Forget-Me-Nots: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Figures and Zords


As a product of the 90’s, I loved action figures growing up. They were always my go-to toy of choice whenever it was fun time and my creative juices were flowing. In fact I think it was all those years crafting and simulating fast paced action packed scenarios with my heroic plastic relics that would eventually grow into my drive to become a creative writer and storyteller. But what action figures stand most definitively in my mind? I was of course into the Ninja Turtles toy line, but Chris pretty much has that one covered (and quite thoroughly if I do say so myself). So what was I into after that? Well, for the second stage of my childhood, they may not have been the worlds most fearsome fighting team, but they were still fighting teenagers with attitude. Yup, that’s right people. It’s Morphin Time!

Boy does that bring back the memories. In fact, why don’t I tell you about them? You remember being a teenager and there were those really pesky kindergarten aged kids in your neighborhood that looked up to you for no adequate reason besides that you were older than them and you had all the latest and greatest products on the market, and then your parents forced you to be nice to them and let them play with your toys and you always had to worry about the brats accidentally damaging them? Yeah, they bugged the ever-living crap out of you, right? Well it just so happens I am completely guilty of being one of those pesky kids. When I was about age six, I had this next door neighbor whose name, quite ironically, was Chris (no relation). He was about 14 years old at the time, and he used his allowance money to buy nearly every piece of the Power Rangers toy line. I would go to check out his room and see this completely epic display of the Rangers and their dinosaurs battling Rita Repulsa’s evil space aliens. What followed was me ringing his doorbell every single day after school to go play at his house. Of course, it wasn’t long before my parents caved and got me a few of my own. So lets recap the different toys that were available back in 1993.

8” Action Figures

What you are looking at here is pure 90’s gold.

Goss, I just now remembered those trippy triangle boxes. But in all seriousness, these action figures were the bomb. Their arms and legs had numerous joints, so you could recreate almost any of the million cheesy poses they had throughout the show. Even their fingers and their feet had joints, and each ranger came with their signature power blaster. Plus to be fair they looked extremely authentic to the series. They also made another line of rangers similar to these toys, but added built in karate chop or kick actions in their limbs. I mean the only slight problem I could have with them is that their eight-inch size makes them eligible to be often mistaken as dolls rather than action figures, which is a big no-no for little boys (heck, even big boys). Not that we can blame people, I mean look at them. They were almost the exact same height as the Barbie dolls.

“Today, Ken’s Dream House! Tomorrow, the world!”

Flip Head Figures

To get the elephant out of the room, yes. The black ranger was black. Will we ever live that down?

I remember these being pretty popular as well. These figures were more on the small side. While they didn’t have as many joints and less mobility then their bigger brothers, they did have this little gimmick where if you press the belt buckle, their heads flip from their secret identity to their ranger helmet. Plus with these figures, each ranger came with both a power blaster and their power weapon of choice, and if you bought them all, you could combine all five weapons to create their super special awesome power blaster.

Just like the show.


Now for the final blow.

What is there really to say about the original Megazord that won’t sound like a broken record? It was the Devastator of the Power Ranger toy-verse. Five separate robotic dinosaurs that could all fuse into the ultimate battle machine. The battle mode (above) was awesome, but my personal favorite was the tank mode. Yet, as versatile as the Megazord was, it was also very easy to assemble for young children. The more I think about it, the concept of the Megazord as a toy has always been a no brainer, and not just because it looked, at first glance, like a cheep Transformer knock off. If you’ve watched the show just once in your life (and let’s be honest here, who hasn’t), and you saw how the Megazord and its five consecutive parts fit together, there’s no hiding it. It was essentially a giant freaking toy.

Anyone else thought the Dragonzord reminded them of Mechagodzilla?

Wow, that was fun. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will always hold a strong spot in my childhood memories. It was easily one of, if not THE biggest pop culture phenomenon of the Pre-Pokemon era, and these toys, made in the Golden Age of action figures and robots in disguise, are no exception. In fact I think it’s fair to say these toys have aged a whole lot better than the show they were based off of. While it’s wonderful to look back and remember the Rangers as being this awesome super hero series that totally kicked ass in the 90’s, it’s a whole other experience entirely to actually go back and try to revisit those feelings. I mean sure, the theme song is still epic, but after you finish that… Aye-yae-yae-yae-yae!

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  1. French Green Ranger on

    Then, as until the late 90’s, is part of the fondest memories of my life, my childhood … What had the music in France at that time was wonderful, Have had a very French artist boin, as foreigners move to the radio, for example: Mylene Farmer, Axelle Red, Haddaway, 2Unlimited, Gala, Ultra Nate, Vanessa Paradis Helene Segara, Celine Dion, the Fougee’s with Laurin Hill, filled full of great artists and more TV series like Power Rangers … even the movies were cool! People were more friendly with each other today is far too rare for my taste …
    Sometimes I regret very much that time, I miss her …
    But I must live in my time and with all the excesses of society (Drugs + sex + money, etc. ..), I fear for our future and our children’s …
    to us to try to preserve all that, but when they have reached the age limit, what shall we do?
    That is the question ….

  2. French Green Ranger on

    I love your site, it is instructive for those who do not know the power rangers and all the rest. Among other things the new generation of children. You know, today, I wonder where will all these beautiful things can be brought to disappear, and this m’atriste …. The cartoons are becoming worst and the scenarios of the new Power Rangers are zero, the new rangers are too pretentious for my taste, for me, they have lost a sense of value … : -. (Front Rangers had respect for them but for others as they fought with more courage and devotion than today’s example: Zakari aprennais dancing children were the Trini … advisor to the group time and especially the wiser … Jasonintrépide, but always ready to help his friends when they needed him … Tommy was the bravest and wisest detous it aprenais karate to children, was always the first to fight for others, it would could cost him his life when he was still green and that the store was losing its power at all headlands. The confidence he had in his partner was innébranlable, it is not binding on other hand, sometimes he would put more value than itself: -.) There will always be my favorite Hero, and will remain forever for all these values!
    Episode 4 summarizes this series for me .. The release of Rita, Meeting with the Green Ranger, the team spirit and White Light …
    That’s right, the values ​​of True Power Rangers!
    As Tommy would say: “You are ready for battle Rangers? Forward !!!!! It’s morphin ‘time!”
    Power Rangers forever!

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