good is a concept taken from some other franchise somewhere along the line. Gears of War fans will feel déjà vu during firefights as the cover system borrows heavily. None of this is a bad thing. Uncharted 2 looked around for what worked and incorporated it into their own game. This is the correct way to program, just in case any developers are reading right now and weren’t aware (also I’m available to write for your game developers, so look me up!). Uncharted 2 doesn’t steal concepts; it just makes sure the overall experience of the game plays at a level of polish rarely ever seen.

More Polish Than a Nail Saloon

Check out the amount of detail here.

Check out the amount of detail here.

That’s the main note to take here: Uncharted 2 is fiercely polished. Naughty Dog aren’t messing around with something they clearly have respect for and they aren’t disappointing their fans by rehashing or phoning in a new title that’ll sell well regardless of how well it actually plays. You’ll have a hard time going to bed at night or getting anything else done in your day since you’ll just want to play Uncharted 2 until it’s finished. And then you’ll want to play it again. And then you’ll want to play its extremely well done multiplayer mode.

Oh yes, did I not yet mention that they got multiplayer done right as well? Silly me. A game this big, you’d expect multiplayer to just sort of exist next to the main story for the heck of it. Not so as Uncharted 2 has quite a selection of multiplayer modes to appeal to players of all preferences. You’ll get some Capture the Flag scenarios and some King of the Hill scenarios, plus some modes similar to Call of Duty: World at War’s zombie killing multiplayer modes insomuch as you and your buddies bunker down and take out wave after wave of incoming enemies, purchasing weapons and ammo as needed. In short, this is a multiplayer mode to be proud of.

I Could Keep Going

You remember that movie The Librarian? Me neither.

You remember that movie The Librarian? Me neither.

The story is nothing new, but it’s told as if it were. The pacing of the game is done so well you’d have assumed the game was intended to be a movie instead. The voice actors actually recorded their lines while in full-motion capture suits, allowing for honest performances that really give you a sense of character.

You will care about these characters, I swear it. You’ll know them inside and out and you’ll be intrigued when you learn something new about their past. A lot of the best character interaction comes during play, working its way seamlessly into the action to make for excellent banter that doesn’t feel forced. This is a feat that’s hard to do, but Naughty Dog managed to pull it off.

Each feature of Uncharted 2 is great. Added together, these features equal something greater than the sum of their parts (cliché writer phrase #6). You will like this game. If you are short on cash, there is always the option to rent the game, though you will want to own it before the rental period is over. You will want your friends to play the game right after you’ve finished and you’ll want them to get their own copy so you can play with them online.

Uncharted 2 retails for $59.99 and it’s worth every single cent you spend. Expect to see it topping Greatest Games list this coming year.


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