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Terminator: Salvation is about the hit the big screen tomorrow on May 21st so you can expect the toys are on the shelves by now.

But before reviewing the new Terminator toys, let’s catch up to speed.  This movie is the much awaited missing chapter of John Connor’s life when he is in his prime.  Played by Christian Bale, Connor leads the resistance against the machines: three hours of non-stop action are promised.  Some reviewers have said this movie is the most action-packed thriller in years outside of the Mummy Returns.

Others have not been so positive, calling the movie Reign of Fire…. with robots.

However thin the character development in Terminator: Salvation, the movie has launched an entire new series of fantastic sci-fodder in the form of cyborgs, warplanes, and futuristic military weaponry.   And that’s where the toys come in….

Terminator Salvation Action Figures

terminator-salvation-collectors-bustBe warned, there are several styles of action figures out for this movie.  Some are 3.75” and others are 6”, and some of the accessories and vehicles are meant for one and not the other.  That’s a lot of opportunity for play, and of course this isn’t a problem if you collect them all…

Let’s start with the collector figures.  DC Comics has released a gruesomely detailed bust of the T-600 model.

Sculpted by Mike Locascio, the collector’s bust  measures approximately 6-inches tall x 5-inches wide x 5 1/4-inches long. It is hand-painted, and cold-cast in porcelain.

Other busts include Blaire Williams, Marcus Wright, Kyle Reese and mysterious T-R.I.P. bust (got to see the movie first for that insight!).  The busts aren’t available until June 17, but you can pre-order the T-600 collectors bust here.

terminator-salvation-action-figure-t800The Terminator T-800 is the backbone of any Skynet Army.  This action figure by Playmates is fully articulated and painted in style like the movie.  Compatible with the 3.75” vehicles.

These figures are perfect for display or for nitty-gritty play in the sandbox or the bathtub.  All the major players in the movie have their own figure, including John Connor.

The 3.75” figures also have a series of vehicles and accessories.  Of these, I was impressed most by the Skynet Hunter Killer.   Retailing for less than $25, this toy is a detailed reproduction of the classic airships that reign doom onto the survivors of humankind.  All 3.75” figures fit in the vehicle, but the ship comes with one T-800 figure.

Now for the 6” figures.  Seems like this is where action figures are moving these days, towards larger and more detailed figures.  The Terminator Salvation series does not disappoint, with most of the film’s stars represented in high quality.

terminator-6inch_t600-action-figureCheck out the T-600 six inch.  These were the first human-like cyborgs alluded to in the original Terminator and seen for the first time in the Conner Chronicles. (Apparently they were supposed to “blend in” but humans are pretty good at spotting plastic face masks….so the story goes.)

This T-600 action figure is depicted stripped clean of its human shell.  Pretty scary, and well detailed.  The eyes have an eery glow and the toy has convincingly metalized parts.

You can get the whole wave of Terminator machine figures for less than $40; this set comes with a T-600, T-700, a T-1 and T-R.I.P.   To battle the Machine hordes, I recommend John Connor and his sidekick Marcus in 6”.

Then there’s the 10” action figures like this T-600.  What’s the big pull here?  In a phrase, great detail and deluxe weapons and accessories.  The figures have fully articulated joints that make display easy.  The Terminator models also have real LED eyes.   These are the action figures of choice for the real Terminator collectors.

Terminator Salvation Games and Roleplay

terminator-head-roleplay-voicechanger_For more imaginative ways to get into the Terminator spirit, check out all the different roleplay accessories.  Available are masks, cybernetic forearms and robotic hands to transform yourself into a Machine.   (It’s up to you if you want to become a mischief machine or a homework machine tho…).

But my favorite is definitely the Terminator Head.  It’s the size of a real human skull and is loaded with interactive features that accentuate its main ability – super creepy voice change.

Just speak into the head and your voice sounds like a 22nd century robot.  Made with actual steel and chrome, this is a solid toy that will outlast most other toys in its class.

Be one the look out for more hot movie toy reviews soon!


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