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This week I (meaning Pranger) am giving control of the regular updates to Gus Townsen, one of our regular guest writers. About a month ago I received an e-mail from Gus with a monster of a post asking if I needed anything. I was set for the month but now I’m taking a week-long break to let Gus’ awesome list speak for itself. He took a different approach than my usual DBZ lists and made a list detailing the series’ relationships rather than just cool moments or things that don’t make sense. However, because his list was so large, I had to break it into three parts, but each part is great in of itself. So now, here’s part 2 of Gus’ epic DBZ list. For the first part of this list, check here.

6. Vegeta and Frieza (Forced Servitude and Mastership)

If I had to be the lap dog of this smug butt-ugly face for the rest of my life after he wiped out my family, my home, and my entire planet, I’d tear out my brain stem, fly with it all the way to the nearest asteroid belt, and skip rope with it.

So… while Goku and Bulma are carelessly wandering the Earth scavenger hunting for dragon balls, at the same time across the galaxy, the young prince of the Saiyans had it worse. Way worse. Told by his superiors that a meteor crashed into his planet and destroyed all but a fragment of his race, Vegeta was forced into servitude for the totalitarian dictator, Frieza. Even as a child, he knew the meteor was a lie, yet had no choice but to swallow his pride for years. As cold, vicious, and asinine of a person Vegeta grows into, you can’t help but pity the guy. Frieza himself knows that Vegeta will betray him someday, but simply kicks back and enjoys pulling his leash until he does.

And when it does, good god is it sad. Vegeta does all he can to get the drop on his former master, killing all of his greatest henchmen, and even the humiliation of stealing nothing short of 5 Dragon Balls from his own ship. Sneaky tactics that all fail do to the righteous deeds of the good guys. Vegeta is left with no choice but to face his problems head on, flat out telling Frieza, “I quit. I’m free now.” A freedom that only last a few minutes, before eventually leading to a beating that breaks my heart every time.

Don’t worry Vegeta, I’m sure you’ll find your dignity someday. Just don’t make it killing hundreds of innocent spectators that didn’t to do anything.

5. Krillin and 18 (Lovers)

I’m sorry, I just I can’t help it. Any couple that has a daughter that cute immediately wins my blessing.

Finally, an actual romantic relationship in the list. So how did this happen? Well let’s see. (WARNING: Exposition dump. This might take a while).

Dr. Gero creates a team of artificial humans to kill Goku and… you guessed it… take over the world. (M. Bison: “Of course!”) Turns out, they have minds of their own and are like, “Screw you Dr. Gero, we’re doing whatever we want.” One of them, Android model number 18, happens to be a hot blonde chick who in no way acts like Krillin’s bimbo ex girlfriend from last season (with the exception of sharing a love in the classic recreation of female stereotypes. Take it away Sokka: “SHOPPING!”). In a [not so]fierce battle, Krillin watches defenselessly as all his friends get pummeled in an instant. But wait, 17 and 18 take pity on him and let him go, even letting him heal his friends. At which point, 18 leans over and gives him a kiss on the cheek, bidding him good luck. SCORE!

Little later on, in a set of episodes appropriately titled “Temptation,” Bulma makes a device that will deactivate the Androids so that they can destroy 18 before Cell gets his grimy hands on her, and gives it to… who else? Krillin can’t bring himself to do it. He destroys the device and puts his entire planet in danger. Why? BECAUSE HE’S IN LESBIANS WITH HER! (Dangit Pilgrim?) Instead, Krillin gives 18 a chance to defend herself, and we all know where this ends: With Krillin charging headfirst into a monster a million times stronger than he is even when it’s far too late to save her. I don’t think any of us have ever seen Krillin this brave (and flat-out stupid) on his own accord.

Little later on, Gohan punches Cell so hard that he throws up 18, all in one piece, conveniently. Dende heals her. Gohan shouts the obvious to all the idiots that didn’t already figure it out. 18 becomes upset because she doesn’t like being forced into a relationship (or something like that) even though SHE MADE THE FIRST MOVE! Krillin uses Shenron’s second wish to remove 18’s bomb to give her some humanity. She then grows upset again for everyone thinking 17 was her boyfriend when he was really her twin brother (…yeah that would gross me out too). But then, she quickly tells him thank you, and leaves to think things over on her own for a while.

Quarter of a season later, we see them married and with the cutest daughter in the world. Yeah. Totally realistic. (Pranger’s note: And flying around, shooting energy balls is?). Yet totally awesome! So why do I care about this couple so much that it makes #5 on my list? It’s not very deep (then again nether is any of the other romantic stirs in this show). It is completely one-sided (18 has all the control). And even though he says the L-word, I can’t tell if Krillin really likes 18’s personality, or if he’s just appreciative she’s not as shallow as his ex, Maron, who had the intellectual depth of a teaspoon. Well, I’ve already mentioned their daughter Marron already (BTW: Daughter Marron is with two r’s. Ex Maron is with one r. I know. Confusing). I guess another reason is that they’re just the couple I find myself rooting for. I want their relationship to work out and for Krillin to be happy. And while it seems like he gets little while giving a lot, I admire his dedication, and whether or not she admits it, 18 does too. How do I know? I know I’m getting into GT territory here, but there’s a part where Krillin dies, (again!) this time by 17, and 18 goes all agro on her brother. It’s as if all of her emotions for her husband bottled up inside of her until he was taken from her in an instant and she imploded. Glad you show you care honey, even if it is a little too late. Oh well, the dragon balls, remember? Krillin gets resurrected (again!) and they all live happily ever after.

Whew! Now that that’s finally over, time for the Top 4.

4. Gohan and Krillin (Just two guys on an impossible mission)

Gohan and Krillin earn 1000 ballsy hero points each for this scene and this scene alone.

As I said before, I felt Krillin spent a whole lot more time with Gohan in the early portion of DBZ than with Goku. They fought the Saiyans on earth together. They traveled Namek and put up with Bulma together, they rescued who would ultimately become the future guardian of Earth together. They endured the wrath of Nappa, Didoria, the Ginyu Force, Frieza, Garlic Jr. and his minions, all right by each other’s side, and while they rarely emerged victorious, they always had each other’s back. Seriously, the amount of trouble these two got into together was uncanny. I still can’t believe they got as far as they did in Namek, dodging both Frieza and Vegeta. It was unreal. Granted, A LOT of luck was involved (whales, caves, Guru, Vegeta suddenly having a change of heart and not simply killing them), but the fact that they toughed it out together and didn’t just crawl in the feeble position waiting to die was good enough for me. As the series went on, Gohan might as well consider Krillin his uncle. Besides his parents, I don’t know if there is anyone in the show he respects more.

Oh wait. There is. But that will have to wait until Friday.

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