New Star Trek Action Figures Unveiled



It’s official, the new Star Trek action figures will be released on April 19, 2009.  These classic figures are made by Playmates, and will be available in 3¾-inch ($7), 6-inch ($9-$10) and 12-inch ($30) models, according to USA Today.

Star Trek figures represent a holy grail for toy manufactures: namely, earlier (and now collectable) Star Trek toys were some of the first action figures that were marketed to kids and adults.  This new series will also include key sets that are to scale with the action figures such as a Transporter playset, and a Bridge playset.

The Star Trek movie is opening in theaters on May 8.  By then, expect Star Trek toys to be everywhere!  The marketing plan is exuberant even by the standards of the final frontier.

star-trek-nut-crackersOther tie-ins include card games (Uno), board games (Monopoly and Scrabble), a line of collector Babie dolls, plus die-cast vehicles and radio-controlled vehicles.  And that’s just the toys….. also be ready for new apparel, fragrances (Tribble perfume?), and even jewelry.

Oh, and don’t forget the Star Trek bobble heads!  These will probably go over better than these collectible Star Trek nutcrackers.

What makes this launch so important from my perspective is that the Star Trek universe has been moldering for so long that it has largely left the cultural landscape.  As Liz Kalodner, Executive Vice President and General Manager of CBS Consumer Products, puts it:

“The momentum is building for the Star Trek brand as we approach the new feature film this May.  We are excited to continue our focus on expanding the Star Trek universe and bringing the whole franchise to a new generation.”

So, whether you are interested in collecting action figures, or are a Star Trek enthusiast, the action figure launch this spring should get you fired up for a whole new universe of characters.


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  1. I just recently bought the set of (10) NEW Movie Star Trek figures the 6 or 7 inch ones and I also purchased (3) small scale figures of (SPOCK) New Spock and (2) Original Spocks*…I found during my search through the shelf of “Original Spocks”..I believe I found a rare one!! I got one that has no dots for eyes-while all the others had them and there was some differences in coloring and finishing of the figure which makes it look different from all the others I have went through and looked at….could this be a possible rare and collectable TREK item???? “I hope so”

    What do you think?

    “Live Long And Prosper” ql\/l,

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