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It’s Monday after Too-Much-Avatar Week. A whole new chapter of the Avatar legend has officially began, and I am indeed a happy camper. You can check out my opinions on the series premiere of Korra here, if you so wish. Short version, it’s pretty awesome. I know I was suppose to have a premiere party and all, but Korra kind of broke out the cactus juice a little early and… well, let’s just say she tore the house down. When the cops showed up at the door and tried to shut her down, something inside her just sort of snapped, and it definitely wasn’t the Avatar State. I’ve never seen anything like it. I was like a one-woman riot.

Korra vs. Cops
Yeah. That awesome.


In all seriousness, I am here today to congratulate everyone who took part. Too-Much-Avatar turned out to be quite a success, with some of the best numbers we’ve had in weeks. Thanks to everyone who commented and read our post and thanks especially to my fellow writers.

Roughly 3 weeks ago, Brian Vaughn had never watched an episode of Avatar. While Brian and I may not be the most familiar of cohorts, as everything is posted online, for him to be such a good sport and to give the show a crash course and a very fair perspective of a newcomer completely on a whim of my wanting to do an all Avatar themed week, that meant a lot to me. So thank you Brian for that. It’s always a pleasure to hear genuine opinions of the newest viewers.

Chris Pranger and I on the other hand, I’m starting to realize we may be getting too familiar and comfortable with one another. As some of you may have witnessed in the comment section of Mr. Pranger’s pro anime article, I may have let my anger get out of control and ended up going into my own personal Avatar State on him. I would like to make it clear, I have absolutely no personal qualms against Mr. Pranger. He is my colleague, my Editor-in-Chief, and a personal friend. While we may have had some spats in the past, we’ve always meant it in good fun. This time, I did go overboard, and I publicly apologize for that. At the end of the day, Chris and I are like Son Goku and Monkey D. Luffy: sure we can fantasize about having huge climactic fiery showdowns all we want, but in reality, we are far more in common than we ever will be at odds.

Goku probably easily wins. Still kinda cool though.


And of course, thanks again to our readers and benefactors. As a treat to all you Avatar fans out there for your support, I created a little something. I know those good/evil alignment charts have become somewhat popular online recently, so I created my own with exclusively all Avatar characters.

Good Evil Alignment Men

Avatar The Last Airbender did an excellent job of creating a unique diverse cast of characters whom all had their own individual morals and motives, and they have touched all bases not only once, but several occasions. For instance. I was actually able to make two Avatar Alignment Charts. One for some of the more prominent male characters, and another for the show’s extensive cast of strong female characters.

Good Evil Alignment Women

Some of you may disagree with a few of my placements, but to save time, I won’t go into detail on all 18 characters here and now. Anyone wishing to question any one specific placement may simply leave a comment, and I will respond with my explanation.

In addition, to comment on some more juicy Avatar developments, Youtube sensation Kornersphere, famous for his Avatar The Last Puppetbender Shorts, has now returned after nearly two years of hiatus with a brand new video:


With this comes the promise of more in the coming Summer, including the long awaited Part 2 of the Where Are They Now story (which he claims will not take another two years to complete.)

And lastly, The releases of The Promise Part 2 is set for May 30th. While it may not have lived up to Chris and I’s expectations, we are still holding hope that this will merely be a sophomore slump, and that author Gene Luen Yang can get back in the game in the third round this September, and ultimately give us a climax that can live up to Gurihiru’s spectacular artwork.

The Promise Part 3 cover
Mr. Yang, don’t fail me now.


We have some fun stuff to look forward to, starting off with nothing short of new Legend of Korra episodes each week for at least the next few months. We’ll be taking some time to wait for more developments, but for now, I officially conclude Toy-TMA’s nonstop Avatar run.

Next week, something else. I promise.


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  1. Toph’s my personal favorite character, but I couldn’t fit her on the chart, because she is technically the same alignment as Katara: Neutral Good.

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