Green Toys Tea Set: A Tradition Made Earth-Friendly


green-toys-tea-set-kidI am a boy, yet I was never one to say no to a good old-fashioned sit-down tea party with the ladies.  There are a few toys that I’ll go so far as say, “These are required for young minds to grow and have fulfilled childhoods.”

That list goes as follows: Slinkies, Silly Putty, jump ropes, Frisbees, (or non-name brand equivalent), Ninja Turtles/G.I. Joes/Batman action figures, a stuffed animal of some sort, a PRETEND phone (not a real one), a hat that should never be worn in public but is anyway, and a tea set.  If any one of these is skipped, then the child will grow up to be sad, stupid, and probably a jerk.

Green Toys Inc. is a company that specializes in making toys made from recycled plastic, does everything in the USA to save transportation costs, and ends up saving a heck of a lot of energy in the process.

While Green Toys has a fair number of important toys, such as the aforementioned jump rope, I’m here to point you towards their tea set, of which they say, “Talk about green tea!”  I don’t approve of jokes that aren’t mine, but I approve of this one, just this once.


This earth-friendly tea set retails for slightly over $20 and looks about as sturdy as any child’s tea set must be, especially if they intend to have ninjas show up at said tea party.  No matter their material, tea sets have always been effective for building social skills, and imagination. The tea set updates the vintage toy feel of tea time, as it is made with recycled milk containers, with absolutely no phyhalates or BPA.   This is a great way to perserve the tradition of girls tea time, without the danger of broken ceramics.

Do your little girl a favor and get her a tea set that’s high quality, affordable, and does its part to ensure there’s still a world left for her to have tea in.   I don’t mean to get preachy, but I haven’t had my afternoon tea yet and I’m becoming slightly cranky.


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