Ten More Big Plot Holes From Dragonball Z


Prepare for MORE nerd rage!

Not too long ago I wrote an article about the Ten Biggest Plot Holes in Dragonball Z. I tried to sleep the night afterward but I couldn’t. My mind kept racing to inform me of plot holes I missed. So after a week of restless nights I composed myself and plunked out another ten plot holes worth noting. I already covered the top ten, so here are Ten More Big Plot Holes in DBZ. And while you’re at it, you might as well be caught up with the series, so check out my favorite season, Season 6.

Some Animals Talk, Just Not All of Them:

Facist pigs. They're all the same.

There are talking animals in the world of Dragonball Z. There just are. I can’t explain that, nor do I feel like defending it. It’s just silly, so it works. You’ve got a shape-shifting pig, a dog that’s president of the world, and all manner of creatures that speak and walk around like it’s totally normal. But then there are other animals that, for some reason, don’t speak or act like humans at all. Some cats talk, other don’t. Some pterodactyls are mindless, others are martial arts champions. What’s the distinction? Meh, whenever the plot feels better one way or another. There’s just no getting around this one without saying, “Yeah, the show is goofy. Deal with it.”

I Don’t Need Air, Do I?:

"I don't need to breath while on this asteroid, right?"

Somehow the heroes of the show have found themselves fighting a number of enemies that can breath in space. That’s right, they can BREATH in SPACE. You know, that place with no air and absolutely nothing at all? They can breath there. Okay, they’re special creatures, but then we come to Goku and Vegeta and suddenly we blur the line of who can and can’t breath what. Within a few episodes of introducing Vegeta, he is seen blowing up a planet just because he feels like it. How does he blow the planet up? He opens his space pod and stands above the planet as he fires a beam. Don’t give me any explanation that “He was still within the planet’s atmosphere” or something because when that planet exploded, an action that was instant, it was obliterated. No way Vegeta’d survive that one. So can Vegeta just breath in space? No, he needs air, as we learn since Frieza nearly drowns him and strangles him, and later Kid Buu does the same. He needs air to live. Oops. The same goes with Goku on his trip to Namek. He gets his foot glued to the outside of his spaceship during flight, yet somehow gets back inside his ship after leaving the boot glued in place. That’s impossible due to the vacuum of space. He’d be dead, I don’t care what you say. “He held his breath” can only go so far.

Garlic Jr. and His Place In The Series:

"Huh? Oh, didn't expect to see you there. Yeah, I just came for the punch."

In between the Frieza Saga and the Trunks Saga, the anime decided to add a little filler saga called the Garlic Junior Saga in which the character of Garlic Junior returns from somewhere called the Dead Zone, takes over Kami’s Lookout, and vows revenge against Goku for pushing him into the Dead Zone in the first place. Some of you might not know but the first DBZ movie is called The Dead Zone and stars Garlic Junior as the villain who kidnaps Gohan and forces Goku and Piccolo to fight. This movie is one of the few cannon movies of the series. It has to be, otherwise Garlic Junior couldn’t show back up and allow it to make sense. But in The Dead Zone, Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin all see Gohan go ballistic and mess up Garlic Junior with some crazy power he’s just got hidden. Problem with this is that the beginning of the series proper has Goku introducing Gohan to Krillin and the others, to which they’re surprised to learn that Goku is a dad. Krillin already knew who Gohan was in The Dead Zone, and Goku and Piccolo already knew that Gohan was capable of ridiculous power when pushed even before Raditz took him and pushed him too far, so how does this all fit? It’s another one of those, “Yeah, we know we said one thing already, but could you just please forget that we did and believe the new story now? Thanks.” That doesn’t mean I’m happy with it, though.

Goku’s Ship Destroyed But Still Useable:

"Behold my Plot Hole Beam!"

Here’s an interesting one to deal with, and the problem comes from the original Japanese anime creating filler, not the US dubbing the show improperly. In the timeline, Goku comes to Earth as a baby in a Saiyan space pod, Raditz comes to Earth in a Saiyan space pod, Gohan destroys Raditz’s pod, Piccolo destroys Goku’s pod, Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth in their pods, Vegeta escapes in his, and Nappa’s is accidentally self-destructed. That’s the whole reason Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan had to use Kami’s old Namekian space ship to travel to Namek: Because the Saiyan space pods were all gone or destroyed. Yet when Goku goes to Namek he does so in a ship that Dr. Briefs makes from Goku’s Saiyan space pod. You know, the one that Piccolo obliterated with a Special Beam Cannon because it was projecting a hologram of the moon and causing Gohan to transform into a giant ape. There is no way to explain this one away other than “Big ol’ oops” since the plotline of Goku’s space pod creating a hologram was added as filler by the anime to allow the manga time to catch up, something that was common practice. Somehow they just never found a better way to resolve that little snafu, so they just said, “Ah heck with it, we already told them Garlic Junior somehow fits in the story, so why not this?” And then they blew Goku up on Namek and retconned that a few episodes later because they needed to lie to us just a little more. What next? Giant holes in the body aren’t fatal anymore?

Holes In The Body Ain’t Nothing Till They Are:

That's gonna be tender in the morning...maybe.

Oops. One of the most dramatic scenes from early in the series is when Piccolo launches the Special Beam Cannon and drills through Goku and Raditz, leaving both with a gaping hole in their chest and a definite “You’re dead sucka” on their foreheads (this is also the last time the special Beam Cannon is effective, save for blowing up Goku’s Saiyan space pod, thus actually making the attack so powerful it can rip through whole plots in a few seconds). Later on Namek people start getting treated as pincushions just because they can be. Krillin gets a horn through the stomach and lives. Vegeta gets Krillin to blow clean through his torso with an energy blast, but is healed by Dende a little bit later. Yamhca proves he’s useless by getting a hand through the stomach as well, but also doesn’t die because someone gives him a Senzu Bean. Sure the villains start getting holes in them, but they just regenerate, so there’s no problem there. However, along comes Future Trunks to take a blast to the chest from Cell, instantly killing him. Say wha? Trunks, this super powerful guy from the future, can be killed by a blast through the stomach? Was it because they didn’t get him medical help soon enough? Or just because it was more dramatic that way? I’m going with option B, because the show never seems to deal with how fatal having your spinal cord ELIMINATED actually is unless it makes for a good plot point.

Trunks and His Wacky Time Adventures:

"I wish I were Marty McFly. He would have known what to do."

Oh hey, speaking of Trunks, where is he from anyway? Well, there’s the Trunks of the present time that’s Bulma and Vegeta’s son, and then there’s the Trunks from the future timeline where the androids have killed everyone and everything with a big killing machine called “Their Fists.” So Trunks comes to our timeline (technically in a separate timeline since whatever he does in the present doesn’t effect his future), and saves Goku from dying from a heart virus. He also decides to stay a while and train with Vegeta to become way more powerful than he ever was so that when he returns to his own timeline he’ll be strong enough to destroy the androids that live there, which he does. As confusing as it is thinking about Cell and his role in the time travel, we have to try. Trunks comes here and helps us, but Cell comes to our timeline as well but from a future where he’s killed Trunks, which means Cell must be from a third timeline somewhere or something. I don’t know; it makes my head hurt a bit too much. But all of this is confounded by the knowledge that seven years after the whole debacle with Cell, Majin Buu shows up to muck with the world. So where was he in Trunk’s timeline? He should have popped up sometime around Trunks’ eighth birthday, but in The History of Trunks we know that Trunks is happily failing to be relevant yet until he’s roughly thirteen or something. Majin Buu would have annihilated Trunks’ world, even worse than the androids, with no hope of anyone stopping him as Trunks wasn’t stronger than Goku or Vegeta and both of them lost to Majin Buu a handful of times. Assuming the timeline really did get shifted due to the time travel (as Trunks speculates), the world would still be doomed as soon as Majin Buu showed up. Bleak world to think about. Just don’t get me started on how Trunks actually got that sword.

Anatomy Is Not Their Strong Point:

"Uh...you realize babies shouldn't have those, right?"

When Goku was a boy he had a tail. This was because Saiyans as a race had tails from birth that allowed them to transform into giant apes at the sight of a full moon. In Dragonball, Goku does just that, so his tail keeps getting removed in order to prevent the problem from reoccurring (since when he turned into a giant ape he went nuts and destroyed everything). Dragonball Z comes along and so does Gohan, tail and everything. He’s able to transform after seeing the moon or even a hologram of the moon, so Piccolo removes Gohan’s tail twice with Vegeta removing it a third time during their big fight at the end of the Saiyan Saga. After that, Gohan never grows his tail back. And that never seems strange to anyone, even after he grew it back a total of three times in a single year. Vegeta loses his tail as well but it doesn’t grow back. In fact, they seem to completely forgo the whole “Saiyans Have Tails” thing after the Saiyan Saga since neither Goten nor Trunks have tails at birth. No one questions this since, you know, it’d be pretty startling to discover that the Saiyans as a species are losing one of their more valuable features. Goku’s tail was permanently removed because of a deal he made with Kami, but the others? “Just c’mon, stop asking questions when we’ve got stories to tell, alright?” Fine fine.

Geography Is Not Their Strong Point Either:

So this is the world...no wonder they're confused about distance.

Question for DBZ fanboys: How long is Snake Way? Don’t remember? It’s 10,000 miles. That sure does sound like an impressive number, no? Okay then, geography fanboys: What is the circumference of the Earth, in miles? Give up? That number is roughly 24,901 miles and some change. Suddenly Snake Way doesn’t seem as bad, but it’s still ridiculously long, right? RIGHT? Well yeah, but it makes no sense the amount of importance they give to said way of snake. The bigger problem at stake here is that Goku has traversed the world multiple times without much difficulty, even swimming half way around the world in a day when he was 17. Suddenly, this journey doesn’t sound so bad. This is another one of those problems that came up in the anime but was correct in the manga, where Snake Way is 1 million kilometers (621,371 miles), a slightly more intimidating pathway. Still, the US dub never corrects this, even after all the “definitive remastered editions” keep supposedly “fixing” said problems. I call shenanigans on you Funimation! Anyway, this 10,000 mile mark causes the next statement to make no sense: Only Goku and King Yemma have ever made it to the end. Ah…huh. Either there’s a lot more to Snake Way than they show, or everyone else really sucks when they die. Assuming there is nothing better to do when you die, why haven’t more people made the trip? They’ve got nowhere else to go. It’s like Goku’s the only important character in the history of ever. Oh wait, maybe because…

Goku Is The Only Important Character of The Series:

One of these people is important. Can you guess which one?

Goku is master of all the best attacks and techniques on the show. He knows the Kamehameha, the Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, the Kaio-Ken, the Solar Flare, and Super Saiyan 1-3. The Solar Flare was a technique he picked up from Tien, while the Kamehameha came from Master Roshi. The Super Saiyan thing was simple genetics. But even though Instant Transmission was arguably one of the most useful techniques in the show, he never bothered to teach anyone how to do it, even when he had three years to do it before the androids showed up. And the Kaio-Ken, a technique that he learned from King Kai along with the Spirit Bomb, did anyone get to learn those? It was a move that only King Kai was supposed to be able to teach, so that’d mean a character would need to train with King Kai for a long time such as when…Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu lived with King Kai and learned nothing. Ouch. It makes no sense, either, as they’re clearly strong enough to learn these abilities since they’re stronger than Vegeta was against the Ginyu Force. Say what?

Now can you figure out who's more important?

Okay, so Goku dies with a power level of roughly 400 when he travels Snake Way, trains with King Kai, and returns to Earth with the new skills and a power level over 9,000. The three in question die with power levels over 1,000 and reach King Kai, staying for a lot longer than Goku was able to as Goku had two months and these guys had four months and eight months (Tien and Chiaotzu had the latter). Goku fights the Ginyu Force on Namek with a power level at 180,000, though Vegeta couldn’t beat them with whatever power level he had. The Ginyu Force go to King Kai’s planet after they die since King Kai invited them and they all lose to Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu, meaning those guys have a power level well above Goku’s when he learned the Spirit Bomb and the Kaio Ken. So does King Kai teach them? Nope. Would they have wanted to learn? Tien was seriously into surpassing Goku someday, so you bet your sweet hinnie he’d want to know that. So why no love to the also rans? And beyond that, Krillin has the single deadliest move in the series with the Destructo Disk, a disk of energy that can slice through ANYTHING. It’s a one-hit-KO every time as long as it hits the person in the right place. Give this to someone with some real power and suddenly it’s hyper-deadly. But no, Krillin wasn’t important enough to bother with teaching this vital move. It’s not like these guys are martial arts masters or anything. Oh wait…

Epic Fights? Never Seen Those Before:

"This is SO going to be all over YouTube tomorrow!"

I don’t know how I missed this blaring plot hole in my last article since it rips the believability of the Dragonball world to shreds. In Dragonball, when Goku is a kid, he fights against Master Roshi, Tien, and Piccolo in three separate Tenkaichi Budokais (Strongest Under the Heavens Martial Arts Tournaments), each in increasingly epic battles that involve flight, explosions, hyper speed, and all manner of crazy things. But by Dragonball Z the whole world has forgotten that these guys exist and so they don’t bother to remember that it isn’t all that ridiculous to see people capable of these things when they show up again. The worst thing that happens is some guy named Hercule (originally Mr. Satan in the Japanese and uncut versions) convinces the world that everything that happens in the Cell Saga is all just an elaborate set of tricks since people aren’t capable of flight, super speed, or energy blasts. Even though the whole world has seen this happen on multiple occasions. Somehow they just believe, “Oh, yeah, that’s all just some explosives and jet packs and such.” To make matters worse, the military decides that every time a new threat shows up they should send in entire fleets to dispatch said threat. When Nappa and Vegeta show up, Nappa single-handedly wipes out all of Earth’s army, half the time just flying through the fighter jets and aircraft carriers. So when Cell shows up and manages to do the same thing, why does Earth’s military decide, “Hey yeah, I think we should go into certain death. That sounds like a good plan.” Naturally, Cell blows them all to HFIL and goes back to waiting for the important characters of the show (Goku) to come challenge him properly. Even if Hercule can convince everyone that Cell is just really good with tricks, that STILL makes him an unbelievable threat. Which would you be more afraid of? A guy that can fly around and shoot energy beams from his hands, or a guy with enough explosives to level entire cities and wipe out whole military factions? One of those is ridiculous, but the other? That’s Real World terrifying. We have people fighting a war right now because we THOUGHT that some guy had the means to pull off Cell-style tricks with explosives. After the first Tenkaichi Budokai when Goku and Master Roshi are exchanging Kamehamehas, everyone on the face of the planet would have rushed out to learn how to do this, especially the military. I guess it makes sense though. I mean, it’s not like everyone in the world is as important as Goku, right? Right.

So there you have it, another ten reasons why I have too much time on my hands. Am I still leaving some vital plot hole out? Or am I just looking for problems where there really isn’t any? Have you got an explanation for my gripes or a continuation of a gripe here? Comment time! Leave some comments and I’ll return the love. Even if you aren’t Goku.

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  1. Saiyan genes also vary, that’s why Nappa went bald. That’s why tails are gene sensitive the specific user.

    Snake Way was 1 million kilometers, otherwise known as 621,371 miles. So there’s your flawed logic.

    Certain animals in DB/Z can talk because they actually have the necessary vocal cords and whatnot. That’s extremely simple, certain animals having the ability to talk is completely normal.

    The meteor Vegeta was on actually had an atmosphere, couldn’t you tell? It’s very obvious, if it didn’t the ship would have said so.

    Goku isn’t the only important character, Yamcha and Tien both picked up a few techniques of their own. They were also trained mentally and physically far beyond anything before.
    Their training put them to be above the Ginyu Force.

    Again you’ve forgotten what a plot hole is. Not to mention Krillin’s destructo disk did nothing to Gohan. And they even made a filler with Cell to show how it doesn’t effect him whatsoever.

    And this one is rather obvious. Krillin’s attack from Frieza was in his side. Piccolo’s attack damaged Raditz and Goku’s vital organs. Cell shot a beam that was almost an instant kill since it his chest, he was alive for a little while coughing up blood, but he died moments later.

    Dragon Ball/Z uses the Multiverse theory in physics, that’s all that needs to be said. Everything you need to know about time travel with Trunks is explained in that theory.

    Garlic Jr.’s existence can be considered a plot hole, or it could be there was an altercation of the movie that actually took place in the canon stages of DBZ. Since the majority of movies are what ifs that take place in different time lines.

    Goku’s ship, it’s likely it wasn’t fully destroyed in the wreckage. You highly underestimate Dr.Briefs.

    Your last plot hole is incredibly ignorant.
    The fight with Piccolo and Goku wasn’t televised, obviously.
    The island was evacuated. And yes the people of Earth remember a lot of things from DB, don’t you recall Piccolo entering under an alternative name? Why? Gee I don’t know, the events of King Piccolo ring a bell? Why did the army go after Cell?
    They don’t fully understand the situation, as far as they’re concerned, weapons of mass destruction could do some damage.
    There’s also a difference between Cell and Nappa.
    Nappa was considered an alien by the people of Earth, and were soon forgotten about thinking the nameless “Earth’s special forces” took care of them. Or they left. It was a big thing for awhile. Cell however, was just a monster. Mr.Satan won the hearts of millions, it was their trust they believed Cell was a fake. Not everything in DBZ is black and white, it isn’t all fighting, you actually have to think to understand certain things.

  2. Most of these are common sense and aren’t plot holes.
    Plot holes are events that are impossible.
    Unless you take literally every word of everything said, it’s not a plot hole. Character base things on their own ignorance, why? Because they try to explain things they don’t fully understand.

    Daizenshuu 7 states powerlevels:

    Goku against Frieza: 3,000,000
    Frieza at 50%: 60,000,000
    Goku with the kaio-kenx20: 60,000,000
    Goku as SSJ, SSJ boosts by 50 times according to the Daizenshuu: 150,000,000
    Frieza at 100%: 120,000,000

    Seriously guys the worst you really have for plot holes in DBZ are filler inconsistencies, and a few artwork errors.
    Some people are really just too stupid to do some research.

  3. if majin buu was that powerful, and he had been released on the universe before, like it was said that he was, then how come frieza had never heard of him? im sure the most powerful being in the universe (frieza) would have heard of at least stories of a creature (buu) that was more powerful then the legendary super saiyan who pales in comparison to majin buu… right? also if the kai’s knew about majin buu, y does king kai seem so surprised at every new level of power that comes along as if its soo unbelievable? i mean, hasnt he heard of buu?

  4. Come on none of them where as bad as when Comander Red and Black appear randomly as directors in what I will always refer to as the angst sarga.

  5. another plot hole, what happened to some of the other characters that were introduced in DB/DBZ and then disappeared never to be heard from or mentioned of again. Some examples are Launch, Eighter, Marron(Krillin’s Ex-Girlfriend), Gohan and Videl’s 2 high school friends(they were important enough to be in the opening group shot from seasons 7-9), Crane Hermit, Icarus (gohan’s pet dragon), and pretty much anyone that was friends with Goku in Dragonball. You would think someone ask about what happened to some of these characters.

  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned in the comments before, but why did Krillin not come back to life when Kaio/Kami/Mr Popo brought everyone killed by Frieza and his men back to life? All the random Namekians came back, Dende came back, Vegeta came back.. Why not Krillin? Makes no sense.

  7. It gets mangled pretty badly in some English dubs, but the importance of keeping bodies intact is stated constantly in the Japanese dubs and the manga, specifically when dealing with Krillin’s death on Namek. The US dub states the problem with wishing him back is that he died on Namek so wishing him back would just place him in the empty void of space where Namek once was, but in the original dialogue they explain the problem as his body being exploded into pieces, hence the extra wish to find all those pieces and then wish him back. None of that seemed to matter when they really just needed bodies wished back though, for instance when Buu kills everyone by eating them or exploding the planet. Wishing everyone back didn’t even need the body explanation required since they were way past bothering with that little note. The same deal happened when Goku was blown up by Cell. His body would definitely be in pieces, but they had stopped worrying about that technicality last saga.

  8. PuppetDoctor on

    I am not sure if this was mentioned in the Dragon Ball manga (the last time I read it all was a couple of years ago) but when Krillin died someone mentioned (don’t remember who exactly but I think it was Master Roshi) that the bodies had to be kept in tact for Shenron to bring them back. That’s why the bodies were preserved in those coffin refrigerators. Now they also mentioned that you would be brought back to life in the shape you were in too I think i.e. if you lost an arm you would be brought back that way.

    Why is it then that Tien who lost an arm magically grew his arm again when he was revived back again (this can be said for Trunk’s who had a hole in his chest and others).

    Furthermore, when Shenron was summoned after the Cell games were over to revive Trunks etc. they showed Mr. Satan having a parade, and it was light out (yes this is an anime filler and being extremely picky) when Shenron had been summoned. Isn’t the whole sky around the world supposed to be dark when he is summoned.

    I have to agree 100% with you about saying that Goku was always so IMPORTANT! I am a fan of Vegeta and hated Goku in the later part of DBZ (I love him Dragon Ball and probably up until the end of the Frieza saga). He made Vegeta seem useless and it drove me nuts which is probably why I don’t like the Buu Saga much.

  9. Yeah, that’d definitely be a problem with character consistency, which is more damaging to a story than big plotholes a lot of the time. We see that again and again in various places in both the movies and the series itself, such as Vegeta becoming a coward only when it serves the plot (against Frieza as well as Broly), or Tien not really doing anything after a certain point.

  10. Maybe this doesn’t count since it came from the Dragon Ball Z movie “The World’s Strongest”. But anyway… so Oolong and Gohan are searching for the Dragon Balls so Oolong can wish for something. Gohan asks Oolong what he wants to wish for and we see the image of women’s underwear. The exact same underwear Oolong wished for in Dragon Ball to stop Emperor Pilaf from making his wish (I don’t remember what it was). So if we know that the Earth dragon can’t grant the same wish twice, wouldn’t that mean that Oolong wouldn’t be able to wish for underwear again? Maybe Oolong didn’t know. But he should’ve. Just something for everyone to think about.

  11. yea..they rock, nappa is complete jokes lol on the bug planet where he rips on the weakness of raditz… “He must have been made of something weak like paper mache, or Radtz”… lol

  12. I am definitely well aware of Team Fourstar. They nail the jokes perfectly. I think my favorite may be the energy blast struggle between Goku and Vegeta. “Kyle Ken…” “Noooo…” “Times…” “No no no no….” Priceless.

  13. o and who watches tfs abridged? If you don’t you should its an amazing parody of DBZ : http://www.teamfourstar.com/
    and im not just advertising, this stuff is actually hilarious, Mr Popo FTW!!!! speaking of Mr. Popo, (although this was filler episodes not from manga) he fights Goku during Goku’s training on the lookout and blocks everything easily, meaning he was probably stronger than King Piccolo… and this happens again with Goten and Trunks which means he was at least Ginyu Force level, maybe Freiza level (although in that 1 episode thing from a couple years ago with Vegeta’s brother, Tarble, the guy is supposed to be Freiza level and Goten and Trunks Have trouble with him, but i think he goes through some kind of tranformation as wel…). O ya Tarble lol but that doesn’t count does it?

  14. LOLZ!!! btw Buu probably couldn’t be resurrected because Babidi would need people to get energy from and everyone was pretty much dead, except like Trunks (Bulma doesn’t have enough energy by herself to get Buu back anyway). Also maybe Babidi was killed by the androids and then Buu is lost forever. I think Babidi being killed by the androids would probably be very likely.
    p.s. thanks for the great lists lol.

  15. Alex Wibert on

    This might have already been said but I think the reason why they didn’t have goku fight Frieza again is because they wanted to show how powerful trunks really was. The fact that he defeated frieza in two seconds showed that he was super powerful, even for a super saiyan

  16. Just remember that anything happening in any of the movies or the TV specials is not official, and not related to the manga. The TV specials could be upheld, at best, as the untold stories, but if they conflict with the facts of the manga, then those aspects of them *have* to be ignored for the sake of continuity and common sense. Also, the Ginyu force never went to Kaio-sama’s place, that is completely filler.

    I assume that no matter how much training they got, Yamcha, Krilin and Tenshinhan, being human, reached their limit eventually. I also don’t believe that once you discard the filler Ginyu thing, they were ever anywhere near as strong as Vejiita on Namek. Krilin seems to have slightly more potential than the others, but even so, he is a human and has a limit. Nonetheless, give credit where credit is due. Compared to most tournament participants, especially the tournament in the Majin Buu arc, these humans are still more powerful than most other martial artists by a long shot.

  17. Actually, these plot holes are not really large. There are much bigger plot holes in the series than this. Firstly, dealing with this, many of your plot holes deal with the issue of filler vs canon. The filler was inserted in order to keep the anime from going ahead of the manga, since, well it hadn’t been drawn yet and they were developed in unison. So, I think we should discard the plot holes that come up as a result of the filler since it was really rushed material and not part of the actual plot. So, that gets rid of the goku’s spaceship plot hole, since that whole hologram thing was filler.
    The body hole thing also isn’t much of a plot hole. Firstly, Raditz and goku. Well, people who have been split in half have lived for a minute or so after the incident before passing out from blood loss and dying. So that’s our bench mark. Raditz and Goku lived for only a couple mins which is to be expected. The hole from frieza to krillin isn’t suspicious because frieza’s horn only pierced his side…not an immediately life threatening wound. The trunks wound also is not suspicious, cell’s blast was right through his heart, an almost instantly fatal wound.
    Here’s a really big plot hole: the power levels frieza/vegeta etc. others give are way off. For example, Jeice remarks that vegetas power level rises to about 30,000 when he starts to fight nappa. Ok, fair enough. Vegeta gets the snot kicked out of him, senzu beaned and zenkaied to a new power plateau. Fair enough. Ok, when freeza battles nail he reveals his power level is 530,000…so how did vegeta’s power level jump from 30000 to aroung 500,000? Because he was only beaten by someone who’s power level was only around 40,000 so his zenkai shouldn’t have resulted in such a jump. Especially considering he got way more damage on earth and his power barely increased a couple thousand when kui read it first on namek. How did his power increase so much? That’s a major plot hole.
    Another power level related plot hole. Frieza says he’s using 1% of his power. Ok, cool. so he charges up to 50% of his power. Ok. Goku and Frieza were about even at Frieza’s 1% power. But goku uses a kaiouken x20 and is nearly equal to frieza in power. As we all know a x20 kaiouken would only give a 21x increase in power; Frieza recieved a 50x increase in power (50% = 50×1%) So how is it possible that Goku could even touch Frieza let alone get a solid punch in and even cause Frieza to admit he was hurt by the Kamehameha?

  18. Regarding the Capsule Corp. spaceship made for Goku’s trip to Namek, I would just rationalize it as meaning Dr. Briefs only loosely meant he used Goku’s space pod, and that he actually reversed engineered the technology from the remaining pieces of Goku and Raditz’s space pods. Obviously the ship couldn’t have just been a repaired space pod since it was much larger, so I would just assume Dr. Briefs figured out the major systems like propulsion. I’d find this explanation believable because of Dr. Briefs invention of the gravity machine. It seems clear Capsule Corp. can make some high-tech stuff, since no other space faring races seen seems to have made their own gravity rooms for training, so reverse engineering from the debris of the space pods isn’t that far fetched.

    About Trunk’s Timeline not having to face Babidi and Majin Buu, I would just say that Trunk’s and Cell’s intrusion into the main timeline from their own alternative timelines created distortions that affected the entire universe. Not big changes, but just small changes everywhere. So perhaps a different decision Babidi makes allows him to come to Earth sooner in the main timeline. In the show it’s said they checked out Earth a few hundred years earlier already and they seem to think that’s a relatively short amount of time. So a decade or two difference is not a big deal, whatever delayed them for all those years from hatching Buu may have delayed them for longer in Trunk’s timeline.

    As for tails growing back, that could be explained by lack of blutz rays, and puberty. Tails can grow back as long as there are blutz rays and the Saiyan isn’t an adult. That would fit for Gohan, his tail grew back because of the hologram, and then again with Vegeta’s powerball. Without the moon, he then couldn’t regrow his tail. Vegeta was already an adult, so his tail wouldn’t grow back, or else I would assume he would use a powerball to regrow his tail if it was possible (of course GT would screw up my puberty restriction). For Trunks and Goten, it was just genetic chance that they didn’t receive the genes for a tail. I can’t see either having to cut their tails off if their was no danger of a full moon.

    I agree that it’s ridiculous that so many of Goku’s moves aren’t taught to others. Gohan especially should’ve learnt them, if not during the three years of training for the androids, then inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. I can’t see how Gohan learns the kamehameha but not anything else.

    The rest of the world’s acceptance that all these powers are tricks can be explained simply by denial. It’s easier to believe they are tricks than to accept the truth and live in fear with the thought that people and aliens possess the power to wipe them out in a single shot. Ignorance is bliss, and everyone just believes what they want to believe.

  19. And here comes my rebuttal:

    I mention the movies very sparingly, to my knowledge only twice. I am aware that Cooler is not technically canon within the series, but Garlic Junior is due to the addition of him and his backstory from The Dead Zone being inserted into the actual series. Both Bardock and The History of Trunks are part of the series rather than movies since they are referenced directly in the series.

    With Trunks, yes, there is a lot of room to futz about with the timeline. He mentioned himself that the main series’ timeline was slightly skewed compared to his own, but there were no major differences. Goku still caught a heart virus, the Androids appeared in the form that Trunks remembered eventually, and Cell shows up when his stasis period ends. You’re right that Babidi would probably not have had the chance to find one big fighter to gather pure energy from except for Trunks, but if he showed up, an event that would happen eventually, I don’t see why he wouldn’t at least try to suck up every little bit he could find. Trunks wouldn’t have been able to defeat Dabura, actually no one would, assuming Dabura was as strong as he was in the main timeline. I do realize this plothole comes as a result of Akira Toriyama being forced to extend the series yet again, but it’s still a plothole as far as I’m concerned.

    Okay, the whole business with the Ginyu Force on King Kai’s planet is getting fuzzy now and I realize it’s entirely because it was one of those side plots meant for filler, i.e. no real thought was put into how it relates to anything else. The simple fact of the matter is that Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu straight up beat the Ginyu Force after only a simple warm-up round. Didn’t just win, beat them up and fired them from the planet. This means that they would need to be stronger than Vegeta was while fighting before he ate that Senzu Bean, and while I can’t judge that power directly, I know that it’s greater than 26,000 and less than 180,000. Apparently, King Kai could train Goku to use his ultimate moves because Goku was strong enough when he arrived at King Kai’s planet, a requirement to just reach the needed qualifications.

    Saying that their time on King Kai’s planet was “goof time” is entirely inaccurate. Tien is the character that proves the rule that Goku is more important than anyone. Tien spends the entire series training himself for…who knows? His goal during the Android Saga is to be useful in some way and he does actually succeed in that by stalling Cell for a time, but then he continues training for…who knows? The point is, he is actively trying to get stronger, presumably to be a match for Goku at some point in time (this is his original motivation in the series altogether). Tien even tells Yamcha to be wished back first since he’d rather train some more with King Kai. King Kai is THE martial arts master of the North Quadrant, so just getting the chance to train with him isn’t something that gets handed out like candy at Christmas. It means something.

    Furthermore, it would be unreasonable for the other characters, especially Tien, to believe Goku and the Saiyans’ powers to be unattainable before they had seen a Super Saiyan. Part of the reason Goku was able to fight both the Ginyu Force and Frieza for so long was due to the use of the Kaioken. His 180,000 reading was actually from a Kaioken by the way, something that gets brushed under the rug in the US dubs. It’s the whole reason Ginyu couldn’t tap into Goku’s full strength. Tien would have realized the importance of the Kaioken and really wanted to learn it, assuming his character motivation was consistent. If it isn’t, then my beef isn’t with the plothole of no one being treated like Goku, it’s the plothole of no one sticking with their character motivations.

    Lastly, Krillin’s Destructo Disc does have it’s limits, yes, but only in relation to the power of the enemies. It could slice Nappa’s face, it DID slice Frieza’s tail off, and the only reason it couldn’t harm Cell was because Cell was way above Krillin’s league. Hand that attack to Goku and you’d see a lot faster K.O.s in the series. Just think of all the times the Kamehameha failed to explode someone even when used at full power. Now imagine that was a Destructo Disc. End of story, characters would have wanted to use that.

    Oh, and Saiyan tails: Goku’s tail is cut in Dragonball yet grows back, then removed by Kami. Gohan’s tail is plucked twice and cut once. Vegeta’s tail is cut once. The concept of cutting the tail to permanently remove it works if you disregard Dragonball, but I don’t see that as being an option.

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