New World of Warcraft Action Figures Revealed

Tuskarr the Scaly

Tuskarr the Scaly

World of Warcraft continues to surprise even veteran game analysts with its increasing popularity, nay, its world dominance. (And for a good guide to improving your W.O.W. skills, Click Here!)

These new collectible figurines are inspired from the latest expansion pack – Wrath of Lich King – and are designed to richly illustrate game characters new to the WOW franchise.

While World of Warcraft is not an educational video game in the classic sense, it does facilitate community-building and cooperation with its unique online playing interface. And personally, I’ve always been impressed how WOW designs many of their characters from historical and anthropological sources, such as historic battle scenes and traditional dress.

World of Warcraft collectibles have proven to be so popular than many have sold out… and some have sold out in a few weeks’ time. Now, reported by Toy News International, DC Unlimited has released images of the 4th generation WOW figures which will go on sale in April 2009.


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  1. Oh it did work sorry lol,

    I love these Figures! I was thinking of getting one make of my own toon but they where not cheap…

    I have a death knight and have a new blog also if you want to pop by just click my name

    Thanks and keep up the good work here

  2. This is my husband and his brothers’ favorite game, they have been playing this game for years, I always wondering why:-)

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