Ben 10 Toys for Fighting Aliens


The popular Omnitrix is just like Ben's

As the new Cartoon Network show, Ben 10, gains popularity, so do its toys.  The show about a boy, Ben, who is able to transform into any number of alien life forms thanks to his technologically advanced watch, the Omnitrix, is rapidly growing fans.  This Japanese animation inspired cartoon rides the wave of other popular shows about kids with special powers such as Digimon, and Pokemon.

Also much like the former, Ben 10, has its own series of increasingly popular toys.  From action figures to Action Cruisers, the Ben 10 world of toys is vast indeed.  The more recognizable toys seem to be the different kinds of aliens Ben can morph, as well as the villains he is destined to combat.  These Aliens, like the XLR8 & Alien Vehicle, even come mounted their own creature from their own planet.


Four Arms from the Alien Collection

Some are even available with vehicles stylized to resemble the aesthetic of their specific Alien riders.

Not just limited to action figures, Ben 10 toys also come in the make-believe variety.  There is a replica of Ben’s Omnitrix watch available for around $25.  The Omnitrix has lights and sounds that help any little Ben 10 fan imagine that he or she is battling evil aliens and saving the world.

Also to stimulate the imagination, consider the Ben 10 Total Transformation Game where players can try to combat intergalactic villains in a more traditional board-game arena.   Much like the other shows of its genre, Ben 10 also features a collectible trading card game, as well as video games available for most major consoles as well as hand-held sets for slightly older fans.

Clearly Ben 10 fans are never at a loss for ways to incorporate themselves into his world using their imagination.  The interesting thing about these toys, however, is the variety of ways in which fans can enjoy this imaginary world.  Far from just the traditional video game market, Ben 10 merchandise has managed to cross over into various different arenas, making the emphasis more on imagination and hero-play than entertainment.


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