The Best of Christopher R. Sabat


Today we commemorate yet another outstanding achievement of achievement in the world of entertainment. What Nolan North is to videogame voice overs, the man we are speaking of today is to English anime dubs. A voice that makes the sounds of Eric Stuart and Steve Blum seem unique and foreign by comparison. A man who’s so badass, his mom named him after a friggin’ Winnie the Pooh character.

Oh yes, we’re talking about him, and why wouldn’t we? I mean, if someone gets hired for voice work over and over and over again, that has to mean they’re good, right? And even if you weren’t that good, after doing it as long as he has, you’re bound to get better. Right?

Well… of course. So let’s all take a look at some of the greatest icons from the sound of the man who has brought life to so many lovable characters for us Japanese impaired.


Yamcha: Dragon Ball

Here we have young Mr. Sabat’s very first major roll in any animated feature. So for those of you who want to know who’s responsible for launching his domination in this career, thus stealing all the coveted roles we will be displaying below, now you know who to thank.



Thanks Yamcha. Without you, Sabat would not be receiving paychecks larger than your own power level (though is that really saying much?).


Shio Sakaki: Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple

Here we have one of his relatively new rolls. So new that it’s still hard to find appropriate videos of the English dub. But don’t tell me that you all couldn’t see this guy given the CRB treatment in your head.


Great show overall, and it is available on Netflix. I should get to it in a Triple A sometime.


Piccolo: Dragon Ball Z

Dorky bandit side character to stoic green baddie bent on world domination. Improvement.


Um… your honor I would like to retract my previous statement.


Kikuchiyo: Samurai 7

Three words: Best. Rant. EVER!!!


Way to do the original performance proud. I’m totally not kidding. It is almost as perfect an adaptation of the original Kikuchiyo’s monologue from the 1954 film as you will ever see.


Vegeta: Dragon Ball Z

Emo Green Alien to Even More Emo Prince of Super Cryptonian Monkey Men.




Alex Louis Armstrong: Fullmetal Alchemist

Finally, he got to play a character that was just as much in love with himself as he is.


Shenron: Dragon Ball GT

Technically the final character he would voice in DBGT before the series finally reached its timely end.



Oh wait, didn’t he also play Vegeta Jr. in the epilogue? Man, Shenron would have been a way cooler way to go out.


Roronoa Zoro: One Piece

As much as I would love to show you some of Zoro’s latest and greatest epic moments, Funimation is still taking its sweet little time to catch up with the Japanese run, so all the latest stuff is still not dubbed yet, so here’s him way back in the day.


Yup. Nothing says badassery like atheism.


EVERYONE Else: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Z Kai

Yup, even the spokesperson. It’s funny because he’s talking to himself. Just like half of the time in the actual show.


For the sake of a certain Editor-in-Chief’s sanity, perhaps it is best we put an end to this folly now. Apologies for anyone who’s favorite Sabat rolls were not included in the list (Kazuma Kuwabara from YuYu Hakusho was another big one, but I never saw that), but that’s just the thing. There are so many, if I tried to impress everyone, I’d lose my own sanity.

May the sound of Christopher Robin Sabat live on, and may anime characters continue to all sound exactly the same. Only time will tell when you find the perfect role to invade my beloved Avatar. You might as well bring your pall Eric Vale along with you.


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