And Yet Another 10 DBZ Plotholes


You just can’t keep a good plothole down, can you? I still love Dragon Ball Z, no matter how much I complain and how much I moan about it, but I’m compelled to continually find problems with the story, the characters, and the progression of the series. I consider a plothole anything that isn’t readily explained, so it either breaks the plot, breaks the flow, or breaks the concepts completely. By now you’ve read my list of 10 DBZ plotholes, as well as my list of 10 more DBZ plotholes, but I have one last list that should end this discussion once and for all. Here are yet another 10 DBZ plotholes, and I dare you DBZ manga fans to prove me wrong this time.


10. Vegeta Doesn’t Actually Have a Heart:


Vegeta Crying

"I'm so sad...there were so many people i still wanted to kill..."

One of the most impactful moments of the series has to be Vegeta’s (first) death. Instead of a moment of bro rage, like his second sacrificial death, he’s taken a severe beating from Frieza and knows he’s going to die. Goku arrives on the scene and instead of just saying, “Go get ‘em,” Vegeta begins openly weeping as he explains why he, and all Saiyans, are the way they are: Frieza gave them no choice but to be bloodthirsty killing machines. In a fit of tears, Vegeta lays it on the line and begs Goku to finish the fight because, essentially, Vegeta was a scared little boy who was kidnapped from his father.

And then Vegeta comes back and he’s overjoyed at the thought of getting to fight with the pew-pews and the Saiyan Pride once again. In fact, within the first five minutes of resurrection, he’s threatened Earth, mocked Goku’s inevitable death on an exploding planet in front f his son, and generally been a real D-bag. So Vegeta opens up and says he’s only bad because Frieza gave him no other option, and now that Frieza’s dead he remembers, oh yeah, he loves being an evil SOB. Speaking of which…


9. Vegeta Dooms Everyone Because He’s Impatient:


Vegeta vs Cell

Pff, thinking is for losers. Besides, I still have more people I want to kill.

None of the characters of the show really think things through in the long run, but none fewer than Vegeta. He’s so in the moment that he forgets some critical and obvious details, such as what letting a super power villain become even more super powered would actually mean, or believing that because his power level is higher than his opponent at this one second, there couldn’t possibly be any way for that to shift dramati- OH GOD HE POWERED UP A LITTLE BIT MORE I’M DOOMED!

Vegeta’s flip-flopping costs everyone a whole huge headache during the overall Cell Saga as he has two separate chances to end all their problems. First, he could have fought Dr Gero and destroyed him immediately after blowing up Android 19, but he didn’t mostly because he felt it would be more fun to see what Android 17 and 18 would be like to fight. And then he gets beaten stupid and everyone gets mad at him. Luckily, Vegeta gets a chance to train in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (let’s not get into how huge of a plothole that is) and returns so powerful that he can beat Cell in his second form without a contest. Except Cell convinces Vegeta to let him achieve perfection, thus giving Vegeta a real challenge.

What makes no sense here is that even the simplest of idiots can remember that in less than a day, Goku (that’d be Vegeta’s arch rival and constant one-upper), would be coming out of the same training even strongerer, and best yet, he’d totally love to fight Vegeta in a no-holds-bared sort of match. Only with Goku, there’s no risk of something really bad happening should Vegeta lose the match. Nope, Cell’s offer was too tempting and Vegeta fell for it. It’s not like, you know, everyone around him keeps getting stronger and stronger and new villains keep showing up all the time…right? At least Vegeta was always ready for a fight, unlike…


8. Gohan Suddenly Loses All Interest to Fight:


Gohan High School

"Knowledge is the real power!"

A lot of the series paints Gohan as the main protagonist rather than Goku. Gohan has a real training arc in the Saiyan Saga, displays a lot of heroic qualities on Namek, and then finally manages to surpass his dad’s strength and save the Earth by the end of the Cell Saga. Peace is restored; Gohan has succeeded in being strong like his dad and following in his footsteps.

And then he just stops caring. Once immediate danger is gone, Gohan figures, “Meh, this fighting thing’s boring now.” Just like that, all training stops and he starts studying again. For a character who’s supposed to be really smart, this sure is a dumb thing to do. I mean, if anything were to happen and the Earth would need saving once more, it’s not like Goku’s alive and can just fix it. The whole point of Gohan’s awakening in the Cell Saga was to teach him to take up his dad’s role and save the world should evil threaten it again. Goku’s dead, Trunks has returned to the future, and Vegeta certainly doesn’t have the noblest ideals. And wouldn’t you know it, evil does threaten the world again and it becomes apparent that Gohan is far outclassed. It’s like these Saiyans don’t understand the show’s lore…


7. Saiyans Don’t Understand Their Own Anatomy:


Goku Space Training

"Weird guys, I keep getting stronger after nearly killing myself over and over. Must be the push-ups!"

There are two main things the Saiyans know about themselves before the whole Super Saiyan Sitcom that the show becomes. Raditz explains to Goku, very clearly I might add, that Saiyans can transform into giant apes during a full moon, something that Goku then witnesses firsthand when Vegeta transforms later on. We also learn from Vegeta that Saiyans get stronger after every battle, win or lose, and that a Saiyan that heals from near-death feels his power greatly magnified each and every time.

Entire plot points hinge on this fact, such as Goku training relentlessly in his spaceship on the way to Namak, beating the hell out of his body and healing repeatedly, only to arrive on Namek to own the Ginyu Force as a result of this huge power spike, or when Vegeta has Krillin blast him through the chest and then makes Dende heal him so that he could potentially stand a fighting chance against Frieza, or when Cell regenerates from his explosion and is suddenly a match for Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 form. Yeah, that bit of anatomy is rather useful, isn’t it?

It’s too bad then that no one knows what to do with it. A smart man would see this problem and determine that the absolute best strategy in any situation that allows for extended periods of training, such as the three years before the Androids’ arrival or the magic year in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, would be to have two Saiyans beat the ever-loving hell out of each other, rest for a bit to heal, then do it all over again. And if no senzu beans are readily available, the tech is there to make rejuvenation chambers. Perhaps this would make the plots pretty basic, sure, but all this does is show that these characters are too stupid to figure out really good training regiments, even after already doing them. Maybe they don’t feel like they need to train anymore because…


6. Super Saiyans? No Problem!


Goten Trunks Super Saiyans

"No! You're lying about Santa! You have to be!"

Remember how it was a big deal when Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan? Remember how it felt when a mysterious youth arrived on earth and transformed into a Super Saiyan before killing Frieza? Remember how amazing it was when Vegeta found the inspiration to transform in order to fight the Androids? Remember how Gohan struggled to become a Super Saiyan and then ascend to a Super Saiyan 2? Remember how Goten and Trunks just felt like becoming Super Saiyans one day? Yeah, awesome…

The magic of the Super Saiyan transformation isn’t so much that it’s just cool to see your favorite characters get stronger and explode into a shiny golden thing. No, the treat is to see their breaking point and have them backed into such a corner that they have no choice but to transform or die. That’s why the transformation is cool. Goten transformed because he was sparring with his mom. Trunks transformed because he wanted Vegeta to take him to the park. No magic. No mystery.

With this element lost, it becomes a real question of “Why?” If Goten and Trunks can just transform, does that mean that all children born from a Super Saiyan parent can just transform? Well, no, because Vegeta wasn’t a Super Saiyan when he impregnated Bulma with Trunks, so that doesn’t work, and then their second child, Bra (I don’t remember her US), isn’t capable of transforming at all. So what makes Goten and Trunks so special that it just happens for them? Nothing, the plot just wanted to speed things along. Oh well, it’s not like there’s a benevolent deity helping these things along…


5. Heaven Really Couldn’t Care Less:


Elder Kai

"Sure I could help you save the universe. Or I could look at some boobies. Why haven't you got me some boobies to squeeze since I've bene talking to you? I'm god you know!"

The Buu Saga is all about how rules were meant to be broken and that the gods of the spiritual realm really don’t give too craps as to what’s going on in the mortal world and specifically Earth, the planet where the greatest galactic threat is resting, just waiting to be resurrected. When the Supreme Kai finally steps in to try and stop Babidi from resurrecting Majin Buu, he’s flabbergasted that Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta are all so freaking strong. It’s cute to essentially see God amazed by the Saiyans’ power, but then you remember that it doesn’t make any sense.

According to Supreme Kai, he’s been following Babidi’s spaceship around, hoping to catch him before he has a chance to bring Buu back to life. But we know that Buu is sealed up on Earth, so either Supreme Kai just forgot that important detail, or he’s just plain stupid. I’m going with both. If you were in a battle that resulted in the god of gods getting eaten and somehow managed to get the evil creature that did the eating all sealed up and safely tucked away, you’d probably make a note of that, wouldn’t you? Or at least check up and see if the evil space wizard you just killed had a son or something that could eventually resurrect the monster, right?

What makes this worse is that Goku’s unbelievable power isn’t a mystery to the Other World as he’s competed in a tournament and is training with the strongest warriors of all time where each of them is amazed that he already outclasses them despite only being dead for a few weeks. That would raise a few eyebrows, or at least it would if the gods cared what was going on. Oh well, at least they don’t have to worry about time travel…


4. Does Trunks Understand How Time Works?


Trunks Screaming

"Frick! Doc! Help!"

Future Trunks is one of my absolute favorite characters of the series, partly because he’s one of the few who cut through the BS and say straight out, “We need to kill these guys to stop them from killing EVERYONE!” He’s cool because he’s lived in a world where the worst-case scenario has happened and he’s the last one alive, so he can impart his knowledge to the past and see if it helps. I mean, it doesn’t, but he can try at least.

Except, he doesn’t really understand how this whole time travel business works. When he arrives in Timeline A (the main series’ timeline), the first thing he does is reveal that he’s a Super Saiyan and then kills Frieza. He does this because he knows that Goku’s still two hours away and thinks that if he doesn’t step in, Frieza will destroy the planet. Though answer me something: If Trunks didn’t show up in Timeline B (Future Trunks’ timeline), but none of the Z Fighters were killed and Frieza was dead…who must have killed Frieza? Yet Trunks knows when and where Goku will arrive down to the second, a prediction only made accurate if Trunks had killed Frieza in his own timeline as well.

To make matters worse, Trunks doesn’t seem to think about staying in Timeline A long enough to go find Dr Gero’s lab and killing him long before the Androids arrive or are even built. Rather, he opts to skip ahead three years to when the fighting starts and then realizes that everything’s all wrong, but this leaves no time to then go kill Dr Gero anymore. The reasoning behind Goku not agreeing to track down Dr Gero three years early is because he feels that’s unfair, but Trunks is coming from a different perspective where he wouldn’t see it nearly the same way. Hey, and speaking of Goku’s reasoning there…


3. Goku’s Morals Make No Sense:


Dr Gero Yamcha Stomach Stab

Phew, thankfully Goku didn't go get Dr Gero before he had a chance to blow up a city and stick a hand through Yamcha's stomach. At least now we know we got the right guy.

As I just mentioned, one of the Z Fighters makes a plan to find Dr Gero three years before the Androids attack and stopping him right then and there. Someone points out that they don’t know where Dr Gero is located (even though Bulma is standing right there and does in fact know where Dr Gero’s lab is located), to which someone comes up with the brilliant idea of summoning the dragon and have him locate Dr Gero’s lab. That’s when Goku says, for no good reason, “No, he hasn’t done anything wrong yet.”

First off, Dr Gero only builds the Androids because Goku destroyed the Red Ribbon Army, which Dr Gero was very much a part of (he’s retroactively placed in the role as their chief scientist, but whatever). As a kid, Goku had no qualms about killing each and every enemy that stood in his way, including the Red Ribbon Army’s top leaders. He’s seen firsthand the terror that the Red Ribbon Army caused, so his notion that Dr Gero “hasn’t done anything wrong yet” is outlandish.

Secondly, and as I just pointed out, Goku didn’t used to have a problem killing anything that stood between him and his goal. He’d kill monsters, fry animals that tried to eat him first, and even kicked a grenade back into Mercenary Tao’s face (that’s murder and you know it Goku). Goku spared Vegeta’s life, but that was because he wanted to fight him again. He then spared Frieza’s life because he was making a point and…wanted to fight Frieza again. Deciding to spare Dr Gero is rationalized so flimsily that I’m surprised his friends didn’t mutiny right then and there since they’re always the ones near death. Oh that reminds me…


2. Where Did the Senzu Beans Go?


Yajirobe Senzu Beans

See that little jar full of beans there? Am I the only one who rememers that? Tell me I'm not crazy!

The biggest and most necessary deux ex machina of the series is unquestionably the mighty senzu bean. Shaped and sized like a lima bean, a single senzu bean has the ability to heal you back to 100% power even when near fatal, including mending broken bones and injuries as severe as holes in your stomach and necks being shattered. They truly are wonderful things, and you’d think the Z Fighters would have a near-endless supply just floating around somewhere.

Well, you would, except they only get just enough for the plot to be full of “tension.” Each time Korin appeared in the series, he’d give out a few more senzu beans but never quite enough to completely heal everyone when the time arrived. He’d mention that he only had a few left and that growing new beans took time, but it was never really clear how low it took to grow more beans. Everything was just sort of left to the imagination there, and we sort of had to deal with it.

That is, until we remembered seeing a jar stuffed with senzu beans in the middle of Dragon Ball. When Yajirobe first makes it to the top of Korin’s Tower, he gorges himself on senzu beans, not realizing that a single one can keep you full for days. Since then he hasn’t shown a real affinity toward them other than just being Korin’s assistant. The real question here is: What happened to the hundreds of beans in the jar? The characters couldn’t have eaten more than maybe 30 throughout both series, so do we just assume that Yajirobe ate all the other ones? Or is Korin growing special beans to account for the new power levels? It doesn’t make any sense with the story, but then again…


1. The Creators Couldn’t Decide What Tone They Wanted For DBZ:


Akira Toriyama

Ah dang it, he looks so happy. Why must you make me feel like a jerk?!

Akira Toriyama is a fantastic character designer. Chrono Trigger is a Game You Should Have Played, as are all of the Dragon Quest games. Dr Slump is hilarious and lighthearted, and Dragon Ball Z remains one of my favorite series ever, purely for the nostalgia factor. But it’s apparent after getting about half way through DBZ that neither he nor anyone else helping with the story knew what sort of tone the series was supposed to have.

For those unaware, “tone” is the overall feeling the story conveys. Dragon Ball was predominantly a comedy and had a very satiric, upbeat tone. Bad guys were typically silly, jokes were intermixed into everything including fights, and plots could be resolved with the most ridiculous things, such as Oolong stepping in and wishing for a pair of panties instead of Pilaf getting control of the world, or the special containment jar meant to hold King Piccolo being a rice cooker. Even the fights themselves seemed more ready to be satire of the usual kung fu dramas that were so ingrained into Japanese culture, what with combatants inventing new moves left and right.

But when transitioning to Z, the tone got changed drastically to that of a serious action show, and for the most part, everything through the end of the Frieza Saga does a good job of balancing the action with the comedy. But then everything just keeps breaking down harder and harder when we’re expected to care about characters dying and getting wished back, villains blowing up cities and planets, and actual serious character development getting so high and mighty that you aren’t sure what you were supposed to be feeling.

Goku and his gang are cartoon characters, completely and utterly, but then half way through their story we’re expected to care about them on a whole new level and have to see them act serious. This would be like seeing Elmer Fudd blow up the forest and then Buggs Bunny has a serious monologue to Daffy about how everything’s changed. No, not gonna fly. So many holes cropped up in the plot thanks entirely to DBZ’s creators shrugging and saying, “I don’t know, this was a comedy, right?” So many things could have been resolved with simple lampshading, but alas, DBZ is stuck as a relic of the past.


There, I think I’m finally done with the problems in DBZ. I seriously can’t think of a single plothole left. But, I bet you can, can’t you? Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about a plothole I missed. Or go ahead and tell me why I’m wrong with these current ten. I mean, it’s not like I’ll actually take it seriously or anything. After all, I was raised on DBZ.


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  1. How about when Goku and Gohan were training in the hyperbolic time chamber and Gohan had to imagine Frieza because he had never seen Cell, but then later on, still in the Hyperbolic time chamber, he has a nightmare WITH CELL IN IT , has nobody else noticed this??? Major plot hole

  2. One of the things I didn’t understand was during the Buu Saga when Gotenks fought Super Buu in the Hyperbolic Timechamber. Because it was clearly stated that a minute on Earth equaled 6 hours in the timechamber. And if a fusion last 30 minutes, that should be just 5 seconds on Earth. So how come not only were Bulm Krillin and the others in susoense over the outcone of the fight, but Bulma even managed to cook for Trunks and Goten. In a FEW SECONDS.

  3. I know I’m late to this party, and this one’s not exactly a plot hole, but did you ever notice that the Androids (17 and 18) really aren’t such bad folks after all? But like Vegeta, they get a lot of hate for not doing very much. And I get it, Trunks can’t know that they’re going to end up being totally different from their future counterparts who COMPLETELY annihilated his whole world, but when you stop to think about it, what have they really done?

    First thing they do (again, like Vegeta) is kill one of the bad guys, Dr. Gero. Then they leave to kill Goku, which is bad, but they’re doing it only because they’re bored (17 repeatedly talks about it being a “game”), and because their mostly-pacifist friend was programmed to. Then they beat up Vegeta and the Z Fighters who chased -them- down and picked a fight. I think the only people they actually kill are two of those bikers, who also chased them down and picked a fight.

    This isn’t quite as extreme as Vegeta’s penchant for earning hatred, however, since it doesn’t last as long and 17 and 18 don’t repeatedly doom the Z Fighters by being arrogant and selfish. (Don’t get me wrong, though, Vegeta’s still awesome.) I just felt like pointing this out, since nobody ever really talks about them.

  4. About point 4/paragraph 3 on Trunks and Time Travel, I’ve always wondered why Trunks didn’t know the location of Dr. Gero’s Lab? I mean, Bulma knew all along from reading about it in some science file, surely Bulma in the future would’ve remembered and told him before he traveled back in time, so he could’ve went and destroyed it?

    Oh and as for who defeated Frieza and King Cold on Earth in the future timeline, it was Goku. Bulma was there and it’s a pretty significant event, so it’s not exactly farfetched that she remembered the exact date and rough time it all happened, so told Trunks. There was also that satellite tracking device he had on his watch.

    Trunks was keen to avoid altering the course of history too much. If he’d went too far back in time the divergence between the main and future timelines would’ve been more unpredictable. Trunks wanted to give Goku the cure for the heart virus (which he would contract within six months of returning to Earth) so he would survive long enough in order to defeat the Androids and also give them all time to prepare. The time he arrived was pretty spot on I think. Of course logically he should’ve known the location of Dr Gero’s lab to destroy and save everyone the trouble, since Bulma did. That’s a plot hole….

  5. While the majority of your criticisms are series-specific, I must point out that #10 is English-version only. They actually rewrote the entire scene to make Vegeta seem like less of a bad guy in the English version, blaming Freeza for turning them all into killing machines against their will. That absolutely is not what happened in the Japanese version (and I believe they’ve fixed it since in redubs and such though I don’t really follow the English version). Vegeta is originally telling Goku that Freeza is responsible for killing their entire race because he feared them, and telling him that even though he knows he grew up on earth and isn’t really attached to their culture, he is their only hope of avenging the race and defeating Freeza once and for all. The reason he was crying before that was because he knew for the first time in his life that his power was absolutely eclipsed even when he was at the very best he thought he could be, with Freeza still wiping the floor with him not even breaking a sweat. They were tears of fear and hopelessness, not ‘boo hoo Freeza killed my daddy and made me a bad guy’ tears. That was all the fault of the English dub, which changed a great and many things about the original story – I highly recommend you check out the Japanese version, or if nothing else, the English dub of Dragonball Kai, which is faithful to the original, unlike the dub of Z.

  6. Don’t forget that during the cell/majin saga.. It was NEVER night time.. Ever

  7. Actually, the senzu thing isn’t a plothole at all, at least in the anime. The Dragonball anime is pretty clear that the senzus disappeared between Dragonball and Z because Yajirobe has been eating them– he does state that he hates them, but it appears that he also frequently eats them (and steals them) to allay his hunger until he can go find something tastier. Karin at one point even catches him hiding a pilfered bag in his yukata/robe.

  8. Ok sorry for my english again.
    On the page of the other top 10 list I read comments about the standard super-saiyajin transformation losing its importance later on in the series and also how easily goten and trunks was able to turn into it when vegeta said a lot of times that only pure blooded are capable of it and for them it took a lot of training and years to get it

    I dont know about every dub version of dbz, but as I remember: Vegeta was talking about the super saiyajin as a PERSON not a transformation or technique that others are able to do. He was so stuck with the idea that he is the super-saiyajin who is born every thousand years because he is the prince of this race and he is an upper class warrior while Kakarot and the others are useless who cannot do s***t. Krilin and the others are suprised when they see that Vegeta goes supersaiyajin because they tought only who is pure-hearted can go to that level ( Vegeta makes a joke about it before he smashes android 19 sayin My heart is calm and pure… pure evil ). Now i dont remember vegeta at all sayin that only pure blooded saiyans are able to become super saiyans (at least in the version of dbz i was watching), even if he said that either he said it before goku went to supersaiyajin, or he was simply wrong (or both) Because what he was saying is that there is someone who is pure-blooded ( the upper-class warriors of his race) and he was talking about a person who is like a sacred deity, a cultic person, the “millenary warrior”. So just only one person, no one else is able to turn into it, but later every saiyan is able (as we know akira wanted to end dbz with the saga of freezer with goku being this warrior but he continued it)

    Also they say a few times in the beggining that half human half saiyan warriors are more gifted than pure-blooded saiyans, when Gohan demonstrates his hidden power against Raditz but later it seems like it just Gohans attribute. And also we can see that in dbz they just learn techniques sometimes by seeing them performed once… They are doing more advanced and harder trainings than Goku did before in the first series, also their opponents and companions are just simply stronger so they are just pushed more forward.
    About the other plot holes:

    10. There is no problem with that. First Vegeta is a cold, selfish killer. Obviously he was crying because he was beaten easily by his most hated enemy and was goind to die because of him. He was simply worrying about himself. I dont think he had too much love for his race (if I’m right he received the news of his planets destruction apathetically), rather for his father, and it was all about his saiyan pride (and his own pride). So that later when he realizes that both goku and freezer dies, he just not afraid anymore and starts to act like a bad guy again

    9. Again, its Vegetas pride. He thinks hes better than anyone, and he doesnt want anyone to help him (pride, pride, pride…)

    8. Actually Gohan loved to fight, but first, he had to learn in school. He loved to learn to some extent, but also he was forced to do this by his mother. Also it seemed like there will be peace forever, and Gohan an Vegeta is so strong there is no need for much training (ok, everybody tought so except for Vegeta…)

    7. No one likes to be beaten up and agonizing. Still the training they do is almost like that actually but we can say that they just simply trust themselves enough not to choose this option…

    5. Im not sure about this, and as I said I dont know every dub of dbz so maybe there are differences in the dialogues but maybe supreme kai said that he was chasing the spaceship when Babidi was searching for Buu. He didnt know if Babidi already found it or not, just later relized that Buu is on earth. And I think they just didnt really cared about those fights even if Goku was there for years, because they are just so highly ranked and… you know

    4. The time travel thing is really interesting thing mostly the timelines. But maybe an explanation for both 4 and 3 could be that they just werent ready to fight they wanted to prepare better for this. Because they didnt know how strong the androids already are and still a lot of time left. Its true tough that Trunks could have go back even more and so easily destroy D Gero and the others… But we would not have this great saga then…
    In future Trunks timeline it was Goku who defeated Freezer and his Father when he came back in the spaceship. Freezer wanted to face Goku again so he would not have destroyed the planet until Goku arrives.

    Goku is more enlightened and peaceful as an adult than as a child. So thats why he want to spare almost everyones life and just kills those that are really necessary to be killed…

    2. I think you can explain this how you want. The reason is obviously that they wanted as you wrote the plot to be full of tension. But my favorite explanation is that Yayirobe ate all the other ones and so they had to wait while new ones grow 🙂

    1. Yes db and dbz are sometimes funny sometimes serious this makes it more than just a stupid cartoon. But I watched first db then dbz, and in fact, the transition started in db when it got more fight oriented. Because AT said he wanted it to be just a short story first with goku and his friends trying to find the dragon balls. Later as it was a success he continued it and came up with the first tournament and from there fighting plays the central role in the story then Goku defeated the Red Ribbon Army and I think with this saga it got more serious. Ok dbz is much more serious I know. But thats where the first killings occurred the first really strong and evil opponents appeared. Thats just the way how db developed. Again as i said I didnt not watch the american version of dbz and with different dubs and music it was more serious than db but the tone wasnt too dark even in the later episodes. Just more fights and less funny moments in it than in the case of db.

  9. I love these lists, but honestly, most of these ,except the senzu thing, were more bad writing than plotholes. That said, I can’t WAIT to here from Mr. Buu.

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