Five great ways to get coupons for toys


Like everything else these days, prices for toys are rising and won’t be falling any time soon. As much fun as it is to surprise our loved ones with trinkets and games, sometimes the wallet just can’t stretch far enough. Don’t be discouraged!

To some, the idea of searching for coupons is tedious and time consuming- but it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at these five easy ways to get coupons for toys, and watch the savings wrack up!

  1. Print Coupons

    Depending on your life on the Internet, you may already know that there are countless places to find coupons online. A simple google search will bring you to the top rated sites but I prefer and Keycode. Online coupon sites are one of the easiest ways to save money because you can cover a lot of ground in very little time.

  2. From the manufacturers

    People don’t often consider this option (or they don’t think to) but it has led to success for many. Visit the websites of your favorite toy brands and subscribe to their mailing lists. Newsletters will typically offer discounts, special sales and include coupons!
    Furthermore, if you send a few emails after you’ve subscribed raving about their products, they will often respond to you with additional coupons and maybe even opportunities for free stuff! This method is a great use of your time because you know the deals are for the brands you want.
    To simplify this process, go through your receipts and make a list of the brands you find yourself purchasing most before you sit down to subscribe.

  3. Buy them online

    Seems counterproductive to spend money on pieces of paper that are supposed to save money doesn’t it? Perhaps, and this particular tactic isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re interested in additional opportunities to save, you may consider visiting sites like Coupon Dede’s.  You can search for specific items and brands you hope to find coupons for, and pay maybe $.20 or less per – a handling fee. You could walk away with tons of savings relevant to you, for a couple bucks!
    Alternatively, places like Ebay and Craiglist always seem to have at least a few people selling their newspapers/inserts, magazines etc. in bulk for very little money.

  4. In-Store Coupons

    You may not have noticed but there is usually at least one spot in most stores for flyers, rewards program sign ups etc. Definitely make sure you take the time to check- as there are usually coupons and savings opportunities there. You’ll be surprised by how many you’ll start to see once you begin to look for them.
    Also, take a good look at the packages of the toys you have purchased, many times there are peel-off coupons for your next shopping trip. You’d be surprised how many you’ll start to see once you begin to look for them.

  5.  Magazines & Newspapers

    I am not trying to reinvent the wheel here- if you’re here searching for ‘other’ ways to find coupons, chances are you’ve already been looking through newspapers and magazines.  One thing you may not be doing, however, is offering to take other people’s unwanted newspapers and magazines off their hands. I can say from personal experience that if you put it out there- be it on social media, or by making a post on Craigslist, whatever – there are people out there who will take you up on it. I’ll be honest, you’re taking a risk. If you specify a specific date range, you can only hope they will oblige. Best case scenario you end up with additional savings at no cost!
    If by chance, you haven’t even started browsing through anything in print- you should. You could be throwing money away and not even know it.

    With strategy and a little discipline- there is a lot of money to be saved out there on toys for your loved ones. I hope you take advantage of all the different avenues to acquire these coupons, and have fun! It’s a great feeling to know you are making the smartest purchases in your power with the ever increasing prices these days. Good luck!


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