10 Superheroes That Deserve to Be Amazing Action Figures


When you think of superheroes that are fully opposable and made of plastic, you think of characters like Batman and Spider-man, But have you ever wanted to see more of comic’s bright and colorful characters having their accessories sold separately?

legion of superheroes

10. Legion of Superheroes- The future of superheroes in the DC universe were originally best pals with Superman and lived strictly by the codes and morals he set down. The team is insanely vast with a cast that rivals G.I Joe, all with a set of unique powers from magnetism to eating matter, meaning a character for everyone.


9. Moon Knight- Though Moon Knight has been accused of being Marvel’s Batman, the character has recently been treated to Marvel’s top writers, giving him a chance to prove he’s so much more. Though he doesn’t have the most child-friendly origin story, the character has a unique motif and an array of vehicles and gadgets which would capture a child’s imagination from a bow and arrows to escape pods.

Captain Marvel

8- Ultimate Captain Marvel- Although it may be the most used name in the comics industry, I believe there’s only one that would make one of the grossest figures ever. To give a little background, the Ultimate imprint is a separate line of comics published by Marvel in a different universe where popular heroes like Spider-man are re-imagined. This version of Captain Marvel is equipped with surgical modifications to help him look more human but is usually transformed into a bigger, meaner form equipped with massive blaster cannons. The perfect feature for a toy. !

Elemental heroes

7. YU-GI-OH! GX Heroes card series- The choice of cards for the protagonist of the second installment of the card game franchise. This set of monsters are based on US superheroes but given a Japanese twist as the sidekick character wears a space helmet. Each character is visually entertaining and the collection of magic cards designed to support the characters ensures a huge collection of play sets and accessories.

Antman and Wasp

6. Antman/ Wasp- Ironically the smallest in terms of popularity, scientist Hank Pym created ‘Pym particles,’ which grants its users the ability to shrink or grow in size. Hank has had various super hero identities ranging from Antman to Yellowjacket whilst his wife Janet Van Dyne has had so many different outfits it’d make a Barbie jealous. Alongside Janet being a fashionista of a wife and their ever-growing super hero wardrobes, Hank is also a super scientist with an inventory of snazzy gadgets which has aided The Avengers over the years.


5. Speedy- Green Arrow’s teen protégé’ has always been the bad boy of sidekicks. Unlike Robin, Roy Harper has probably had the most scandalous comic back history, ranging from being addicted to drugs to impregnating a super villain. Due to having various trick arrows at his disposable, along with other close combat weapons, Roy’s got a chance to be the bad boy of action figures with his set of equipment displaying espionage and extreme sports.

Kyle Rayner

4. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner- After Hal Jordan was turned evil during the 90’s, artist Kyle Rayner took the Green lantern mantle and produced some memorable and highly inventive constructs. Kyle could be considered the da Vinci of the Green Lantern Corps. His vast imagination has conjured up fully functioning mecha suits to riding a jet ski in mid air, so surely there’s a toy line in their somewhere ?


3. X-men through the ages- Since the X-men are one of Marvel’s oldest and proudest creations, it would be highly nostalgic for collectors and newcomers to play with heroes from the past and present of the team, especially since the teams over the years have had a huge array of power sets, allowing for an equally huge set of special themed playsets.


2. Science Ninja team Gatchaman- The heroes from the Japanese TV show, airing under the aliases in the west of Battle of the Planets and G-Force, this group could be best described as a mash-up of the Batman family being fused with the Power Rangers. Each having their own specialty weapon makes them perfect to market and hopefully great promotion for the troubled film project currently in production.


1. Robin- The brightly colored sidekick has always seemed to suffer from yellow and pink ranger syndrome when it comes to the world of toys as in he always misses out on the cooler weapons and special figures lines. It’s always made more sense to me that Robin would surely receive the sort of tech which would support his mentor rather then him being armed with just a few Batarangs, as is proved Batman doesn’t always succeed and it’s sometimes up to his dark horse of a sidekick to step in and save the day. Doesn’t Robin deserve to get a real figure to showcase his amazing abilities?


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