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Not too long ago I wrote an article about the Ten Biggest Plot Holes in Dragonball Z. I tried to sleep the night afterward but I couldn’t. My mind kept racing to inform me of plot holes I missed. So after a week of restless nights I composed myself and plunked out another ten plot holes worth noting. I already covered the top ten, so here are Ten More Big Plot Holes in DBZ. And while you’re at it, you might as well be caught up with the series, so check out my favorite season, Season 6.

Some Animals Talk, Just Not All of Them:

Facist pigs. They're all the same.

There are talking animals in the world of Dragonball Z. There just are. I can’t explain that, nor do I feel like defending it. It’s just silly, so it works. You’ve got a shape-shifting pig, a dog that’s president of the world, and all manner of creatures that speak and walk around like it’s totally normal. But then there are other animals that, for some reason, don’t speak or act like humans at all. Some cats talk, other don’t. Some pterodactyls are mindless, others are martial arts champions. What’s the distinction? Meh, whenever the plot feels better one way or another. There’s just no getting around this one without saying, “Yeah, the show is goofy. Deal with it.”

I Don’t Need Air, Do I?:

"I don't need to breath while on this asteroid, right?"

Somehow the heroes of the show have found themselves fighting a number of enemies that can breath in space. That’s right, they can BREATH in SPACE. You know, that place with no air and absolutely nothing at all? They can breath there. Okay, they’re special creatures, but then we come to Goku and Vegeta and suddenly we blur the line of who can and can’t breath what. Within a few episodes of introducing Vegeta, he is seen blowing up a planet just because he feels like it. How does he blow the planet up? He opens his space pod and stands above the planet as he fires a beam. Don’t give me any explanation that “He was still within the planet’s atmosphere” or something because when that planet exploded, an action that was instant, it was obliterated. No way Vegeta’d survive that one. So can Vegeta just breath in space? No, he needs air, as we learn since Frieza nearly drowns him and strangles him, and later Kid Buu does the same. He needs air to live. Oops. The same goes with Goku on his trip to Namek. He gets his foot glued to the outside of his spaceship during flight, yet somehow gets back inside his ship after leaving the boot glued in place. That’s impossible due to the vacuum of space. He’d be dead, I don’t care what you say. “He held his breath” can only go so far.

Garlic Jr. and His Place In The Series:

"Huh? Oh, didn't expect to see you there. Yeah, I just came for the punch."

In between the Frieza Saga and the Trunks Saga, the anime decided to add a little filler saga called the Garlic Junior Saga in which the character of Garlic Junior returns from somewhere called the Dead Zone, takes over Kami’s Lookout, and vows revenge against Goku for pushing him into the Dead Zone in the first place. Some of you might not know but the first DBZ movie is called The Dead Zone and stars Garlic Junior as the villain who kidnaps Gohan and forces Goku and Piccolo to fight. This movie is one of the few cannon movies of the series. It has to be, otherwise Garlic Junior couldn’t show back up and allow it to make sense. But in The Dead Zone, Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin all see Gohan go ballistic and mess up Garlic Junior with some crazy power he’s just got hidden. Problem with this is that the beginning of the series proper has Goku introducing Gohan to Krillin and the others, to which they’re surprised to learn that Goku is a dad. Krillin already knew who Gohan was in The Dead Zone, and Goku and Piccolo already knew that Gohan was capable of ridiculous power when pushed even before Raditz took him and pushed him too far, so how does this all fit? It’s another one of those, “Yeah, we know we said one thing already, but could you just please forget that we did and believe the new story now? Thanks.” That doesn’t mean I’m happy with it, though.

Goku’s Ship Destroyed But Still Useable:

"Behold my Plot Hole Beam!"

Here’s an interesting one to deal with, and the problem comes from the original Japanese anime creating filler, not the US dubbing the show improperly. In the timeline, Goku comes to Earth as a baby in a Saiyan space pod, Raditz comes to Earth in a Saiyan space pod, Gohan destroys Raditz’s pod, Piccolo destroys Goku’s pod, Nappa and Vegeta arrive on Earth in their pods, Vegeta escapes in his, and Nappa’s is accidentally self-destructed. That’s the whole reason Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan had to use Kami’s old Namekian space ship to travel to Namek: Because the Saiyan space pods were all gone or destroyed. Yet when Goku goes to Namek he does so in a ship that Dr. Briefs makes from Goku’s Saiyan space pod. You know, the one that Piccolo obliterated with a Special Beam Cannon because it was projecting a hologram of the moon and causing Gohan to transform into a giant ape. There is no way to explain this one away other than “Big ol’ oops” since the plotline of Goku’s space pod creating a hologram was added as filler by the anime to allow the manga time to catch up, something that was common practice. Somehow they just never found a better way to resolve that little snafu, so they just said, “Ah heck with it, we already told them Garlic Junior somehow fits in the story, so why not this?” And then they blew Goku up on Namek and retconned that a few episodes later because they needed to lie to us just a little more. What next? Giant holes in the body aren’t fatal anymore?

Holes In The Body Ain’t Nothing Till They Are:

That's gonna be tender in the morning...maybe.

Oops. One of the most dramatic scenes from early in the series is when Piccolo launches the Special Beam Cannon and drills through Goku and Raditz, leaving both with a gaping hole in their chest and a definite “You’re dead sucka” on their foreheads (this is also the last time the special Beam Cannon is effective, save for blowing up Goku’s Saiyan space pod, thus actually making the attack so powerful it can rip through whole plots in a few seconds). Later on Namek people start getting treated as pincushions just because they can be. Krillin gets a horn through the stomach and lives. Vegeta gets Krillin to blow clean through his torso with an energy blast, but is healed by Dende a little bit later. Yamhca proves he’s useless by getting a hand through the stomach as well, but also doesn’t die because someone gives him a Senzu Bean. Sure the villains start getting holes in them, but they just regenerate, so there’s no problem there. However, along comes Future Trunks to take a blast to the chest from Cell, instantly killing him. Say wha? Trunks, this super powerful guy from the future, can be killed by a blast through the stomach? Was it because they didn’t get him medical help soon enough? Or just because it was more dramatic that way? I’m going with option B, because the show never seems to deal with how fatal having your spinal cord ELIMINATED actually is unless it makes for a good plot point.

Trunks and His Wacky Time Adventures:

"I wish I were Marty McFly. He would have known what to do."

Oh hey, speaking of Trunks, where is he from anyway? Well, there’s the Trunks of the present time that’s Bulma and Vegeta’s son, and then there’s the Trunks from the future timeline where the androids have killed everyone and everything with a big killing machine called “Their Fists.” So Trunks comes to our timeline (technically in a separate timeline since whatever he does in the present doesn’t effect his future), and saves Goku from dying from a heart virus. He also decides to stay a while and train with Vegeta to become way more powerful than he ever was so that when he returns to his own timeline he’ll be strong enough to destroy the androids that live there, which he does. As confusing as it is thinking about Cell and his role in the time travel, we have to try. Trunks comes here and helps us, but Cell comes to our timeline as well but from a future where he’s killed Trunks, which means Cell must be from a third timeline somewhere or something. I don’t know; it makes my head hurt a bit too much. But all of this is confounded by the knowledge that seven years after the whole debacle with Cell, Majin Buu shows up to muck with the world. So where was he in Trunk’s timeline? He should have popped up sometime around Trunks’ eighth birthday, but in The History of Trunks we know that Trunks is happily failing to be relevant yet until he’s roughly thirteen or something. Majin Buu would have annihilated Trunks’ world, even worse than the androids, with no hope of anyone stopping him as Trunks wasn’t stronger than Goku or Vegeta and both of them lost to Majin Buu a handful of times. Assuming the timeline really did get shifted due to the time travel (as Trunks speculates), the world would still be doomed as soon as Majin Buu showed up. Bleak world to think about. Just don’t get me started on how Trunks actually got that sword.

Anatomy Is Not Their Strong Point:

"Uh...you realize babies shouldn't have those, right?"

When Goku was a boy he had a tail. This was because Saiyans as a race had tails from birth that allowed them to transform into giant apes at the sight of a full moon. In Dragonball, Goku does just that, so his tail keeps getting removed in order to prevent the problem from reoccurring (since when he turned into a giant ape he went nuts and destroyed everything). Dragonball Z comes along and so does Gohan, tail and everything. He’s able to transform after seeing the moon or even a hologram of the moon, so Piccolo removes Gohan’s tail twice with Vegeta removing it a third time during their big fight at the end of the Saiyan Saga. After that, Gohan never grows his tail back. And that never seems strange to anyone, even after he grew it back a total of three times in a single year. Vegeta loses his tail as well but it doesn’t grow back. In fact, they seem to completely forgo the whole “Saiyans Have Tails” thing after the Saiyan Saga since neither Goten nor Trunks have tails at birth. No one questions this since, you know, it’d be pretty startling to discover that the Saiyans as a species are losing one of their more valuable features. Goku’s tail was permanently removed because of a deal he made with Kami, but the others? “Just c’mon, stop asking questions when we’ve got stories to tell, alright?” Fine fine.

Geography Is Not Their Strong Point Either:

So this is the world...no wonder they're confused about distance.

Question for DBZ fanboys: How long is Snake Way? Don’t remember? It’s 10,000 miles. That sure does sound like an impressive number, no? Okay then, geography fanboys: What is the circumference of the Earth, in miles? Give up? That number is roughly 24,901 miles and some change. Suddenly Snake Way doesn’t seem as bad, but it’s still ridiculously long, right? RIGHT? Well yeah, but it makes no sense the amount of importance they give to said way of snake. The bigger problem at stake here is that Goku has traversed the world multiple times without much difficulty, even swimming half way around the world in a day when he was 17. Suddenly, this journey doesn’t sound so bad. This is another one of those problems that came up in the anime but was correct in the manga, where Snake Way is 1 million kilometers (621,371 miles), a slightly more intimidating pathway. Still, the US dub never corrects this, even after all the “definitive remastered editions” keep supposedly “fixing” said problems. I call shenanigans on you Funimation! Anyway, this 10,000 mile mark causes the next statement to make no sense: Only Goku and King Yemma have ever made it to the end. Ah…huh. Either there’s a lot more to Snake Way than they show, or everyone else really sucks when they die. Assuming there is nothing better to do when you die, why haven’t more people made the trip? They’ve got nowhere else to go. It’s like Goku’s the only important character in the history of ever. Oh wait, maybe because…

Goku Is The Only Important Character of The Series:

One of these people is important. Can you guess which one?

Goku is master of all the best attacks and techniques on the show. He knows the Kamehameha, the Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, the Kaio-Ken, the Solar Flare, and Super Saiyan 1-3. The Solar Flare was a technique he picked up from Tien, while the Kamehameha came from Master Roshi. The Super Saiyan thing was simple genetics. But even though Instant Transmission was arguably one of the most useful techniques in the show, he never bothered to teach anyone how to do it, even when he had three years to do it before the androids showed up. And the Kaio-Ken, a technique that he learned from King Kai along with the Spirit Bomb, did anyone get to learn those? It was a move that only King Kai was supposed to be able to teach, so that’d mean a character would need to train with King Kai for a long time such as when…Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu lived with King Kai and learned nothing. Ouch. It makes no sense, either, as they’re clearly strong enough to learn these abilities since they’re stronger than Vegeta was against the Ginyu Force. Say what?

Now can you figure out who's more important?

Okay, so Goku dies with a power level of roughly 400 when he travels Snake Way, trains with King Kai, and returns to Earth with the new skills and a power level over 9,000. The three in question die with power levels over 1,000 and reach King Kai, staying for a lot longer than Goku was able to as Goku had two months and these guys had four months and eight months (Tien and Chiaotzu had the latter). Goku fights the Ginyu Force on Namek with a power level at 180,000, though Vegeta couldn’t beat them with whatever power level he had. The Ginyu Force go to King Kai’s planet after they die since King Kai invited them and they all lose to Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu, meaning those guys have a power level well above Goku’s when he learned the Spirit Bomb and the Kaio Ken. So does King Kai teach them? Nope. Would they have wanted to learn? Tien was seriously into surpassing Goku someday, so you bet your sweet hinnie he’d want to know that. So why no love to the also rans? And beyond that, Krillin has the single deadliest move in the series with the Destructo Disk, a disk of energy that can slice through ANYTHING. It’s a one-hit-KO every time as long as it hits the person in the right place. Give this to someone with some real power and suddenly it’s hyper-deadly. But no, Krillin wasn’t important enough to bother with teaching this vital move. It’s not like these guys are martial arts masters or anything. Oh wait…

Epic Fights? Never Seen Those Before:

"This is SO going to be all over YouTube tomorrow!"

I don’t know how I missed this blaring plot hole in my last article since it rips the believability of the Dragonball world to shreds. In Dragonball, when Goku is a kid, he fights against Master Roshi, Tien, and Piccolo in three separate Tenkaichi Budokais (Strongest Under the Heavens Martial Arts Tournaments), each in increasingly epic battles that involve flight, explosions, hyper speed, and all manner of crazy things. But by Dragonball Z the whole world has forgotten that these guys exist and so they don’t bother to remember that it isn’t all that ridiculous to see people capable of these things when they show up again. The worst thing that happens is some guy named Hercule (originally Mr. Satan in the Japanese and uncut versions) convinces the world that everything that happens in the Cell Saga is all just an elaborate set of tricks since people aren’t capable of flight, super speed, or energy blasts. Even though the whole world has seen this happen on multiple occasions. Somehow they just believe, “Oh, yeah, that’s all just some explosives and jet packs and such.” To make matters worse, the military decides that every time a new threat shows up they should send in entire fleets to dispatch said threat. When Nappa and Vegeta show up, Nappa single-handedly wipes out all of Earth’s army, half the time just flying through the fighter jets and aircraft carriers. So when Cell shows up and manages to do the same thing, why does Earth’s military decide, “Hey yeah, I think we should go into certain death. That sounds like a good plan.” Naturally, Cell blows them all to HFIL and goes back to waiting for the important characters of the show (Goku) to come challenge him properly. Even if Hercule can convince everyone that Cell is just really good with tricks, that STILL makes him an unbelievable threat. Which would you be more afraid of? A guy that can fly around and shoot energy beams from his hands, or a guy with enough explosives to level entire cities and wipe out whole military factions? One of those is ridiculous, but the other? That’s Real World terrifying. We have people fighting a war right now because we THOUGHT that some guy had the means to pull off Cell-style tricks with explosives. After the first Tenkaichi Budokai when Goku and Master Roshi are exchanging Kamehamehas, everyone on the face of the planet would have rushed out to learn how to do this, especially the military. I guess it makes sense though. I mean, it’s not like everyone in the world is as important as Goku, right? Right.

So there you have it, another ten reasons why I have too much time on my hands. Am I still leaving some vital plot hole out? Or am I just looking for problems where there really isn’t any? Have you got an explanation for my gripes or a continuation of a gripe here? Comment time! Leave some comments and I’ll return the love. Even if you aren’t Goku.

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  1. “One small plot hole I noticed is in episode 97 when Frieza attempts to blow up Namek, there’s a bunch of scenes showing Namek beginning to break apart from Frieza’s blast. One of those scenes shows the mountain Guru’s house resides on crumbling and collapsing, obviously crushing his corpse and his house. However in episode 100, after Mr. Popo wishes to revive everyone killed by Frieza, we see Guru regaining consciousness with his house and the land it sat on still intact save for the giant hole Frieza left in the side of it when he came for the password to use the dragon balls”
    -Well spotted!

  2. DBZ Plot Holes on

    Earth’s dragon balls can’t wish anyone back more than once. Krillin was killed once in Dragon Ball during the King Piccolo saga, so no he shouldn’t have been revived on Namek.

    One small plot hole I noticed is in episode 97 when Frieza attempts to blow up Namek, there’s a bunch of scenes showing Namek beginning to break apart from Frieza’s blast. One of those scenes shows the mountain Guru’s house resides on crumbling and collapsing, obviously crushing his corpse and his house. However in episode 100, after Mr. Popo wishes to revive everyone killed by Frieza, we see Guru regaining consciousness with his house and the land it sat on still intact save for the giant hole Frieza left in the side of it when he came for the password to use the dragon balls

  3. Regarding the Namek Saga:

    while SSJ Goku and Freiza are fighting, and they make the wish to ressurrect all namekians that had been killed by freiza or his henchmen, Krilling should have been brought back to life as well.

    Before you say: “he was, but he was in pieces and therefore died again” remember that vegeta had a hole through his body that magically disappeared, as well as numerous namekians who woke up in non-mutilated conditions. Also, some of friezas forces should have been ressurected as well because Frieza/Ginyu had randomly killed some of them back at the ship

    Guru died of natural causes, I know we can say that it was from the stress caused by Friezas invasion, but then he dies on earth shortly after being revived (This one can be disputed and I am open to interpretations)

    Captain Ginyu is shown (in frog form) to both, have gone to earth, AND he demonstrated the ability to swithch bodies in frog form (with Bulma), yet he never makes an attempt to take anyones body on Earth. Yes he is outclassed, but he just needed a body and a spaceship to get off the planet, not difficult since he was right at capsule Corp. this one doesnt bother me as much, I just think he would have led a more fulfilling life some other way, not as a frog on earth.

    How goku got so strong on his way to namek.
    -his trip was only 6 days long
    -he did not start out at 100x gravity right away
    –>MY theory:
    —-he used some senzu-beans to recover from training, explaining why he only had 3 when he got to namek

    Vegetas strength:
    -got beat up badly:
    -on earth
    -by zarbon
    -by reccoome
    -by krillin

    I just dont think final form freiza walks all over him like he did

    Last one (throughout the series)
    Vegeta trains like a MADMAN, all the time, never taking a break, yet goku is constantly stronger than him because of a good heart and a ‘never say die’ attitude? very sketchy, if goku can grow at least 20x stronger on a 6 day trip to namek, vegeta on 3 non-stop years under more intense conditions should have surpassed him easily

  4. SaiyanAtHeart on

    About the z fighters training with King Kai…
    1. None of them were saiyans so none of them received a saiyan’s boost of power from the training. Humans have much more limitations than saiyans do

    2. Tien, yamcha, chaotzu, and piccolo were once villians or people of a bad reputation from lives of stealing and killing. So no, none of them could learn the spirit bomb since it feeds off good energy which they didnt possess fully.

    3. The Ginyu Force’s advantage over the others on Namek came from Guldo time manipulation, burter’s speed, recoome randomized fighting style and strength, ginyu’s special technique and vegeta killed jeice so no the ginyu force wasn’t that strong in the first place.

    4. Kaioken was a complicated technique to learn and well the others couldn’t figure it out like Goku. None were as good at melee fighting as Goku when he learned the Kaioken. It multiplies the users power level exponentially. The human body cannot take that rapid rise in power and still maintain it’s form. Basically they would only kill themselves trying to learn the technique.

    5. Goku knows how to make a disc like krillin, he just doesn’t do it often because their is no reason to.

    to other people….

    Dr B wouldn’t build androids because it is pointless. The same for Cell. It takes years for Cell to grow and mature so trying to make one while another is already destroying things is probably not the brightest idea in the interest of self preservation.

    Just because someone is a mix of saiyan and erathling does not mean they are a perfect 50-50 portion of each. That isn’t even how people in real life are born. Often times a child receives more from one parent than the other. Gohan had more saiyan that’s why he had a tail. Eventually they permanently removed it. Its feasible that if goten and trunks had tails at birth bulma removed them to avoid them transforming the way gohan and goku did.

    Goten and Trunks were born to super saiyan fathers and they passed the super saiyan gene to them is the most reasonable explanation for that one.

    King Kai has a power level of 3500…not much he’d be useful for in a fight against anyone after raditz (he would need kaioken to beat nappa)

    Cell has samples from frieza because…FRIEZA CAME TO EARTH IN ALL TIMELINES!!! Duh That means future trunks is an idiot because that proves Goku stopped Frieza and King Cold in HIS timeline since he wasn’t born yet. So there was literally no reason for him to step in and fight at all

    Vegeta and Nappa were sent away so frieza could keep the young prince as his attack dog instead of using ginyu, zarbon, dodoria for everything. Goku was sent away as Bardock was retunring. Raditz was already away from Planet Vegeta. Turles was either sent away that day as an infant or sent away already as a kid. Broly flew away on his own the day he was born and took his dad with him. And Tarble was already gone from planet vegeta as well. a total of 8 full-blooded saiyans lived….until broly killed paragus. they killed broly. goku killed turles. Vegeta killed nappa. Piccolo killed Raditz and goku. Frieza killed Vegeta. Every full-blood saiyan is officially dead or has died before except Tarble.

  5. SaiyanAtHeart on

    The Trunks timeline thing isn’t a plothole, that’s you not thinking clearly. Majin Buu needed energy to be awakened but future trunks’ timeline has something special about it….PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE IS DEAD, at least everyone who could offer energy to Buu’s shell. So how in the hell would they revive Buu?? They don’t because they can’t. Trunks kills Yakon, Pui Pui, and Dabura along with Babidi. If they surface. Yamu and Spopovich are probably already dead and if not there is no world tournament anyway so makes no difference.

  6. 10Yeh, not really a plothole, some animals are human-like and some are animal-like.Your right its just a thing in the show, deal with it.
    9The only ones we saw breathin in space where Goku, on his trip to Namek and almost being sucked in a star which is filler, Vegeta blowing up Arlia, filler. Bardock while fighting Frieza, filler. And lastly Buu and Frieza and they both dont need air.
    8. Movies NEVER fit with the anime, you could see them as alternate timelines. Anyway this was all filler.
    7. Yeah another FILLER caused plothole
    6.Well senzu beans are like super-ultra powerful you know they instantly heal and fil you up, thats why they are hard to grow. Krillin was also healed by Dende like Vegeta. And Trunks hole throug his body was pretty big kinda like Goku’s hole througth his chest. So conclusion: you’ll die in dragonball if you get a large enough hole in your body on the right spot and dont get medical help.
    5. Earth was already wrecked so why would Babidi still bother to come there, but I think the real reason was Majin Buu wasnt created yet by Toriyama. And Trunks probably just bought his sword somewhere, just ignore the movie.
    4. So Goku’s tail was cut off once and plucked off once then it was removed once permanently. The permanently part is the mysterious thing, no one knows what exactly happens during permananent removement. Gohan’s tail was probably permanently removed after Namek Saga. And Trunks, Gotens and Pan’s tails were most likely removfed after birth. And Vegeta’s tail didnt grow back because he was an adult, then your tail doesnt grow back.
    3. You already explained it.
    2. Instant Transmission was a secret move of the Yardrats, Goku promised to not teach it to anyone else. The Spirit Bomb can only be executed by someone with a pure heart. And the Kaio-ken was a move that could mess your body up real badly thats why Goku didnt teach it to anyone, and King Kai after seeing Goku go over the top using Kaio Ken multiplied a lot of times he was afraid to teach it to someone. Oh and the Destructo Disc was copies a lot by other people.
    1. Yeah that one is a bit weird youre right

  7. I agree with you that the Super Saiyan explanation is a mess. The show tries to explain it by essentially showing that the transformation happens as a response to a need, a need that none of the other Saiyans (apparently) encountered. The actual explanation is that fans loved the Super Saiyan so much that more had to be created so that the merchandise could be pumped out even harder. Sometimes I hate that aspect of popular things.

  8. Matt Kilgore on

    If I could add to this, I’ve realized one somewhat major plot-hole that, though it can technically be explained, doesn’t make a whole lot of sense:

    In the Freiza Saga, Freiza mentions that he was worried about another super-Sayian being born, and something about it being around a 1 in 1,000,000 shot. And with the first super-Sayian, he could only go super-Sayian in monkey form. This is why it’s so surprising that Goku could be a super-Sayian. But this fact seems to be forgotten during the series as after that point, EVERY living Sayian/half-Sayian becomes a super-Sayian. But if this is true, unless all of them are 1 in 1,000,000 (Pretty much impossible) it could generally be assumed that every Sayian has the possibility to become a super-Sayian, and if that’s true, how come only 1 other Sayian besides the main characters on DBZ can be a super-Sayian? Wouldn’t all the Sayian’s have learned how at some point?

    This becomes even more odd with the addition of Goten and Trunks achieving it at such young ages such as 7. Wouldn’t you think that a all-powerful race that loves to fight would have figured out this huge fact about themselves and how to boost there power if all of them can?

    And, if you want to argue it’s genetic, then why don’t we ever hear about Goku’s/Vegeta’s father/Mother being a super-Sayian? It doesn’t add up if you ask me. And considering how big a point that this is to the series, it seems like a huge point to miss.

    Side note, this hole goes hand in hand with the Goten/Trunks not having tails, and that whole monkey thing being forgotten and such.

  9. You’re definitely right about Dende aging weirdly. I think the show’s creators just sort of forgot about the whole weird Namekian age and diet thing.

    As for Gohan, my math puts him at age 11 during the end of the Cell Saga, which makes him roughly 18 when he first heads to school. I didn’t take it as he was just starting high school but rather finally going to public school after all that time. Still, there’s some big problems there, you’re right.

  10. I have two other plot holes that hopefully can be explained well.

    Since seven years pass between the Cell Saga and the Buu Saga, why is Gohan just starting High School? Shouldn’t he be like 19 or 20? Unless my math is totally off. If he really is just starting high school he should be 14. That would mean he would have to be 7 during the Cell Saga. Which can’t be true since in the first episode it says he’s 5 and a half. So…what’s the deal here.

    The second also deals with aging. They make a point in the show of how Nameks grow larger than humans as Piccolo is only 3 or 4 when he fights Goku in Dragonball. So why hasn’t Dende aged at all from the Frieza Saga and the Cell Saga when he becomes the Earth’s new guardian? I’m pretty sure its been something like 4 and a half years since Gohan and the others were on Namek. Dende should be fully grown by Piccolo’s standards.

    If anyone can help with these plot holes that’d be greatly appreciated.

  11. Yes, but a plothole is a plothole. If something doesn’t make sense, why should it get brushed aside with a simple, “Oh, well that was the anime” when it was a project okayed by Akira Toriyama in the first place?

  12. Mary Johonessss. on

    About the Spirit Bomb and Instant Transmission:

    Goku promised the natives of the planet he was on not to reveal the secret of instant transmission, so he couldn’t teach it to the others. Being naive, promise keeping Goku, he didn’t tell.

    The Spirit Bomb, much like the Nimbus cloud, can only be used by someone pure of heart, so King Kai could not teach it to the others on that basis.

    Also, Goku is not the only important character of the series. Gohan was actually meant to replace him, but Akira Toriyama pays a LOT of attention to what the fans want. Why do you think the show found ways to continue?

    There are minor plot holes, but it is still way epic and I love it XD You did a lot of digging, and I commend you.

  13. Alright, I read through the whole thing, all these are explainable and I have explained them before, not that hard if your not a negative douchebag like this nerd. Also, this guy doesn’t know much about DBZ, don’t take everything in the anime like Vegeta standing in space as cannon, that shit’s not in the manga. Read up, faggot.

  14. I agree with #1.

    While a few normal people know Goku and company are stronger than Mr. Satan – King Furry and the announcer come to mind – I don’t get why so many don’t remember. The Martial Arts Tournament is like the Super Bowl of the Dragonball world, right? So even if it didn’t air on TV, the hundreds if not thousands of people who flock to that city to see it would see all the super fast, flying, energy beam shooting people.

    In fact, the announcer said when the Kahmehameha was used that it was a “ledgendary move by Master Roshi”. That would obviously imply that people knew about the famous martial arts trainers, and that they are able to do energy beams. From the way the announcer said it, you could almost say it was general knowledge.

    Plus with things like Tien openly destroying the arena stage when fighting Goku, and Piccolo blasting the area around the arena to dust, it’d be crazy to think otherwise.

  15. The correct response to the plot hole of King Yemma being able to subdue the villains in the afterlife is that keeping one’s body is supposed to be a sacred honor reserved for only the the greatest, noblest souls. Theoretically the villains would have been stripped of corporeal form and would only have existed as a little cloud-like soul thing.

    Remember the reaction of one of the administrators when he saw that Goku still had his body? Clearly it’s a rare thing. And yet the villains were allowed to keep their bodies…somehow.

    I suppose it’s a plot hole answered by a plot hole.

  16. Thank you so much for mentioning the Hercule thing.

    Man, that pissed me off ever since I saw him.

    How can they forget the previous world tournaments where goku and others shot energy beams.

    Everytime i watch the series, I cringe when I see Hercule. He just pisses me off. Takes away the glory of Goku and Gohan.

    The citizens of Earth in this series are so completely stupid if they forgot all the shit that happened in previous tournaments. If anything, you would figure the announcer would explain everything since he has flashbacks to previous tournaments during the junior division. HE HAS SEEN THOSE BEAMS AND REMEMBERS THEM yet says nothing at all.

    **** hercule.

  17. ANOTHER hole is that during the cell saga why didnt android 16 when he had cells tail rip it off or why didint krilin do destucto disk when cells back was turned there problem solved

  18. They’re not numbered, but I’ll do it for you.
    10 – Really not a plot hole, because there are things like Mickey Mouse where there are talking dogs and non-talking dogs. It’s just something a lot of writers do that doesn’t really make sense.
    9 – Maybe he can just hold his breath a lot longer than the average person can. I mean he’s obviously much STRONGER than the average person.
    8 – Definitley a plot hole. A pity filler isn’t supposed to make sense.
    7 – Again, that’s filler for ya.
    6 – I doubt that’s a plot hole, because those characters were simply not healed after they were fatally injured. Dende wasn’t around to heal Goku or Future Trunks.
    5 – There was actually a DBZ video game that covered that hole up.
    4 – You’re half right. Adults can not grow their tails back, but children can. As for Goten and Trunks, yeah, they should have tails. I think the creator himself said he actually forgot to do that.
    3 – Yeah, that’s true.
    2 – Might not be a plot hole, but it’s so absolutely ridiculous, it probably should be considered one.
    1 – YES!! Why oh why did TVTropes delete that entry as a plot hole? There was apparently one episode where a villian acknowledged that mankind had already forgotten Goku.

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