Top 10 Misconceptions of Avatar The Last Airbender


I leaped like a hogmonkey after the 9-month hiatus between seasons 2 and 3.

For the last five years, there has been one show that has captured my imagination like nothing before it. Avatar The Last Airbender, is a Nickelodeon Animated series about a twelve year old boy freed from an iceberg, only to discover he’s been frozen for a hundred years, the world is engulfed in war, and his entire people have been wiped out. I believe it would be very safe to say it’s my Dragon Ball Z. Since it’s release, it has won numerous awards for it’s compelling characters, tight writing, and superb animation, including Annie Awards three years in a row, a Genesis Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Peabody Award for “Unusually complex characters and healthy respect for the consequences of warfare.”

You can find the three seasons for purchase here, here, and here, though they are all available on Netflix Instant Play.

As critically acclaimed as it may be, I feel it is also one of the most misunderstood shows in recent history, and why it has flown so low under the radar. To quote the Uncle Iroh, “See, [Mr. Pranger], like most people, underestimate it’s value.” Just give me ten chances to correct some of the most common misconceptions from the show. Hopefully you may feel enlightened, and I can get on with my life.

(Note from Pranger: “I have the three seasons on Netflix Instant Play but haven’t had the chance to watch them yet. I’ll see Avatar The Last Airbender when I have time to appreciate it without feeling obligated, so there.”)

10.) You watch Avatar? Isn’t that show for kids?

Hey, it’s hard when you share a network with this guy.

I cannot tell you how many people I met who won’t even give Avatar a try simply because it’s on Nickelodeon. To be clear, Avatar is rated Y7, yet it is a show about War, Politics, Loss, Love, Honor, and has humor that is actually clever and doesn’t rely on pop culture references. In all honesty, it is one of the few shows made on Nickelodeon now that reaches out to a demographic far greater than the ages of 6-11, and the fact that it’s able to go to the places it does without shedding a single drop of blood I think is spectacular.

Although I should confess, if you have only seen the first two episodes, than the show is going to seem very juvenile. That’s only because the characters themselves start off very young and naïve. Stick with it and I guarantee you will be surprised at how far these characters mature and develop in less than a year of their life.

9.) But I hate anime.

The next time you think about grouping Avatar with these guys… don’t.

Then there’s another group of people who immediately assume Avatar, because of its art style and how it’s set in a fictional world greatly influenced by East Asian cultures, is made in Eat Asia as well. Let me correct that now. Avatar is NOT anime. It was made by two American martial arts geeks named Mike D. Martino and Bryan Konietzko. Their writing team’s from America, their music’s done in America, all the voice acting and sound design is done in America. Yes, the animation is done in South Korea, but what show isn’t these days? At first glance, it may look Japanese, but watching it is a completely new experience. You will quickly notice a huge difference in the dialogue and overall tone. For one, there’s not nearly as much sprite moments, and when they actually do it, it’s usually to poke fun at anime.

8.) But… still… doesn’t Aang look like Naruto?

Both have Orange, Yellow, and Blue color pallets. Roughly same age. Both combine special powers with martial art. Fine I’ll let that fly. But not anymore.

This puts me in an uncomfortable situation, as I have never watched Naruto, and never plan to, so it is very unfair for me to make any assumptions about his character. But this is what I have been able to pick up from the general synopsis. Naruto is characterized as rash, impulsive, and aggressive. He purposefully looks for a fight and runs into an obstacle headfirst. Aang, on the other hand, is witty and tactful. He tries to solve his problems by being quick and clever, and only uses fighting for necessary defense. Naruto goes to school where they teach him to fight and kill like a ninja. Aang was raised by monks who taught him that all life is sacred and to detach himself from the world so his spirit could live in peace. Naruto possesses the spirit of a demon fox inside him whose sole purpose is destruction. Aang is the resurrection of a long line of Avatars, the bridge between the real world and the spirit world, and whose duty is to master all bending disciplines and keep peace and balance among the four nations of the world.

In other words, Naruto is Sith, and Aang is Jedi. Believe it!

7.) So, is it just another manly action show for men?

What? Women? No way, they have cooties. Just shut up and watch us flex.

Just so you all know, I’m not a hater. I’m a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. It’s undoubtedly one of the most iconic shows of my generation, and without it, Avatar might not even exist as I know it. But it is because of DBZ and other shows like it that even the toy manufacturer Mattel is guilty of #7 here. In their toy line-up, they made action figures of Aang, Sokka, Zuko, and even minor characters like Jet, the Blue Spirit, and King Bumi. But Katara, arguably the most important character to the plot next to Aang, was never made. Why? Because they thought the show would only appeal to guys. Let’s just say this ended up being the stupidest decision Mattel ever made.

Yes, Avatar The Last Airbender was made by two guys. And yes, the main protagonist and antagonist respectively are both male, but how many guys can say they were in a college lounge, the only dude in the room, watching Dragon Ball Z with five girls? I can say that about Avatar. There could be many reasons to why Avatar’s demographic is so diverse, but I think it more than likely has to do with the fact that the show and it’s creators did their darndest to show they were not ignoring an entire half of the global population. The girls in Avatar are just as relevant to the plot as the guys, they fight as much as the guys, and kick just as many butts, if not more. Most importantly, they look like actual women, with real breast sizes and practical clothing. I dare anyone to find another show that treats both genders with equal amount of respect as well as Avatar does.

What is this? Female fighters who equal the guys in muscle and numbers, and are beautiful and talented without having to be complete sluts. This is madness!

6.) So what, do the characters know magic?

“You think learning to say ‘Expecto Patronum’ while thinking of a happy memory was hard? I had to go though weeks of physical strain to get this form down.”

Aang doesn’t flick his wrist and BAM, create a tornado. Toph doesn’t move stones with her mind. Bending the elements is a very physical process, and within the conventions created by the world, it requires no suspension of disbelief. That’s why all fight sequences were physically choreographed and recorded on tape by a martial arts consultant. Each of the four elements coincides with a different form of classic Chinese martial arts. Waterbending is Tai-Chi, Earthbending is Hungar, Firebending is Northern Zhaolin, and Airbending is Ba-Gua. Benders also have to be aware of their environment and weather conditions. Waterbenders rise with the moon. Firebenders rise with the sun. Each of the four seasons also coincides with one of the elements, and respectively each bender will be more powerful on their respective season: Water and Winter, Earth and Spring, Fire and Summer, Air and Fall. The Avatar has several additional powers that may seem more magical, but those come from his connection with the spirit world, which is basically part of the world’s religion, all the out-of-the-ordinary events are usually connected directly to the Avatar.

5.) Whatever nation you are born in, that’s the element you can bend?

Master Piandao, the son of two firebender prodigies who disowned him for not being born a bender. If they only knew.

To be clear, not everyone in the Avatar universe can bend an element. There are a wide range of conventional weapons that other fighters use, and end up being just as formidable. While your heritage does decide what element you would bend if you were born with the ability, it’s not passed down genetically. It’s more spiritual in origin. The air nomads were the only exception to the rule. Every air nomad is born an airbender.

4.) What about duo benders for inter-racial families?

While there haven’t been any interracial families on the show thus far, it has been stated by the creators that only the Avatar can bend more than one element. Under the circumstances, if say someone from the Earth Kingdom had kids with someone from the Water Tribe, then their children could turn out an earthbender, a waterbender, or neither.

“Please tell me we’re having airbenders.”

3.) How come there is no Book 4: Air?

All three seasons of Avatar are named after the element of which season it was in the show. It was also the same element that Aang was learning to master in that particular season. There was no Air season planned, because Aang was already a master airbender from the beginning. Plus, the story just plain ends at the end of Book 3.

There is the fan vid. “Book 4 Forbidden Love,” but only shippers will find that funny.

2.) Why is there no Heart Nation so they can form Captain Planet?

Ha ha. Very funny. I think we’ve beaten that dead ostrich-horse into the ground years ago.

Although you could say Sokka’s a heartbender…sort of.

I’m pretty sure the fans know what’s coming next. I really don’t want to do this, again, but here it goes…

1. Avatar? Isn’t that the movie on the planet with the Blue People?

Mind = Blown

For the seventeen-millionth time, James Cameron’s Avatar has absolutely nothing to do with the TV series, Avatar the Last Airbender! In fact M. Night Syamalan, director of the show’s live-action adaptation, was forced to cut the entire front title of his movie because Mr. Cameron was too busy redefining the term “Avatar” in the minds of the general public, thus titling our movie The Last Airbender.

Needless to say, legions of fans have been extremely irate about this subject. It has little to do with how good or bad JC’s Avatar is, but more about the fact that we are the ones that have to explain this to every single friend and family member we have. What’s also irritating is that our version of an Avatar, by the original definition, makes a hundred times more sense, yet we are the ones who had to change our title.

I hope that clears up a few things for you all. July 1st will see the release of The Last Airbender. Odds are you have seen at least one trailer or TV spot by now, but if you haven’t yet, definitely check it out at If this movie succeeds, (I know, that’s a big “IF”) it will be the dawn of a whole new epic trilogy for the next decade.

No Joke. This could be big. Harry Potter or Star Wars big.

Hey, for the next month, it’s either this or the new Twilight movie. Your choice.

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  1. I like most of your points but there are some problems.
    1. Referring to naruto as “sith” and aang as “Jedi” is completely wrong. Aang and naruto would both be considered “Jedi”. Naruto had the demon sealed inside of when he was a baby and therefore has to overcome the evil in his body and protect the people AND the people of the ninja world. He’s also the child of prophecy so he is kind of like his world’s avatar. All you had to do was state their different personality traits to counter their similar appearance. I guess I kind of understand because you don’t watch the show but I don’t either. I read the manga. More than half of the episodes have nothing to do with the plot. But if you’re gonna dis another show you might want to brush up on it before you do. So you know u don’t sound like a, well u get my point.
    2. Even in the avatar world it is seen as some sort of magic. Sokka says so in the first 3 episodes. I know I just watched them. Even though bending is not a common thing there in the south pole, he still says katara is playing with MAGIC water.
    3. Nice call on the movie. As soon as I knew the pronunciation of aang’s name was gonna be changed I knew it was gonna be another one of M. Night shamalama-ding dong’s disasters. I didn’t even go see it. EPIC FAIL!!!!

  2. Thanks for the article, I’m printing it to help with some of these same things I get asked. Our local video store has the entire series and every volume from every season is always checked out and has been consistently since the show ended. The fans that rent this range from a 55 year old, Harley-driving, ex-oilman to a 72 year old grandmother of 14 and down to a group of 15 to 25 year olds that cycle through in waves and re-watch over and over again.
    There is way more to this show than meets the eye for those that have only given it a passing glance and seen the occasional joke or sprite moment. They just don’t realize that when you get to the final four part finale it will have you cheering, laughing and tearing up no matter what age you are and you’ll marvel that a cartoon did this to you.
    yes, it’s that good.

  3. DUDE DON’T SAY YOU HATE ANIME WHEN YOU DON’T EVEN watch NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YOU DONT HAVE TO DIS THE SHOW LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, great, Avatar has no blood. I respect that. But sometimes no blood is BO-ring!! SERIOUSLY!

  4. This is a really great article. i’ve been watching the series lately (got book 2 & 3 on dvd) and I wanted to do some research on what people think about it. I can relate to everything you said up there. So many people ask me isn’t avatar for kids? it goes oon and on. kinda annoying. Plus I don’t watch anime at all either.

  5. @Drew

    1. There’s absolutely no evidence or even any hints of interracial marriages in Avatar. I think it would have relevance to the story, because of the controversy it would cause. It just doesn’t make sense that in a world, albeit a fictional one, where theres easily accessibly transit and mass transit that absolutely nobody from one nation married someone from another. I mean, just look at the relationships that the main characters are in. Kataara initially likes Jet (Earth Kingdom) and eventually “falls in love” with Aang (Air kingdom). Saaka is with Suki (Earth Kingdom, and Kyoshi warrior at that). It only makes sense that interracial marriages should have been mentioned.

    2. You state that it makes sense for some people to be able to bend while others can’t by posing the question, “Why are there smart and dumb people?” That doesn’t exactly relate to bending in Avatar. “Dumb” people simply aren’t as intelligent as “smart” people, but their brains still work. Non-benders in Avatar have absolutely no ability to bend any element even the slightest bit. I’m not saying that everyone in Avatar should be able to become master benders (i.e. Everyone is “smart”), but some should (i.e. some are “smart”), while others should only be able to bend a little bit (i.e. some are “dumb”). The other problem I have with bending is the way it’s portrayed. I’m not saying that it’s “magic” or “the force”. The show presents bending as a form of martial arts, and anybody can learn martial arts to an extent. I’m not saying that Kataara should have been able to become a master earth bender, but she, and others like her, should have been able to at least move small rocks if they, in the words of Toph, “became the rock”. It just doesn’t make sense for a person to be tied to a certain form of bending (martial art) at birth, and have absolutely no propensity for other forms. The creators should have given some sort of reasonable explanation as to why bending is the way it is.

  6. Okay you clearly don’t understand some things. First of all there probably were intermarriges before the war. Kyoshi island is an island not a nation. However it is connected with the earth kingdom and its people have earth spiritual roots etc. Also the air nomads probably moved around a lot considering that they were nomads and probably got married to different people. But seeing as how interacial marriges don’t really relate to the plot or have much significance to the story try not to stress over it.

    As far as why some people can bend and some can’t is like gus said spiritual in origin and seriously man why do some people have gifts here and some don’t. Why are there smart and dumb people? These questions just don’t make much sense and honestly if everybody could bend more than one element how important can aang be. It also is a show based on martial arts grit toughness etc. not magic not the “force” or whatever else so no you either can or can’t bend and diferences give a spark of variety to the show and make it more interesting DUH.
    And really you believe that if katara was stubborn and learned earthbending forms she could do it too. Look at it like this each element has it’s own natural essence or attitude and each person is in relation to it while it is also the key to really manipulating THEIR OWN element. Whater bending: Adaptability calm push and pull.(katara) Air: Freedom and fun creativity quick wittedness. (aang) Earth: Stubborn blunt hardworking and enduring. (toph) Fire: Anger passion and drive. (zuko)
    See how each element and how they bend etc. matches up with their own ORIGINAL element. What makes aang different is his spiritual ability mainly and that he has all parts in him throughout the series. But seriously having aang bend all four just makes him that more important. THE END get over it.
    (food for thought: if everyone can bend what makes benders special anyway)it all comes down to the plot.

    And yeah aang would have died on the first lightning bolt ozai shot at him if he didn’t go through all the seasons so to imply that they could is really stupid. Also zuko can barely handle azula even with redirecting lightning and lets face it she was not herself in the last episode. But to even think he could take down ozai isn’t smart. Toph only being able to see with her feet would have a hard time sensing fire and lightning in the air relying only on heat and where he was pointing and seing as ozai was flying on fire she wouldn’t see him at all. Common oversight that toph loves to make fun of she is blind if it is in the air she can’t see it. So yes aang is the only match for him and he can’t fight him without all the elements because seriously if you saw the fight you would see how little airbending he used and how little it worked against him.

    Hope this eases your mind I just wanted to give gus a break seeing as he already explained this very well.

  7. kelechi iwuoha, i hat what you said, i would rather prefer to see Aang and naruto working together to destabilize a devil king or any monster that is ruining our world. Aang is somehow related to naruto, they both have the same element, the “Air” and they also have the same task that they carry on their shoulders, to maintain balance, peace and order in the world.
    they are both child of prophecy.

  8. With the Zuko not killing Ozai during the invasion thing I’ll accept that it wouldn’t be a “proper way to end the war” (even though he couldve killed them and then waited for Aang to show up and then just told everybody that Aang killed him) but whatever I’ll let that event slide as it would’ve ended the show pretty abruptly.

    My main grievance with there being no intermarrying is that even in the times of peace before the war there was no intermarrying or anything. It isnt a plothole, but more of an area where the plot is underdeveloped. It isn’t anything major, but it’s just something with the whole nation-determines-your-bending thing that bugs me, which transitions to my next point.

    My grievance with why certain people can bend and some can’t isn’t that the concept is flawed in and of itself. It’s the fact that the way the show explains bending and how people learn/master it is through training and having a certain mindset (like martial arts). For example, Toph says something like, “In order to bend earth you have to be like a rock, stubborn and blahblahblah”. When Aang applies that stubborn mindset and the proper technique, he is able to earth bend effectively. It simply doesn’t make sense that other people cant do the same thing. The writers could’ve explained bending better, or made it so everyone can bend somewhat. Again, this isn’t really a plothole, but something that is underexplained

    As for Aang not needing to learn all four elements, I let this slide too. The story would’ve sucked if they all just ganged up on Ozai after a few episodes and ended the show prematurely. I agree that Sokka and Katara probably couldn’t stand up to Ozai, but I think Zuko and Toph probably could. Zuko could redirect lightning, as illustrated during the first invasion and Toph was just an absolute tank. With her supreme earth bending ability and ability to metal bend, I think she couldve went toe-to-toe with Ozai. However, these are all “what-if” scenarios so we will never truly know the outcomes.

  9. I must speak something pointing out from Roy’s comment. He says about Zuko not killing Ozai because it was not his destiny. This is probably taken from our (Indian) epic Ramayan. I don’t know if you people read it or not but must tell something from it what is similar to this thing. There is an important character in the epic named Hanuman, who is probably the first ever superhero of the world. He could kill the villain Ravan and rescue the heroine Sita, but he didn’t just because it was destined for Lord Rama, not for him. I think the creators of Avatar just picked this concept from that great epic.

  10. Roy, I’m going to try my best to answer your plotholes.

    On the subject of intermarrying, I’m sure there are intermarriages in the Avatar universe, however because The Last Airbender took place during a full scale war, in which intercultural relationships are very VERY risky, it makes sence that no one came out publicaly about it. However, with the war over, I’m sure we’re bound to see plenty of inter cultural relationsips in the future. The show was already hinting at it with Aang and Katara, Sokka and Suki, and Ty Lee becomming the first Fire Nation Kyoshi Warrior.

    As for why no one but the Avatar can bend more than one element, well I really don’t have any other explaination than “that’s just how people are born.” Benders are born with a spiritual connetion to only one element. From a plot contsruction standpoint, it just makes the rules and power meter easy to manage. “The Avatar can master all elements. All other benders can master one.” It keeps the story clean and grounded. Besides, just because benders are only have control over one element, doesn’t mean they can’t study the other elements to help improve upon that one element. (Like how we saw Iroh learning how to deflect lighting by studying waterbenders)

    I don’t see why having nonbenders is a plothole. In this case, Avatar has more in common with X-Men and Harry Potter than Star Wars and DBZ. No one asks why can’t everyone be a Wizard in the Harry Potter universe, or why can’t everyone be a Mutant in the X-Men universe. Some people are born witht he gift, other’s aren’t, it’s that simple. However unlike Harry Potter and X-Men, Avatar did an excelent job of showing that people without said ability can still be strong and capable fighters. It created a lot more variety to see people with all kinds of fighting styles, and not just element manipulators. I for one love to see people like Mai, Ty-Lee, and the Kyoshi Warriors kick a lot of ass without being benders.

    However way you look at it, Aang has a much better chance at facing the Fire Lord if he masters four elements rather than one. He already knew pretty much everything he needed to know about Airbending, so why not learn the other three while he still had time. Plus firebending became extremely helpful, because that meant he was able to learn how to deflect lightning, and recieved a boost himself when the comet arrived. And no, I don’t think adding more people into the fight would have helped. Against Ozai, people like Katara, Toph, and Sokka, who don’t have the ability to deflect lightning, would have been killed instantly against someone like him.

    As for what would happen if Zuko killed his father during the invasion, I’ll quote Uncle Iroh for this one: “It would be the wrong way to end the war. History would just see it as more senceless violence. A [son killing his father] to grab power. The only way for the war to end peacefuly, is for the Avatar to defeat him.”
    Basically, Zuko killing his father during an invasion would have painted him really badly in the archives, especially since it happened directly after he was welcomed back to his nation with open arms. It would lead the fire nation to believe Zuko instigated the invasion himself and stabbed them all in the back.

  11. I really love Avatar and it is a great series. The only thing that bugs me is that it is riddled with plotholes and inconsistencies. I don’t feel like going through all of them, but I’ll just point out one thing.

    OK it isn’t exactly a “plothole” but its just something that really bugs me and doesn’t seem to make sense. In Avatar, certain people can bend and others cannot. That being said, all who can bend can only bend one element (Earth, Air, Water, Fire). The thing that really bugs me is that it doesn’t explain why people can only bend a certain element. Also, by the way that Aang learns the 3 other elements, we can see that element bending is mainly a matter of mindset and technique. It doesn’t make much sense that people can’t do what the avatar does and simply learn how to bend other elements. Also, what happens when people are born “outside” of one of the four nations, or when people intermarry? What element can they bend, and why? It seems as if in the world’s century-old history, there are 0 cases of intermarrying or rebellion in which people work outside of one of the four nations, which is completely implausible.

    Another thing that doesn’t make much sense is that some people can’t (we presume they can’t, but it may be that the they choose not to) bend at all. In all shows when theres some kind of “spititual (for lack of a better word) energy (i.e. The Force in Star Wars or Ki in DBZ) everyone is somewhat in tune with it. Fore example, in Star Wars every living being is a part of the force and while not everyone is strong enough to shoot lightning out of their hands, they can learn to do simple things like feel energy and see on the other side of doors. Also, in DBZ everyone can learn to use their ki and while not everyone can be as strong as Goku and Vegeta, they can learn to do simple things like fly. However, in Avatar, people like Sokka, Ty Li, etc. seem not to be able to bend at all. They should be able to at least do simple things like make gentle currents or light a campfire.

    Another thing that bugs me is why does Aang have to learn all four elements? Again, this isn’t exactly a “plothole”, but it seems to me that Aang is a beast when it comes to air bending and could probably beat Ozai with the help of Toph Kataara, Sokka, etc. with only airbending. There were definitely much more practical ways of defeating Ozai than the method chosen. Also, Zuko culda easily killed Ozai during the first invasion, but chose not to, because it wasn’t his “destiny”. This just seems like a stupid explanation to me, for it would have made a lot more sense if he said something like, “I can’t bring myself to kill my father”.

    But in the end, Avatar was a great series and I can’t wait until the new series comes out xD

  12. I’m not lucky enough to watch the show, have no time to see online and missed the show on TV because it is there in my country on a very early morning slot (I watched only one episode because of I was up one morning early for cold), though I know the story and watched the movie. I think watching the show kills the fun of the movie.

    One thing I must say, JC did something really irritating by naming his movie ‘AVATAR’.

  13. avater vs naruto i will really love to see them fight. And who did u think is the strongest. I will take that silence as naruto with his super healing,speed and strong just like superman in his froge stage.

  14. Avatar the last airbender (the show) is probably the best anime show produced in the US. It cover more than just superficial fighting but also inner-conflict and friendship. It is also partly the reason why nickelodeon is where it is today as the no. 1 channel in the 9-16 demographic. But Avatar no doubtedly has a much larger dempgraphic. It would have been great if Nickelodeon produced a Book 4! Not only for ratings and viewer ship, but also for the continuation of the story.

  15. The only thing inaccurate about this article is that the Last Airbender movie completely and utterly sucked. 😛

  16. For the record I DON’T hate anime! I merely ment that there are a lot of people who do that wouldn’t give Avatar a chance because of it. In fact what were the shows I was watching before Avatar: Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-gi-Oh, DBZ. Even more recently, probably one of the greatest series I’ve watched post Avatar was an anime: Gurren Lagann.

    As for Naruto, I’m well aware that I would take a lot of criticism for what I said. That’s why I innitially said that I was uncomfortable with it. I was just trying to make a point that they were very different characters, and I made an observation without knowing all the facts. I understand that Naruto is a lot more complicated and likeable than I made him out to be in my article. But I would just like to point out that Naruto has over hundreds of episodes to take his time and grow as a person, whereas Aang only has 61.
    That’s probably the main reason why I don’t watch Naruto. It’s too long, and I simply don’t think I would enjoy investing that much time into it.

  17. honestly the true purpose of naruto is start becoming peacful and mindful and loving.. as he grows..try watching the shows..
    there is lot of character much they had to make an 3year time part.called naruto shippuden..and because you hate jap anime.then u will defienty not understand why men are surperior in every show. and to how they function in reality.
    such as dbz,naruto,inyuasha,even yugioh and pokemon in some degrees.but avatar is more focused as an religion/hindu or buddist watever..the colors about naruto is no differnt than ang is just as guily.and being able to do things by manipulating water, is magic. also narutos personality about you saying he is like sith. is ignorance.he is an heartwarming person, but with no parents who are dead, everybody hates you in ur whole village treating you like your an monster cuz of an demon inside of you while you were an baby.thats not his fault. so why wouldnt he be that way.. if you watch the seasons youll see just how much naruto is devoted in peace and still kick some ass without him scurming to some lame aventure to play and have fun all day.. but avatar is an awssome show. but dont descredit naruto if your not even going to bpther watching the damn show.

  18. Gus Townson on

    I appreciate your imput. You are obviously a huge fan of the show, and I greatly admire that. I would just like to say that this article was more or less meant for a much broader audience and not just for people familiar with the show, as you are. Otherwise, what’s really the point of bringing up a bunch of misconceptions that everyone already knows the answers to.
    On the subject of Naruto, the whole purpose of that section was to show, while they might look slightly similar, just how “different” they are as far as character goes. Besides, once people actually think about the appearence from hindsight, the differences between the two characters become pretty obvious.
    As for magic, I specificaly said that it requires no suspension of disblief “within the compounds of their world.” It’s like in Full Metal Alchemist: Alchemy is considered a science in that world, even though we would consider it magic. If you really want me to admit it, fine. Yes, as far as our world is considered, bending is magic, but the creators still worked really hard to make it as far away from magic and more a martial art as they possibly could, and they did a great job.
    As for the deffinition question, I specificaly said “origional” deffinition of the word. So yes, while Cameron’s version may be a correct use now in the present day, the cartoon series is using a deffinition that has at least a hundred more years of history and relevancy to it.

    I understand that while this article could have stood to have a little more elaboration in certain sections, I felt it was in the best interest in time, and for those new to the series actually asking these questions, to be brief.

  19. Gus,
    I too am a fan of Avatar and find most of the show great. Could be better if they targeted for an older audience since the basic plot is so complex and could become quit disturbing.
    I think that you tried to attack these questions with the best of your ability, however I want to point out that you do take this show too close to heart and actually avoid these target questions. The Aang looking like Naruto question really is simple. Do their physical appearance seem similar? This could turn people off from the show because the art isn’t original.
    The whole deal with magic is also simple. It’s like it. You dodge the question whole heartidly because you believe the show. No, they don’t do magic like Harry Potter but they are doing something that we would consider magic in “our” world. If someone was moving water however they wanted it is pretty close to magic in my book.
    The definition of avatar on Websters online dictionary
    1 : the incarnation of a Hindu deity (as Vishnu)
    2 a : an incarnation in human form b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person
    3 : a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity
    4 : an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game)
    I believe JC was reffering to number 4, and if you are lucky Gus “our” Avatar is a reincarnation of a Hindu god…
    You need to take another step back to accurately analyze this amazing show…

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