Plan Toy’s Green Dollhouse Unveiled


plan-toy-sustainable-green-dollhouseToy Fair this year was full of wonderful new items that shows “green toys” are gaining in popularity.  My favorite: this new environmentally friendly dollhouse by Plan Toy.

The Green Dollhouse is made of renewable resources and is modeled after a sustainable home for reducing, reusing, and recycling.  There are built in recycling bins, a solar panel, and even a container for collecting rain runoff.

The Green Dollhouse by Plan Toy retails for $120, or slightly less without all the furniture.

It’s about time children learned to model their play and their lives in a conservation-minded mode.  Once they understand the concepts, they’ll start reminding grown-ups to put that plastic bottle in the recycling bin instead of the trash.

Goodness knows we are always learning, even from our kids. Here are a couple more ideas for bringing more earth-friendly toys into your life.

Garden Skills Start Early

Many green toys and sustainable toys out in the market these days are plant-related.  There are companies that use recycled plastic to create gardening tools for little ones while others teach about greenhouses and growing.  A great way to get a kid to eat some veggies is to let them pick out some seeds to grow.

Beans, peas, and tomatoes are good starter vegetables, because you get to see them grow and eat them right off the vine.  (If space is an issue, tomatoes might be too needy.)

Sponsor a Neighborhood Toy Swap

An affordable way to hunt down some green toys is to coordinate a toy swap.  Find some other families with kids around the same age and swap gently used toys.  Now both families have a new toy, no extra manufacturing energy was spent to create the “new” toy, nothing ends up in a landfill, and no money was spent on the process.  If there is ever an issue where a certain toy needs to be back in the house there is always the option of offering to trade again.

Kill Your TV

Giving the electronics a rest once a week will cut down on energy usage and create a feeling of going green.  Make it a game & participate in it too (that means no TV & no computer that day), and the whole family might end up spending some time doing something like going to the park or making dinner together.

Sometimes going green means simply getting back to basics.


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  1. Plan Toys are quality products. Here in Montana, we are lucky to have a local shop (Walking Stick Toys) that sells Plan, Haba and other great natural and wooden toys. As a parent it can be tough finding quality, safe and natural toys. Especially if you aren’t willing to buy European products. There just aren’t that many U.S. Toymakers in this section of the market.

  2. Play Kitchens on

    I agree. This is a toy that is well thought out. It is also important to make sure we buy American made.

  3. But dear the most entertaning thing in today’s life is TV…how can we kick that out for a while. The house that you made is preety cool..

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