Eco-friendly Toys Increasingly Mainstream


More toy suppliers than ever are making sure they do more than just comply with environmental standards, but greatly exceed them. Not only that, there are more toys than ever that have ecological themes, such as the Penguin Rescuer Game from Wonderworld, in which players help penguins navigate around the melting polar ice caps.

Toy News reports:

One of many firms taking a greener approach is Thailand-based wooden toy manufacturer, Wonderworld, by participating in a localised tree re-planting scheme and manufacturing a range of educational games and toys to raise awareness of environmental issues. And privately-owned DKL Marketing is showing its support too, by playing an active role in the product development and distribution of its Eco Series range

We expect this trend to continue to grow in the next five years, so be on the look out for great new eco-friendly games, as well as green-washing attempts to sell games that are not really eco-friendly.


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  1. Hi

    I have the same questions
    I also wanted to return the game my problem is my daugther love the cute penguins
    Did you get a satisfactory answer from the manufacturer or from other source?

  2. I eventually returned my game. The concept is great and the board and pieces are great, but no-one could ever make it clear to me how to play.

  3. Hi Charles,

    I have just contacted the manufacturer with the same question. Did you ever get a satisfactory answer from anywhere?


  4. Hi,

    I just bought the Penguin rescuer game and tried it with my 3 y.o. son. I had some trouble understanding the rules of the game. I ask the manufacturer a number of question but i’m willing to ear any ideas from other customers/ game specialists…

    Anyway, here are my questions :

    1- when and how the penguin moves? It doesn’t tell in the booklet

    2- when you roll a polluting activity, the rules says to flip an ice block on the board OR lay one new killer whale. Is it the player choice or is there some unstated contingency? Where could we put the new killer whale, anywhere or only adjacent to other tiles?

    3- Could you put more than one penguin on a ice block at the same time?

    4- How come there is more ice block/killer whale tiles than the number of available places on the grid?

    5- There is 3 wooden icebergs, each of wich with different height. Could the penguins jump from any of those icebergs (if there is an available ice block)?

    Thoughts anyone?

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