Forget-Me-Nots: My Daredevil Action Figure


Certainly a handsome devil, isn't he?

I got into comics when I was about thirteen or fourteen. While perusing the video store, I found this extremely detailed figure packaged with a reprint of classic Daredevil issue #167.

Being on a retro kick, I set up the character on its display stand in a pose that illustrated the eighteen points of articulation, and displayed it on top of my stereo speakers for my vinyl record player. It sat opposite my model kit of the De Lorean from “Back to the Future.” Both were backlit by a green lava lamp.

I remember this figure for being the first toy that I thought of as a display piece. It was my teenage witticism to treat it like a controversial piece of art from my personal collection.

Suddenly I started reading Toy Fare magazine, I had more merchandise to ogle at the comic book store, and I had more things to talk about during a video game marathon with Chris Pranger. In a way, this figure helped me write for this site.

There were two versions of this figure at the time. One was a brightly-colored, Saturday morning version of the comic book superhero. The other was based on the red leather and biker-booted suit that Ben Affleck pulled off in the 2003 film. I had the film version, because I liked how much more gritty it was.


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