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I have a happy!

I’ll begin with the usual disclaimer I give at the heading of any of my M-rated game reviews: brentalfloss is, in no way, for kids. While hilarious, entertaining, and extremely talented, strong language and subject matter is thrown around like there’s no problem, and if you’re old enough to deal with it there really isn’t a problem. Otherwise, kids, I respectfully ask you to come back tomorrow when I talk about Mario again. Otherwise, fellow adults, this review is for us.

Your brentalfloss History in Short

If you don’t know who brentalfloss is, here’s the quickest rundown I can muster: Brent Black is a singer/songwriter/video maker from New York best known from his Youtube videos where he gives lyrics to video game songs that otherwise do not have lyrics. He also has a number of original songs and videos to round out his repertoire. Plus, he’s a featured member of ScrewAttack. Simply, brentalfloss is a talented dude, so an official CD is just twice as nice.

Making An Exception For A Talented Guy

Oh he looks like such a nice boy. I bet he's good to his mother.

As you may have noticed, music reviews aren’t something I do much here, but I’m finding the exception with What if This CD… Had Lyrics? because it relates to video games so much. 17 of the 20 tracks have to do with video games, so I count this as relevant to your interests at Toy-TMA. You probably already know enough to make a judgment about whether you’d want the CD by now or not, but I’ll keep going since I need to fill up at least 500 words (and I like to hear myself type).

Now I Swoon For Four Paragraphs

It may be best to just assume only brentalfloss fans (and people with morbid curiosity) are left. Good, that will make this simpler. The big question you should ask me is, “Chris, does brentalfloss’ CD include some of his best-known “With Lyrics” songs?” The answer nameless questioner is yes, it does. Ducktales, Tetris, Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Dr. Mario are all represented here. And especially Mega Man, which isn’t a surprise. Your second important question, “Chris, are these songs just ripped straight from his Youtube videos?” No, they aren’t. Every track has been redone specifically for the CD release, boosting the song quality to where it needs to be. And hot damn, these tracks are top notch.

Okay, no more questions now, I’m just going to talk. I preordered the CD over a month ago, meaning I got a signed copy, but it took until just the other day when I actually got the CD. Its quality is perfectly nice, but I was somewhat sad that when I plunked it in my computer, Windows Media Player couldn’t recognize the album or track names. I’m nit picking, but for $15 I kind of want those basics covered. That’s why I recommend just downloading the album from Amazon since the track names are programmed in and you get it instantly, otherwise the physical CD can be bought from ScrewAttack.com’s store right here.

See? I really did buy it myself. Now I just need to figure out how to convince brentalfloss to be my best friend.

And I really am recommending the album. The classic brentalfloss tracks are improved quite a bit, plus the new songs are fan-freaking-tastic. Even better, the album features both The Megas and The Konami Kode, two amazing Nintendo-cover bands in their own right. The biggest shame is that after listening all I wanted to do was hang out with brentalfloss for an afternoon. Not doing anything particularly interesting like playing NES games or even riffing songs. Nah, I just want to hang out and do pretty much nothing, smiling and waving at each other every now and then. So I guess I just want him to be one of my best friends. New York never felt further away from Oregon.

Go right now and download his album legit. Downloading illegally is powerfully weak in this instance since, come on, support the guy for making a damn good CD. brentalfloss is the sort of artist that really needs to get support, mostly just so that he makes more CD’s that speak directly to me and no one else. That’s right, he’s got to be singing directly to me. Sure, my name isn’t Corey, but I’ll give him that one mistake.

Go! Now! Stop wasting my time! Support brentalfloss before I get really agro!


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