I Am Still Iron Man: Iron Man 2 Toys


The man of the hour, or rather, the Iron Man of the hour. See what I did there?

Tony Stark’s technological marvel is back with plenty of articulation, tons of oversized weapon attachments, and each with a personality of its own.

The figure series consists of a wide variety of Iron Man and War Machine suits, all lying out like a roll of schematics. It conjures a funny image of Tony Stark’s garage littered with Iron Man armor: white for snow, blue for underwater, black for stealth, etc.

Each different suit has a detailed, imaginative name, such as Iron Man Mark I, War Machine Tech Armor. Collectors will be gratified by the different color tones and the continuity of the suit evolution.

Kids (or just guys like me who like to take things apart for fun) will find the detachable missile launchers, guns and armor plating quite amusing.

A really great idea that Hasbro committed to for the movie tie-in is the variety of source material that the action figures come from. Figures based on the original comic books yield a trim, wiry Iron Man. Figures based on the first movie have a gritty, bulky detail. The figures for the new movie are sleek, and have most of the big attachable guns.

Something the figures lack is variety in characters. You can have Iron Man and War Machine seven times over, but there are no villains for them to fight with.

There’s a slightly odd addition to this toy line, in the form of Iron Racers. These are stationary figures attached to a pull-and-release vehicle. There’s the Armor Cycle, the Quantum Quad, the Turbo Racer, etc. Since this seems to be a trend for every superhero figure (the Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and Batman have all gotten pull-and-release quads and motorbikes), I would suggest avoiding these, and buying a Batman version from the bargain bin instead. It’s the same toy.

Essentially, these figures are exactly what an Iron Man fan would expect: it’s all about design concepts, color schemes, and attachable equipment. Great fun for the Howard Hughes in all of us, just like Tony Stark. Thankfully, you don’t have to have wallets as deep, though.

The different concepts are exciting, but don’t expect to find a good villain. Avoid the Iron Racers, stick with the individual figures. Kids and adults can find the cool fun in the different versions of a great superhero. I might just bring my Mark IV Iron Man to the IMAX showing of “Iron Man 2.”


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  1. Funny, when you said Howard Hughes I started thinking but Hughes didn’t penciled Iron Man, is the babes dude… then I thought oh yeah, that’s Adam Hughes… one of my favorite artists by the way.

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