Dark Knight Toys – Too Dark for Kids?


Are the new Dark Knight Toys too dark for kids? That’s the drama being kicked up in Australia, where a leading family advocacy group is shunning the Batman toys. Why? The toys are given away with a burger and fries at a popular fast food chain known as Hungry Jacks.

The Australian Family Association does have a point: the toys may be sending mixed messages to parents that the newest Batman movie is suitable for watching by children. I saw this movie last weekend, and it is admittedly not something I would take my nine year old to. Too scary!

But, then again, the Dark Knight Toys in themselves are pretty cool.

Any readers’ thoughts?


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  1. I honestly do not see what the drama is all about , Seriously most of the kids that are getting these toys in there Happy jack meals do not realize who Heath Leadger was . I don’t think people should worry to much just let kids be kids .

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