Movie Toys and Dolls for 2009


coraline-dollsNew toys and action figures will not be in short supply as a dozen hot movies for 2009 hit the big screen with many creative figurines and poseable figures.

UPdate: Here’s our review of  Pixar’s UP movie toys.

Coraline Leads the Pack of Dark Themed Toys

Now that the movie has been released, Coraline toys are available in stores as well as online.  Fans can find lots of collectibles including NECA’s pose-able dolls from 3” up, fashion dolls, magnet sets, lunch boxes, throw pillows and messenger bags.

Also, Dark Knight toys are continuing to creep out into the market as well — the most recent addition are Dark Knight head knockers.  The popularity of other dark-style cartoons such as The Nightmare Before Christmas and Goth-inspired toys in certain markets is sure to up the ante for all these new toys.

And don’t forget about Harry Potter. The release of the next Harry Potter feature eight months later than originally planned is bound to allow more time for merchandising and the popularity of the books brings with it a love of all things Potter.

twilight-dolls-edward-bella-twilight-seriesContinuing the dark-themed movie pattern:  collectible (and rare) Twilight dolls are available for all the fans of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, with a potential for more varieties once the sequel New Moon is released in the fall.

More Hot Movie Toys for 2009

  • Monsters vs. Aliens is sure to bring with it some great toys and the release of UP is bound to bring new love to balloons at the very least.
  • The planned release of the “classic” Toy Story in 3-D later this year will bring with it a fresh release of Buzz and Woody toys as well as a market for those collector’s items from the first release in the 90s.
  • A potential release of Where the Wild Things Are in the fall has parents and children alike excited about the movie and all the Wild Thing toys that will soon be on the market.
  • Disney’s The Princess & the Frog, which offer its first animated African-American heroine in December,  has already announced its new toy line.

Some other 2009 releases of movie toys are cult-pleasers meant for teens, young adults, and kids alike, including Terminator, Star Trek, X-Men, Transformers, G.I. Joe and a big screen version Land of the Lost.

These movies will find fans in the younger generation, but my guess is all those toys will really be created with the collectors in mind.  I predict older fans with more disposable income will be pre-ordering Sleestacks and G.I. Joe dolls before the movies premiere.


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  1. wow. this is great! movie characters come to life with this dolls and figurines. i do hope to grab one soon. can you suggest what website should i visit if i want to purchase some of this dolls in an affordable price? thanks.

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