New Twilight Merchandise: Prices and Quality Vary Wildly



I watched Twilight when it came out on DVD, and despite that I’m just not the right target audience for anything related to the movie and the books, I must admit that my sister would gladly marry Edward right now.  Personally, I’ll pass, despite how beautiful he may in fact be.

Since Twilight is such a hit, there are toys that must be made under the Awful Movie Tie-In Law of ’76.  You’re sort of constricted to Edward, Bella, or a combination of the two, (sometimes I can’t tell them apart).  In terms of a movie toy, they aren’t bad.  They do look extremely detailed and match their movie counterpart very well.  That being said, they’re still pretty dull.  And they don’t have knee joints.  (Joints are so crucial to action figures as I describe in this GI Joe action figure review).   Edward gets sunglasses, but no knee joints.  I’m picky, and if an action figure doesn’t have joints at the shoulder, elbow, knee, groin, and neck at the very least, then I’m ticked.


A close-up of the Bella doll

There is another option for you Twilighters out there.  There are super-detailed dolls of Edward and Bella available for purchase, though at $139.99 it’s only for the true Twilight aficionados.   For the set of two, maybe $180 is totally reasonable if it lets you live out all your Edward-Bella fantasies free from the structure of the books.

The better deal is still the Edward-Bella two-pack action figures at $24.99.  The quality is lower, (though as said before, details are high), but so is the price.  This is the affordable option if you just haven’t gotten enough Twilight in your system yet.

Or maybe go rent Interview With a Vampire and see a really good vampire story, but that’s just me.


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  1. I have not actually seen that channel. To be honest, I don’t watch as much TV as I once used to, but thank you for the tip. I’m sure there are definitely fans of Twilight that will like to hear about a show dedicated to their favorite story! 🙂

  2. lol………………i love the dolls excep the bella doll doesnt look ike bella.i love twilight.and i have the same name as bella lolz

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